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Event Organiser CSV

Import & export events from/to CSV format

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By , for WP 4.4.1

I thought I could simply export my events, and then import them on another site. Export, get a file. Import, select the file.

Simple, right? Nope. Doesn't work.

Not only does it not know which fields are where and put stuff in the right place, forcing me to manually confirm that, yes, the Event Name data goes in the Event Name field--I mean, surely there's a way to build that in!--but then it doesn't even import everything it exported! Categories? In the file, but not imported. Times? Gave some BS excuse that ending times were before beginning times. That's not true, but again, that should be easy to verify on or before export if it's an issue on the import side.

Venues? Not even exported! Can't suck in what you didn't spit out! What good is an event if it doesn't include a venue? I mean, come on!

Thanks for the tease. Guess I'll have to manually recreate my next two months of events and venues after all.

Version 2.13.7

This is wierd
By , for WP 4.4.1

When I open up example.csv in excel, then save it (File>Save As) and select the format Comma Separated Values (.csv) with the file name example2.csv then import it, it doesnt work. But if I tried importing it as just the original example.csv, it works perfectly...

How can this be possible? Excel is breaking the .csv?

Though it could stand a few tweaks, it WORKS!
By , for WP 4.1.1

Appreciate this plugin, and its 'parent', Event Organiser. This works well, after I figured out the supplied CSV had the recurrence "Once" while the plugin is case sensitive and required it to be "once"...

Agree with the previous review: the preview is great; auto-detecting field names would be a big help.

Also, it might make it easier on users if the (optional) event time was separate from the start/end date fields.

Otherwise, excellent. Lots of promise for future use!

Works well
By , for WP 3.8.1

The CSV importer allows you to use a CSV using comma, tab or space separated values. This is handy when making CSVs in Excel as you can just copy paste to notepad and save it as a tabbed TSV file.

The import preview function is also really nice.

It didn't work well when importing repeating events. It does import the events but it takes a bit of trial and error. I didn't have many repeating events so it was easier just to do them manually rather than work out the problem.

One improvement request would be to auto-detect the columns names from the header row. It is tedious to manually select the ten or so columns on every import.

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