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Add Facebook social plugins and the ability to publish new posts to a Facebook Timeline or Facebook Page. Official Facebook plugin.

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Is good
By , for WP 4.2.2

Me parece un buen plugin, tiene muchas prestaciones.

Comments not working
By , for WP 4.0

Comments not working in all my wordpress sites.. When look the source the href of the comment box looks like this href=.%2F&locale=en_US..

over-rides WP Comments
By , for WP 3.8.1

I like that it allows people to comment directly from their fb accounts, but I don't like that I don't get notified of said comments, and that It overrides the WP comment function. If there's a way to fix this can someone let me know, b/c I don't like it.

By ,

Change border colour please?

too much, too fast
By ,

"Publish to a page" is not working. this plugin seems to be trying to do too much. very confusing.

By , for WP 3.5.1

It seems to work today, but doesn't install much in the way of confidence. I' using it for comment integration. It didn't work the first few times I tried it, but I tried again today and without touching it, it started working. Why? Who knows.

Pulling Teeth...
By , for WP 3.5

Ha ha... Yes, like many others, I wrestled with what the heck to do with this plug in. I would put it down for a couple weeks, then come back to it and beat my head against it for a while. This went on for several months, until... it worked! It was one of those processes where you change a million different settings (in the FB app dev area, and in WP plugin) to the point where I am probably not sure anymore what the original settings were and don't know what makes it work. So anyway, I now have it functioning on my work website http://qbservices.net so our blog posts go to our work "FB page" (Here you can see how qbservices.net posts are displayed on FB: http://www.facebook.com/qbservices )
and I also have it on my personal site http://ultimatepeter.com so my different article pages and posts can be posted to either my personal timeline or a separate FB page about technology. (Here is how the ultimatepeter.com blog posts look on my tech page: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Ultimate-Tech/291996587597686 ) All of these actions are happening through the same FB login, you just have to be an admin of the FB "page." The second time, setting up obviously went faster because I understood it a little better. I think the thing actually started working when there was an update to the FB plugin... But then when I went to do it the second time, FB had made more prerequisites to the process of submitting your FB app. That, by the way is the part that takes the longest, if you know what you are doing: waiting for FB to approve your action/app.
So, overall I love what the plugin does... I think some of the install instructions are super unclear and are written by people who know all about how it works, so they don't take time to explain what to do in terminology for someone who is not already in the thick of it... This is muddled even further by the fact that the instructions for install is not updated with how FB is doing things now, so it is kind of hard to know what it is referring to... Blarg.

Good plugin - in principal
By , for WP 3.5.1

You know this is a good plugin - in principal, but it is beset with issues.

First of all the lack of documentation to help people, especially those who may not be tech savvy or familiar with Facebook jargon. This sadly also then goes onto the support - support is a regurgitation of changelogs and full of tech speak and assumptions things have been resolved just because support has answered.

My first issue with this plugin and consequently first call for support saw the support tell me to read the changelog and click the topic to resolved - this is not acceptable as support and also quite telling - there is an assumption that you've been "stoopid" and not read the documentation.

I think FB need to look at this plugin and properly test updates before they go out. They also need to work better with the WordPress repository as comments are now owned by FB and should something go wrong, the client/user looses their comments.

FB, need to also look at their documentation. It claims a simple out of the box set-up but it is anything but.

FB also need to look at their support - I am not saying the person is bad just the way they look at support issues and their subsequent answers and quick resolved ticking are not helping. The assumption that everyone speaks the same tech-speak as them is also not helpful.

I'm giving it a three because as I said in principal its good - things just need looking into.

It's a bit buggy
By , for WP 3.5.1

It does take a little bit of time to set up. First you have to create a new app at https://developers.facebook.com/ and then configure it, which was pretty much self-explanatory even for a non-developer like myself, then you set up the plugin, which is fairly simple to do.

At first I thought the Like Box wasn't included but it is included as a widget which can be found in Appearance > Widgets. There are a few other widgets from FB too.

Assuming I didn't make a mistake when creating the app, it is buggy.

In the settings, when I choose where I want a button to display e.g. pages, posts, etc, then I save the settings, I have to choose and save again because the plugin clears my choice.

A similar thing happens when I try to set a valid FB page URL for the Like Box and Follow Button widgets. When I save, the URL doesn't get saved, resulting in the Like Box not displaying.

I have tried this with all other plugins disabled, and it's still not working as intended.

not impressed
By , for WP 3.5.1

I've been using this for a while, and the last couple of months, the plugin has failed me...

The social publisher function is the one i need the most, and it doesn't work!
In the latest version i can't even see it when i go to the plugin settings, the "Social Publisher" is simple not there!

And when i has it set up, it would not post to my facebook application. i was lucky to get it to do it once when i redid all the settings in the plugin, but after that it failed again.

Another thing that could be very useful, is the ability to get notified when a user has commented on a post on wordpress, it could be done via email or even facebook notifications.

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