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CM Tooltip Glossary

Easily create a Glossary, Encyclopaedia or Dictionary of your terms and show tooltip when users hover over. Many powerful features


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Excellent tool!
By , for WP 4.0

I am managing a website that offer Physics tutorials. My website if fully loaded with terms that are related to the subject. CM Glossary Tooltip helped me a lot to assist my visitors understand the content with less hassle. Before I used this tool, a lot of visitors had to Google the stuff in order to figure the exact location. But CM Glossary Tooltip provided an ideal solution to it through linking glossary terms. I am highly impressed by its results and can recommend this for any WordPress based website out there!

Really satisfied
By ,

This plugin has been a great boon to my gamer website which is about welcoming newcomers to the gaming community. I use a ton of game terms and such on there that some people simply don't know and I've been asked many times what certain words and phrases mean. This has clarified so many things for the users of my site and that is exactly what I want in my site, understanding. I've even gotten comments and messages telling me they like that new feature. I love how easy it is to use and it's customization is a must have for me. Really happy that I found this and I'm gonna continue using it.

Not WooCommerce compatible
By , for WP 4.0

The tooltips will not work within WooCommerce's Product Short Descriptions. I was hoping purchasing the pro version or woocommerce add on would fix this, but it does not appear to be the case. Support was quick to respond it was a theme or plugin problem and suggested I pay $$$ for a custom fix. Yet with only Woocommerce and CM Tooltip Glossary active it still did not function. It was suggested I find a different plugin that was compatible with WooCommerce. Very disappointing and not all transparent.

homepage and categories
By , for WP 4.0

dictionary homepage, how we can add
words, how to add categories, we can

By , for WP 4.0

I loved this software so much! I enjoy writing and reading informational articles that have plenty of medical terminology. If I am reading the work of people who use this software, I can understand the article easier. Rather than having to Google search for each definition, I can hover above the word to get a definition. Knowing this, I am sure my readers also find it easier to understand what I am saying when I use medical terminology. Like any product, there is always room for improvement; unlike every creator, this software is improved on a daily basis. Great software, unique software. Buy it!

perfect solution! many thanks!
By , for WP 4.0

this is a great solution and very unique plugin, many thanks!!!

Update hides existing glossary items already added
By , for WP 4.0

Fantastic plugin, but spoiled by the fact that I spent many many many hours adding glossary items, only to have two-thirds of them not show after a later update limits the number of glossary items showing.

Yes I understand the concept of Pro and free versions, but existing glossary items (added before the update to a newer plugin version) should show.

I love it but .... (attention to Spanish)
By , for WP 3.9.2

Yes, I love this plugin but has a BIG FAIL for all those Spanish speakers.

The GREAT FAILURE is not accepting words that start with a vowel that has accent. For example, if I want to put a term that is "Ébola" (in Spanish has an accent) isn´t reflected in the "e" position of alphabet. So I have to create another "word" in the alphabet to be "é". And it isn´t another word!! Needless to say, for the Spanish alphabet that's a bummer !!!!

And considering that I´ve purchased 4 plugins for 4 blogs (total $ 160) .... I think these details should have much more in mind.

Uninstall Incomplete
By ,

Don't use CM Tooltip Glossary on a live site if you're only testing with dummy data or on any site if you expect an uninstall to remove plugin files and data from the database.

CM Tooltip Glossary will NOT remove the data from the database.

This could be a problem if you're moving from test to live data or if you have a very large glossary and decide to uninstall the plugin because the data in the MySql database will not be removed.

I must admit, I thought it was standard practice that all good plugins cleaned up after themselves. Apparantly not in the case of CM Tooltip Glossary.

Excellent Functionality and Top Notch Support
By , for WP 3.9.1

Plugin author has been constantly improving and adapting this product to my needs. It has been an integral part of our website providing tool tips of complex medical terms for dog owners. We couldn't help owners as well as we do without it.

The many updates have been extensive and recently, at my request, the plugin is now compatible with bbPress forums! This was critical to helping owners with sick dogs.

I did need to spend some time working with settings, but those detailed settings allowed me to really fine tune how this looks on our website. I still have to look into the linking with dictionaries!

I really like how this integrates with my SEO plugin. This draws people into the site who search this terminology in google.

I appreciate the author's sensitivity that we may not want this on every page and there are several settings to fine tune this.

The entry is so easy that other moderators can help make entries.

The applications for this as a training and educational tool are extensive. I can also use photos in the tooltips.

Buying the upgrade is really worth the support you receive.

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