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Event Espresso Lite - Event Management and Registration System

Manage your events from your WordPress dashboard. Reduce your admin, reduce your costs, make your life easier!


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Intuitive, simple and it works!
By , for WP 3.5.1

While trying to set up a new site to handle event registrations and payments I tested a few other potential plugins before this one. It was such a relief to find that this one worked intuitively, was easy to set up and works with minimal effort. It also looks good in my theme with zero CSS alterations. Thanks for making my life easier!

Does what I need and more!
By , for WP 3.5.1

I freakin' love this plugin. I did a test drive of the lite version along with 6 other event registration plugins (some free, some premium). EE stood out as the clear winner of the freebies. So i invested in the premium version. Worth every penny! It does things I never even thought to inquire about - things that save me precious time, like talking to my membership plugin. Score!

I especially appreciated the "Known Plugin Conflicts" list. That saved me a ton of time. Why don't more plugins provide that info?

For the haters who are trashing this plugin, let me just say... free hosting? Really?? You get what you pay for. If you truly care about your business or cause, invest a few bucks in a REAL hosting plan. If you're living in "borrowed" space you have no control. The problem is your hosting, not EE.

Not PostgreSQL Ready...
By ,

The database installation expects mySQL, which means it won't install when the site uses PostgreSQL.

Event Espresso is Awesome
By , for WP 3.5

We have spent a lot of $ and a lot of time trying to do exactly what this plugin does for $90... It would have paid for itself in 2 hours of work. I wish I would have found it faster!

If you have a wordpress site and need to manage any kind of event, check it out!

Install got me banned from a free hosting website
By , for WP 3.5

Uploaded the plugin, logged onto wordpress site, activate plugin, web site hung.

Almost immediately got an email from the free host site complaining about the following slow SQL: "MySQL Query: select * from information_schema.tables where table_name = \\\'wp_events_attendee_cost\\\' limit 1"

Deleted everything from the site. Re uploaded everything from scratch (WordPress & etc.). Tried to activate the plugin again - browser hung - more irate emails from host, etc, etc, etc.

By , for WP 3.4.2

Interface is way too complicated and confusing for any normal person (i.e. a client). And there is zero support (not even basic support) without paying an annual fee.

Long Term User and VERY Happy
By , for WP 3.4.2

I've been using Event Espresso for almost two years now. It is the best event management and registration tool I have found...and I've tried many that were much much more expensive.

I love the fact that users don't have to leave my website to register and everything I need is right in the WordPress CMS. I have monthly events and I have never had one complaint or question about registering.

Thanks for the great plugin. I wouldn't dream of using anything else for my events.

A giant waste of money and time.
By , for WP 3.4.2

On the surface, event espresso looks amazing. It seems to have everything, and to be incredibly useful.

It's not.

Let's say you're selling tickets to a conference. What's the most important thing for selling tickets? Well, to ensure that only people who have bought a ticket are registered for the conference.

Event Espresso doesn't let you do that.

For some bizarre reason, Event Espresso lets people rsvp for an event without paying for it. That has absolutely no value to anyone who requires payment for attendance. In fact, it has negative value, because the black hole of time wasted on communicating with attendees that, no, they don't actually have access to the event - BECAUSE THEY HAVEN'T PAID, BECAUSE YOUR TICKETING SYSTEM DIDN'T MAKE THEM PAY! - compounds the amount of time you have to waste figuring out who is going, who isn't going, and who still has to pay.

Foolishly overlooking this detail, and needing a good ticketing system for a project, I paid for Event Espresso's pro edition. Then I tried to address this - and other - problems. I went through a whole gauntlet of programmers whose job is, I guess, to customize the plugin for users. None of them, however, could fix the core problem with the plugin itself - that the plugin allows people who have NOT paid to think they have access to the event.

A giant waste of money and time.

By , for WP 3.5

I'm very happy with the way the Event Espresso plugin performs, I upgraded to the pro version, the online forums and support are excellent. Events are easy to setup and manage, highly recommend!

The right choice for me
By , for WP 3.5

When I converted my website to WordPress, I took a long time to examine and evaluate my options for presenting events and accepting registrations. I actually tried two other solutions before finally purchasing a business license for EventEspresso specifically because it includes two specific features: people can purchase multiple events at one time instead of one at a time, and I can offer bundle discounts for a series. These were features that weren’t available from any other option. There is still room for improvement (like for anything) but I have to say that it has been the right choice for me. In addition, I’ve had good support when I’ve had questions, so I’ve been extremely pleased with the way my site is working.

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