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FormGet Contact Form

FormGet Contact Form manage all your contact forms using single dashboard. Just a click on fields and your contact form is ready for use.

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3.4 out of 5 stars
One of the best free plugins for forms I have used
By ,

Yes with the free account you have a limit on the amount of forms but IMHO if you need more than 300 a month it is time to commit to a plugin you either purchase or pay for on a monthly basis.

I had an issue with one of the forms I created loading completely on an adoption (for dogs) page; it is an exceptionally long form and the submit button didn't load for users on iPad, iPhone or Mac computers. I put in a support ticket and within a day was in a testing/email exchange with tech support. They are in India so there was a bit of a lag, but I expected that. I have had far worse support time lags with developers based in the US.

The fix was simple: increase my page length. They tested multiple times to make sure these platforms loaded for them and form tests arrived in my dashboard and email.

I recommend this plugin to anyone using WordPress who has advanced above "Beginner WordPress User".

The best plugin ever
By , for WP 4.1

I see no way to make it better. Maybe just automatic integration in pages.

Very Easy to use
By , for WP 4.1

Too good!

Service and suport stink
By , for WP 4.0

FormGet needs to come with detailed instructions ( for us new to WordPress )and a complete list of paid and free functions. It feels like they are baiting you in to get you to use it and hope you are lazy enough after making several forms (because they dont make everything clear) that you will just pay for the upgrade. The free version does not display sent messages in my default email program on my Samsung Note II, I could read it on my PC but got errors trying to read it on my Cell. I am a DBA Service business I do not have time for games... Initially I had a problem with set up and I sent 2 emails a week ago and both were ignored todate. I expressed in both emails that customers were unable to contact me because I had set up and linked the form with out creating an account so 3 potential Clients used the form and I never took their information to ask them to try again... Gave FormGet Support the link to the form, and asked that the information was forwarded to me. Nothing.... No response... So I will now loose 3 new clients..I would have been fine with using this for the 300 free messages as an evaluation period had I not been snubbed and ignored by support. I will find an alternate method for my clients and potential clients to contact me.
FormGet here is some free advice from an established service business of 7 years with over 2300 clients.... ANSWER YOUR EMAIL and be 100% up front and honest.
I am Uninstalling FormGet.. Thanks but no thanks...

Loved it. Simply beautiful.
By , for WP 4.0

Used this plugin for my website (tirupatieventplanners.com) and I must say I just loved it.

Simple and beautiful. Very happy. :-)

Anshul Sukhwal..

By , for WP 3.9.1

I didn't like it because the free version have only 300 entries in each Form.

Simply amazing
By ,

I don't know why this plugin barely gets reviews. this is a next generation plugin for free. So simple to use and has amazing interface!

Uninstalled after hour
By , for WP 3.9

Not very user friendly. Probably it does what they say it can, but the way it works is not very convenient. And the same goes for the annoyance of having to login and then you cannot find your saved form. You search and then you find it, but it is not easy and logic when you are in your wordpress environment to get to your saved forms. All and all there are many more better ones; really for free!

easy to use but limited with free account
By , for WP 3.8

The plugin is easy to use and the sidebar option is great (although when I add to the right hand side it doesn't seem to work very well until I refresh). Unfortunately it wasn't until I'd added the form to my site that I realised you had to pay for an account to continue to use it (you only have 300 entries allowed in the contact database and even if you delete them they are still counted). Therefore I won't be continuing with it. I could do without the extra features (would be nice to have at least some message when users submit a form so they know it has been submitted - this is an extra feature that requires a paid account) and had hoped that I would be able to use the free account - but the limited entries makes it a limited use plugin.

Not as described
By , for WP 3.7.1

Tried the plugin and for now deactivated it.
It is a very powerful tool but not really free and usage is limited to the plan you choose. You have to create an account with the plugin provider and be under their control. If they decide to "close the doors", you will not be able to use your forms, even without support. Your forms will be gone! Can't accept that yet.

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