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Easy Watermark

Text Domain: easy-watermark Allows to add watermark to images automatically on upload or manually.

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works fine for WP 4.5.3, be aware of file size changes.
By , for WP 4.5.3

Plug-in worked as described, and correctly adds watermark to images uploaded through the default Media Manager, also content uploaded through Media Library+

with my version of WP, getting to the interface to manually add watermark was not exactly as described. instead it was found :
media > choose image > under "Attachment Details" > Edit more details

the placement of the watermark (for text) was a little unclear from documentation. through experiment i have verified that to place text watermark on the very bottom right corner, set offset x:2 y:2, for size 09pt font. the bottom right square was selected as well.

be aware of increasing file size for .jpg files!
original file was 87k
saving at 100% quality = 263k
saving at 80% quality = 78k
recommend saving at 83% quality to match original file size.
this is a function of processing lossy format, and to be expected.

consider saving your original .jpg at a higher quality than you would normally use, and let the watermark plug-in compress to your desired file size. images look better the fewer times they are optimized.

i would like to see an added feature to exclude/include pictures based on the dimensions. not applying watermark to pictures under X by Y pixels in size, for example. this can be roughly handled by choosing which "image size" to apply the watermark, but more granular control would be fantastic. i have not verified if custom image sizes will show up on the list of selectable "image size" options.

overall, great plug-in that does exactly what it is described to :)

for me, it doesn't work with EDD
By , for WP 4.5.2

I tried to use it with images on EDD but it doesn't work :/ I don't know why :/

It's a great plugin - Magyar leírás
By , for WP 4.5.1

Thank You that good plugin! It's working on a lot of website what i created.

I'm write a hungarian article from your plugin /
Magyar nyelvű bemutató cikk: http://rotisoft.hu/blog/vizjel-hozzaadasa-wordpress-easy-watermark/

By ,


upload front end
By ,

Plugin has support for upload in front end?
Please help me

Not bad, works well
By , for WP 4.4.2

There aren't much watermark plugins around. This works but hope to see more frequent updates. Thanks.

ِAmazing Plugin
By , for WP 4.4.1

ِAmazing Plugin and Great Settings

Simple and versatile
By , for WP 4.3.1

I have store where I want to watermark only the product images - the large one. It worked perfectly, after I made some tests and adjustments.
Restore to un-watermarked images also works (this is great!), even if wordpress shows some warnings.
Yet, transparency doesn't work for transparent png's - it's a warning about this in the image settings page - it's a pity, but I'm happy with the plugin anyway.
Read carefully the FAQ BEFORE proceeding, and test it on only one image before applying it to all the images.
One may read here a Guide

Adds watermarks to new images but not ones in library
By , for WP 4.3.1

No solution offered and no support either - the other watermarking plugins seem just as bad...

Excellent plugin with the right settings
By ,

We are very happy with this plugin. We've been using it in a website with a heavy load of images, for at least two or three years, and it has performed greatly since, across all the WordPress updates.
It has the right amount of settings, it's flexible and uncomplicated.
Just wanted to say a big thanks.

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