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GeoDirectory - Directory Plugin

Create huge location-based business directories with this fully-featured directory plugin. In a few clicks you could be the next Yelp or Tripadvisor.

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Extremely flexible plugin
By , for WP 4.5.2

Despite the issues I've had with this project as a whole, Geodirectory remains one of the most affordable. flexible and extensible directory plugins I've worked with on any CMS to date. There are a number of addons available that extend the core plugin functionality significantly, I'm impressed as it's given me the least amount of technical headache of all the plugins I require.

Generally, the core plugin and its addons are relatively straight forward and setup documentation is accurate for the most part. I only ran into a documentation discrepancy once setting up Google Analytics and I blame google for that as they are always changing things up it seems.

My only real issue that has cooked my brain, is with themes/templates. While they offer some custom templates and compatibility adjustments for some of the apparently more popular WP themes, you are still limited to handful of themes and layouts as not all themes will work 100% and you may lose features of the directory... which you really don't want because some of them are very handy. I've found this can be worked around though with a compatible theme, some additional minor code adjustments, creative widget placement/content arranging. This extra work though cost one star.

Regardless of the template/theme concern, for a feature rich directory solution, I'd choose and recommend Geodirectory again if asked. I just can't think of a more powerful solution at this price point... and I have googled it to death. The membership package for the addons and support is well worth the investment.

Good overall. Too many addons
By ,

Using Geodirectory now for a month. Find the software fairly consistent. Some bugs. Limited functionalities in terms of user experience. The mobile fronted is precarious at best. Good support.

Amazing functionality! But needs a facelift
By , for WP 4.4.1

I GIVE 4.25 Stars GeoDirectory is hands down the absolutely best directory plugin I have ever used and I currently have over 30 directory based sites.

The reason for only 4.25 stars?

#1 Too many add-ons required to get similar functionality available in one fell swoop with other directory themes/plugins.

#2 Design - GeoDirectory styling hasn't changed much and it is far behind other similar products. You can always tell when you stumble upon the GeoDirectory plugin because it's the same everywhere, only the theme changes and the only way the look maintains any design consistency is if GeoDirectory themes are used.

#3 Price - I am on the $85 every 6 months plan in order to get the much needed available add-ons that many themes offer prepackaged at no additional cost. I can buy 4 comparable new new themes a year for that price.

#4 Modernization - even though the plug-in is set-up to work with various themes - GeoDirectory Framework theme seems to be the only theme I am able to get to work satisfactory without tons of customization and multiple support tickets.

The good stuff...

With all the add-ons installed on a GeoDirectory theme, it is hands down light years ahead of 95% of other themes. BuddyPress integration is flawless and the custom post types add on makes it easy to create any type of directory you want from real estate to automobiles and an event based site that recurs and more. The ability to import from social (add-on) makes for quick and easy importing of place/event details and descriptions. The reviews manager add-on is very similar to Yelp, which is very good. The ability to control every minute detail of listing packages is incredible amazing too, making it simple and easy to monetize a site.

How to get 5 Stars?

#1 Focus on the user experience from both the business and consumer side. Improving design, structure and functionality of GeoDirectory themes to be modernly comparable to some of the more modern directory themes out there. Improve drastically on design, look and feel. Reduce the number of clicks required to get the information needed.

#2 In the GeoDirectory based themes include all the standard directory based functionality; i.e. places, events, payment gateways, claim listing, multiple locations, advanced maps, marker clusters, multiple header and home page types including video. There are currently 3-4 themes that I uses that includes all of GeoDirectories functionality including the add ons for on $45-$59 (However, buddypress can't be integrated but information on users accounts is available via something similar to a twitter card)

#3 Reduce the number off add-ons by including them in the core plugin as one fell swoop and being able to simply tick on or off certain functionality.

#4 Reduce the price

#5 Provide for a Cordova / PhoneGap project to easily create native companion iOS and Android App so that the CMS is seamless as possible across all technologies. A number of themes offer this for no additional charge and even provide support for it.


GeoDirectory, despite all the afore mentioned downsides is my go to technology when I need a highly functional and robust directory site. The only way I could get it any better is if I had my own team of developers. Although it is substantially more expensive it is ultimately worth it because the support is very good as well.

very good plugin
By ,

Very good plugin for city directory.
Have some little bugs with adress set on map button in free version, but after instaling location manager addon it work right.

With the premium plugins it's perfect...
By , for WP 4.3.1

If you want a simple local dir, this free plugin is OK... if you need to add more power get the bundle of all Premium Plugins and you ll have a great Directory website.
I ve tried other (premium) solutions before but they all missed something (Usability, function, payment, Claim (!!!).
so it s 4 stars for this free and 5 stars if you feel to invest some $.

Great work!

Fast, efficient support
By , for WP 4.1

The support team answers questions in less than an hour and provide helpful insights on how to achieve desired outcomes.
Plugin features are varied and useful. However, the admin interface does not allow all the freedom one could wish for.

works great :D
By , for WP 4.0.1

Works perfect for my needs

On the way...
By ,

...to being the standard WP plugin for directories.

GD is a young plugin, and there are still things that require adding or improving to make it a 5 star review. Also, as has been said elsewhere, the documentation still needs work, but that is already underway.

Having read the other reviews, a common complaint is theme compatibility. With the best will in the world, something as complex as GD will never be able to fit perfectly with every single theme ever developed, it just isn't possible. The point though, is that fixing any incompatibilities takes just a few minutes of fairly simple css work.

Frankly, if you're in the business of building websites and aren't able to figure this out and sort it yourself, then perhaps building a complex site might not be the thing for you.

Support is great, with Paolo and Stiofan both very active in the forums and the addition of John to address theme problems has been an excellent move.

There are drawbacks, I think. I don't get the use of virtual pages, due to the restriction this places on the naming of menu items in particular, and shortcodes would be much easier and much more flexible in terms of layout. Without that flexibility, all GD-driven sites risk looking like a turnkey purchase.

Also, I'd like to see a little more integration with WP, in terms of user profile pages. GD has author pages, but to include listings, reviews etc as part of the core profile page isn't so straightforward. Or if it is, I don't see it.

But these aren't show stoppers, and it really is early days. There will always be people who have bad experience with WP plugins, and these tend to be the people who leave the reviews. Even the top-rated plugins have some 1 star reviews. I would advise anybody reading the GD reviews to not just focus on the negative, but balance good reviews against bad. If a bad review is based on just one feature, ask yourself if you actually need that feature. If not, don't worry about it.

The fact is that GD has some way to go to be perfect, but it's a lot further along than some reviews here would have you believe.

Outstanding support
By , for WP 3.9.1

This is a completely new version of a directory system from a team that has worked on them for many years, and in that time they have provided ongoing development and constant communication with their users.

This new plugin-based directory offers a lot of promise and is evolving daily with updates and bug fixes. It is usable now, and the developers are listening and responding to user requests, so I expect it will continue to improve.

I have used other directory systems and none offer anywhere near the support provided by these guys!

Documentation is a bit light-on at this stage, otherwise I would happily give it 5 stars.

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