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Facebook Photo Fetcher

Allows you to automatically create WordPress photo galleries from Facebook albums. Simple to use and highly customizable.

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Doesn't update
By , for WP 4.4.2

To me, this is pretty much useless since the plugin does not automatically sync with the facebook album. You have to manually update the album photos on your WordPress site by clicking a button in the plugin settings. The whole point of installing this plugin was to enable the client to post photos on the website without having to go into the WordPress admin. The plugin author says that users should create their own cron jobs to sync the facebook album and their WordPress site. I will buy a plugin that is written to include the sync feature instead.

Very useful. Would love to see widget integration
By , for WP 4.4.2

App works well though loses connection randomly and needs re-syncing via the settings page. It's not a big issue but a bit frustrating when images stop displaying occasionally. We had to work out a way to provide our client with access to this plugin as it wasn't available to 'editor' users initially, only 'administrator' users.

It would be great to see easy integration with widgets and custom fields (ie: advanced custom fields plugin). It only seems to generate the code properly when used in the main WYSIWYG content box.

Note: We have just tried implementing the 'Albums for PHP' option as per instructions on the plugins website and this may overcome the need for a widget integration.

By ,

This is a great plugin. It performs its job well and definitely beats copy and paste :)
Please continue to update and make it even better!

truely outstanding fb-plugin: the search is over: this plugin does a superb job
By , for WP 4.1.1

Wow. this is truely an outstanding and awesome plugin. I had been looking a very very long time for a plugin with the particular feautres this one has.

When I first installed this plugin, I didn't know too much about Facebook and Photo-Fetching. This great plugin helped me to understand everything i needet to know to interact with facebook.
You do not need to know much about facebook - only bit of info to get this great Facebook-photo-fetcher to work. You only need to configure it with some basic info about your site and it will automatically fetch Photos from Facebook. Facebook-Photo-Fetcher does a great job.

This plugin allows a great deal of customization. With it you can create galleries in any Post or Page you like, right alongside your regular content. You do this simply by putting a "magic HTML tag" in the post's content - much like WordPress Shortcode. The developer-site has got lots of additional information for customiztion.

To sume up: Justin_k the developer has done a great job. He is a great developer

PS. I've looked at other plugins since my first WordPress-installation and I always end up keeping this great one,
Mega kudos for this super powerful and outstanding plugin!

dear Justin_K - plz keep up the great project: i am pretty sure that this one will be loved all over the globe.

Intrusive on privacy
By , for WP 4.0.1

When I go to connect the plug-in to Facebook, it wants the following:

your public profile, friend list, status updates and photos and your friends' status updates and photos.

I don't see any justification (or explanation) WHATSOEVER for it to have my friends list, photos of my friends, and status updates of my friends.

No thanks!

Great Plugin
By ,

Great plugin but can be better..
Fancybox is pretty old and I believe you've done for legacy reasons but that has made the transition a bit ugly and this can be better incorporated. I have had to upgrade the fancybox on mine to the latest version to enable it work well with my theme.

The Output markup can also be better improved for a sleek website layout as I have had to add a few CSS styles to enable a sleek look on my theme.

I can be of good help if you need some UI effort on this but I appreciate you good work and effort 3Star!

Need to be able to change thumbnail sizes
By , for WP 3.8

Handy plugin that pulls images from Facebook no problem. However, there is no option to change the size or crop the thumbnails making the display of albums messy and not very configurable. This makes it a no-go for a sleek looking website.

Functional, but could be better
By , for WP 3.5.2

Handy plugin. As an event DJ, I like to post photos of my events. Originally, I would post separately to both WordPress and Facebook... it was very time-consuming to upload everything twice, post captions twice, and so forth.

This plugin allows you to post your photos to Facebook, but then echo them onto your WordPress blog. You only need to upload and caption the images one time. Another plus: the images all reside on Facebook's servers, so you don't have to worry about space/bandwidth on your own site. Unless FB ever somehow blocks this functionality from their end, this is a very useful, time-saving plugin.

But I've found the hard way, this plugin will not help you to get "pinned" by Pinterest users. I recently started getting into Pinterest. When I paste the URL from any of my blog posts involving Facebook Photo Fetcher, Pinterest sees nothing. That's because Facebook Photo Fetcher's default thumbnail size is too small for Pinterest to "see" any of the images. (Pinterest requires at least 200x200.) And as the author states on his own website, there is no way for users to change the size of the thumbnails generated by this plugin.

Unfortunately, social media is important these days, and I need a solution that will allow me to generate thumbnails large enough for Pinterest. As a result, I'm now switching to a different plugin. Although it means I'll have to go back to "double posting" all my photos, at least I can adjust the thumbnails to meet Pinterest requirements.

If the author ever reads these reviews, I'd be happy to pay/donate for a version that included capability to choose my own thumbnail sizes.

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