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GeoDirectory - Directory Plugin

Create huge location-based business directories with this fully-featured directory plugin. In a few clicks you could be the next Yelp or Tripadvisor.

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dummy data has deleted all my media library - site is down !
By , for WP 4.4.2

I follow the instruction and the recommandations. I had the dummy data to have a look on the final map... looks great !
But after that, there's only dummy data's medias in the library ! ALL pictures of the site were gone, all medias from the website were mysteriously deleted...
so, the result is : I promptly uninstalled this terrible plugin, and will never install a plugin from this author again.

Superficial support. No way to fix if it really breaks.
By ,

If you are not running the absolute latest version, they wont help you.

Even after telling me to upgrade the addon plugins, which broke my site, they now say theres no way to revert, and therefore fix.

Slow, Overpriced Addons, Documentation is non-existant for developers, Poor Code
By , for WP 4.0.1

This plugin is made for people who are clueless about anything in terms of how to code something themselves, the base plugin is extremely limited in terms of things you can actually do which means your pressed into paying for additional addons which are over priced and don't offer the features you expect.

There is very sparse documentation and feature requests are based on most popular only where the website claims things like "GeoDirectory provides all hooks and filters needed for any developers to extend every aspect of the application. Need more? Just ask and we will add them." this is not the case they will not just add hooks that are not there and there is not even a list of existing hooks available.

If you have a couple days you would be far better off making your own custom post types and using advanced custom fields to achieve what this plugin does.

This plugin doesn't work
By , for WP 3.9.2

Too many bugs in this plugin that make it unusable.

When I try to add a category, it asks me to add a category icon but all the buttons are like disabled... As it's a required field, I can't add category, the form is blocked by this "disabled" required field.

When I want add a new place, the map doesn't display so I can't drag and drop the marker to the place I want. Moreover when I enter an address it always indicates "No result found" ... And some of the text is superimposed, making it unreadable !

In fact, it does not uninstall cleanly so be careful if, after reading my experience, you even want to try it.

I gonna try again after the answer of the developer maybe I wrote this bad feedback to quickly.

Future potential
By , for WP 3.9.1

The positives

SEO Permalinks. Custom Posts

The Negatives


At best its beta. There have been 8 updates to the core plugin since release. This means 8 times you would need to offline a live site to make changes. It's a long way off being something you get a directory up and running with minutes in.

Large numbers of issues are unresolved on the forums - take a look its free

The general attitude of the developers is that the customer is always doing something wrong not the product. Anything that is not included now, which is difficult to work out as theres no documentation you are redirected to ask for as a feature request!

Its also interesting that several of the reviews on this WP page are from forum moderators (Gust) or paid members of the team (posh john)

There is no detailed user documentation 3 months after release.

Again, just look on the forums. See the reviews on this WP page for the core plugin where they quickly threaten negative commenters with legal action!

While they develop directory systems it appears they do not have any experience in actually running a user friendly business directory.

Theme compatibility
Its promoted as working with virtually any theme. The reality is compatibility packs have had to be released for it to work with any popular WP theme such as Enfold, Avada, X and Genesis. Even then you will be expected to make coding changes to your themes functions to get it to work. There is no documenation on how to do this, again its a work in progress.

A WP Plugin is supposed to make life easier not require coding changes to functions to get it to work to start with. This is beyond the scope of most plugin users without paying to hire a developer.

Note there is no list of 100% compatible themes apart from WP2012. Its not compatible with multisite, Buddypress or woocommerce.

This can only be described as challenging. There are issues with setting address on the map unless your listings happen to be in western countries such as USA. Region data is added to listings automatically from the API which may or may not be relevant

Search Features
There is no universal search. If you use CPT's, users will only ever be able to search inside one type of cPT when they land on the site

If a user wants to search for say a hotel in all cities in a global directory this is not possible. They must first choose a city then run a search

Location Switcher
Users must choose a location before making a search. If they start with New York for example they cannot then look at listings in San Fransisco without changing their location. It's not intuitive or user friendly at all. Users leave sites if they can not get somewhere in a few clicks

Featured Listings
A selling point for any serious online directory. The GD Featured listings are not displayed on top by default. See here

Maybe in the future it will deliver as promised but do your homework before buying

led on... and on
By ,

This isn't a comment about the software... although I wasn't happy about how it worked...

What I was counting on... and waiting for was the LONG promised 'update' (now apparently this plug-in)!!!

If you look at the comments on they're site, you clearly see MANY people asking about the update... and repeatedly being told that it was coming soon... and mentioning that new users would eligible for the update for 6 months.

I regret that I was misled... essentially contributing to the development, while getting NOTHING in return!!
The lack of documentation forces having to contact the developer (hand maintaining ongoing support.)

The LEAST the developer could have done... would've been to upgrade all of us!!! All his bad mouthing that has been done toward other developers... and the obvious focus of this developer is selling SUPPORT CONTRACTS! Based on this historic lack of integrity, I have little doubt that updates and features will be released slowly, so as to force contract renewal.

Unfortunate feelings to have, considering how hopeful I was for the product!!!!

GeoDirectory is broken -- avoid!!!
By , for WP 3.9.1

I have had several unfortunate "episodes" with the GeoTheme people.

The last of which was on Friday, June 20th, 2014, when I updated my copy of GeoDirectory, the free "Ultimate Business Directory" plugin.

GeoDirectory not only crashed my web site, but it completely removed my SQL database. I had to reinstall a version from the day before, which was, unfortunately, not a complete one.

I wrote to the "manufacturer" right away, after my host (BlueHost) let me know what had happened. They said they'd never seen a plug-in do so much damage.

And this, after six years of being a reseller (now on BlueHost) myself.

I have yet to hear from GeoTheme "executives," but I have a feeling it will go not so well, as have my other troubles with them. I even bought their $350 GeoTheme package six months ago, but had so much trouble configuring it (and had no way of improving the messy and unprofessional customer "directory claims" feature), that I've now abandoned it in favor of making my own solution with my own developer team.


You'll pull your hair out trying to get this to work!
By , for WP 3.9.1

At first glance, this looks like a really nice plug-in with a lot of cool features. It is broken, however. It might work fine if this is the only plug-in you were using and you weren't wanting more than a standard, basic theme.

I also noticed slow response times and causing the site to be slow. When entering an address, you have to enter it exactly as Google has it or it throws an error.

If the plug-in played nice with other WordPress plug-ins and themes, I would have given this a five star rating. Sadly, one of the plug-in's authors deserves a negative star rating for really bad customer relations. Any chance of using this plug-in or buying any add-on features came to a halt after dealing with his attitude. See Errors in programming in the support section.

**** UPDATE 7/29/2014 ****

Periodically I check my reviews to see if they are still accurate.

I had to lower my rating since some of the issues mentioned to the authors before have not been corrected, even though there have been updates made.

Before, when dealing with the author of this plug-in, they took my observations as an attack and became defensive. I do not intend to debate this nor exchange emails.

My recommendation to anyone who even tries this plug-in, be aware that it does not uninstall cleanly and can potentially cause problems.

By , for WP 3.9

The main issue being that it slows my blog so much so that it became unusable.
There also seems to be a compatibility problem with another plugin.

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