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Eggplant 301 Redirects

Easily manage and create 301 redirects for your WordPress website. A robust interface allows you create and validate redirects.

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4.3 out of 5 stars
By , for WP 4.2.2

I keep getting "Invalid destination URL" BUT ITS NOT! IT IS PERFECTLY VALID.
Even after, if i click edit, NOTHING happens..

Thanks for you time and plugin, but its no good for me.

Unique (and I've tried a few)
By , for WP 4.2.2

LOVE THIS PLUGIN! I've used several redirect plugins, and IMO this one is the best. From the drop-down selector (in the "Redirect to" column) to the already-entered root URL (all the others you have to manually type it in each time) to the fact that YOU CAN SORT BY COLUMN to being able to EXPORT ALL REDIRECTS—this plugin rocks!

Seriously, being able to sort by whichever column you want (Redirect to, Redirect from, and Hits) is SO helpful. And it's great to see how many hits each redirect gets. It really helps me know how much a certain redirect is being used.

And the author is very helpful. He listens, he is actively involved in the plugin and cares about his work. That's just added bonus.

So for me, hands down my favorite redirect plugin I've used. 5 stars!

Nice, but no 404 errors
By , for WP 4.1.1

This is a nice, clean plugin. It's easy to understand and works. But it does not show you the 404 errors your website is generating. So if you have changed your website structure and want to make sure that all requests coming from Google, Facebook, and all other websites are still getting a proper result, this plugin does not help you much.

Good plugin
By , for WP 4.0

Works well, it let me do what I need to do.

Limited functionality; can't use
By , for WP 4.0

Here's why I can't use this plugin due to its limited functionality:

1. Yahoo Hosting (not my choice; choice of client's previous developer) forces WordPress to be installed in a subdirectory -- for example, mydomain.com/blog.

2. I wanted to use this plugin to redirect old, crappy URLs to my new and improved ones. For example, mydomain.com/old-crappy-url.html to be redirected to mydomain.com/blog/snazzy-url-with-relevant-keywords/.

3. This particular redirect plugin forces a mydomain.com/blog/ as the root of all originating URLs since Yahoo Hosting forced me to install WordPress in the /blog/ subdirectory.

I can't redirect all the old crappy URLs that had mydomain.com as their parent directory. Therefore, I can't use this plugin. It should allow people to totally customize the FROM url.

CSV Upload does not work
By , for WP 3.9.1

I've followed the exact CSV format to upload the redirects as specified in the support and it will not work. There is hardly any useful documentation for this plugin.

Perfect plugin.
By , for WP 3.9.1

Sometime ago I moved my site from plain .html to WP, forgot about a trail of backlinks. Installed this plugin and within seconds had the backlinks pointing to the correct pages.

Highly recommended.

By , for WP 3.9.1

Thank you, this work charmingly !!!
Easy to use and work as soon as we click "save"

Works like a Dream
By , for WP 3.9.1

Tried a few 301 plugins that all seemed a bit complicated, this one just works and allowed me to migrate my small blog from DasBlog to WordPress leaving 301 redirects for my old URLs.

DUDE! Don't look for another 301 plugin.
By , for WP 3.9.1

This plugin is perfect. I mean PERFECT.

First, it works. This week I was moving a Microsoft .ASP site to a new WordPress site. The customer had had a lot of SEO work done on the .ASP site that was ranking well. I used this plugin to map the old .ASP pages to the new WordPress permalinks. Then launched the site, went to Google, found his SEO pages in the SERPs, clicked a link and BOOM. It redirected beautifully.

Second, it let's you do anything you want. You can manually type in the new URLs, or choose them from existing pages, posts, etc. Very nice.

Third, it works with the latest WP, I had zero activation problems and zero problems saving data.

Don't look for another 301 plugin...you're really wasting your time if you do. Thanks to the author for this fine piece of work.

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