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Enhanced Media Library

A better management for WordPress Media Library


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Outstanding, extremely productive Plug-in
By , for WP 4.0.1

Can't believe I haven't found this plug-in before now. A lot of the sites I create have extemely large media libraries and this plug-in is EXACTLY what I'd been looking for. Using taxonomies to define image categories is so much more efficent than using physical directory locations. Purchased the PRO version immediately and tidied up a massive image library in less than 5 minutes - THANK YOU SO MUCH.

Only one feature request so far - it would be great to list all images which haven't yet had a media category assigned to them to catch any images I've missed when tidying up a large media library.

Does the job without too many overwhelming options
By , for WP 4.0.1

I was pleased to notice that this plugin did the job and didn't add on tons of options which overwhelm the user. Additionally it is powerful enough to do some much needed categorizing and sorting in the Media Library.

Ploy for $: no bulk editing unless pay $25
By ,

I know this person has worked hard to create a popular and effective plugin. I don't mind that one would have to pay for the "bulk editing" feature -- i.e. ability to assign categories/taxonomies to multiple media at the same time. But the $25 charge for this basic feature feels like overreaching, though I don't fault him for wanting to earn money at all and would happily support that if it was reasonable. Then again, an organization flush with cash wouldn't blink twice at $25, and I suppose that's the rationale.

I have found Media Library Assistant to offer all the features with only a request for a donation, which I will make.

Perhaps if there were some other fabulous add-ons that came with the $25 that justified the cost...

Sorry for the negative response. Just my reaction to the cost vs. features effect.

Best plugin and support !
By , for WP 4.0

Amazing plugin and Amazing support, and it's for free , If you dont try this plugin you can regret this :)
Consider donating it's worth it !

Almost perfect
By , for WP 4.0

If only it had the ability to bulk edit or create categories inside the media upload box, it would be just perfect.

Edit: added an extra star.

A very productive plugin!
By , for WP 4.0

A very productive plugin! Work great as advertised.

Works as advertised
By , for WP 4.0

Much easier to sort, find, and organize media attachments.

Thanks for this plugin
By , for WP 3.9.1

Thanks to developers. Many plugins are there to categorize your media files but they just adds categories to media files or creates custom folders inside your upload directory, but this plugin also adds filter on media upload popup.
Thanks again.

Works - but badly interferes with some WP functionality
By ,

Yes, this plugin does a bunch of stuff it says it will do (I haven't tested everything) BUT ... I've run into two really annoying problems with it. First let me share the post I was about to make on the WordPress Forum before I got the brainwave that this plugin might be the cause of my problem:

"Ok, yes I've searched the web for answers to this question, but the solutions I have found do not fit my scenario, which is this:

I need to update an image. So I delete that image using "delete permanently" in the media library. I check that the image is deleted via ftp - it's gone, but the image still shows up on the website. It even shows up when I go to it's direct url (eg - http://www.site.com/wp-content/uploads/image.jpg). Clear my cache, it still shows. Double check the ftp - the image is NOT there. Try another browser - still shows. Try another computer - still shows. WHAT THE *&%$!! IS GOING ON???

It's as though there's another secret copy of the image somewhere that keeps getting referenced instead of the correct one whenever a call to the given url is made, regardless of whether an image at the given url even exists!

FYI - I've also tried using the "Enable Media Replace" and "Force Regenerate Thumbnails" plugins, verified that the image and all versions of it's thumbnails are updated, and still the old image shows up instead.

The only method that has been able to sort-of resolve the issue has been uploading the images with different names and re-linking to the newly named images."

When I deactivate this plugin, the strange behavior goes away (plugin off = if I delete an image from the library, it doesn't show on the website). If I reactivate the plugin the problem returns.

The other issue that this plugin has caused for me is that it interferes with image uploading from some interfaces. I'm currently creating a site using the "X" theme. In it's customization interface you can upload images for the site background. When this plugin is activated, images don't upload at all.

I would love to love this plugin, but I can't.

FYI - there would still be lots of room for improvement even without these issues ... though it would still be a big improvement over the default media handling.

very helpful
By , for WP 3.9.2

This plugin is absolutely fantastic indeed. Easy to navigate in, easy to work with, it made my day.

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