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Easy Social Icons

Using this social media plugin you can upload your own social icon, set your social URL, choose whether you want to display vertically or horizontally

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4.5 out of 5 stars
This is the one
By , for WP 4.5.2

This is as simple as it gets. I wanted something that would allow me to choose which social networks to link to and use my own custom icons. This does it perfectly and the interface is very intuitive. I was up and running in less than 5 minutes with the widget perfectly displaying what I wanted on the sidebar.

very useful plugin
By , for WP 4.5.1

thank you for such a good tool.
BTW, could you add import/export settings feature? It's so boring to recover options manually.

Kick ass plugin
By , for WP 4.4.2

You saved my day. I had a real challenge with trying to find something to display my custom battlefield gaming icons and this plugin worked perfectly.

Great jog and thank you so much for a wonderful plugin that solved my challenge perfectly..

High five..

Easy to use, like the option to add own icons
By , for WP 4.4.2

This is a really simple-to-use plugin. For those who have complained that it does not actually contain any icons, that is both a pro and a con: pro in that you're not plugging up your files with icons you don't need (who, really, is linked to 100 sites?); con in that you have to go online and download them yourself. But hardly a stumbling block.

Also, because you must upload the icons to your media library, you can upload logos for sites that are not as popular and whose icons you rarely find in the pre-loaded plugin variety, icons like for Goodreads or Wattpad, which I need. It also means you can get creative and design your own if you're so inclined.

I'm reserving one star because I would have loved the ability to set different widths for individual icons as not all of mine were square, forcing me to redesign.

Will donate as this plugin works and has not broken anything else.

Roll your own
By ,

This is THE plugin to use if you want to roll your own social icons.

breaks on IE8
By ,

this plugin definitely has some good features, but is broken on IE 8, it may be broken on other browsers as well.

Excellent plugin
By , for WP 4.3.1

This is the only plugin I have found that will let me add non-standard links and completely customize the icon set.

I have modified the cn-social-icons shortcode to add many parameters so that the output can be customized differently for each instance, if needed. Here is the code:

/* Modified version of [cn-social-icons] from Easy Social Icons plugin.
 * Added all the parameters to the shortcode.  All parameters are optional.
 * Description:  Returns an unordered list of icons and optional labels as
 *       defined in 'Easy Social Icon'->'Add Icons'.
 * Usage: [cg_social_icons
 *          width=nn
 *          height=nn
 *          margin=nn
 *          rows=nn
 *          vertical=[yes|no]
 *          text_align=[left|center|right]
 *          labels=[yes|no]
 *          icons=[all|(csv list of icon titles)]
 *          class=[class_name]
 *       ]
 * Parameters:
 *    width -
 *       The width in pixels for the icons. Example: width=16
 *       Default is the value set in 'Easy Social Icon'->Options.
 *    height -
 *       The height in pixels for the icons. Example: height=16
 *       Default is the value set in 'Easy Social Icon'->Options.
 *    margin -
 *       The margin in pixels around the icons. Left and right
 *       margins will be set to 1/2 this value.
 *       Default is the value set in 'Easy Social Icon'->Options.
 *    rows  -
 *       The number of rows of icons (unused).
 *       Default is the value set in 'Easy Social Icon'->Options.
 *    vertical -
 *       The vertical or horizontal display of the icons.
 *       If set to 'yes', the icons will be displayed vertically.
 *       If set to 'no', the icons will be displayed horizontally.
 *       Default is the value set in 'Easy Social Icon'->Options.
 *    text_align  -
 *       Alignment of the icons.
 *       If set to 'left', the icons will be aligned left.
 *       If set to 'center', the icons will be aligned center.
 *       If set to 'right', the icons will be aligned right.
 *       Default is the value set in 'Easy Social Icon'->Options.
 *    labels   -
 *       Option to print the Icon Title as a label for the icons.
 *       If set to 'yes', the labels will be printed.
 *       Default is 'no'.
 *    icons -
 *       An optional comma separated list of Icon Titles to print.
 *       If specified, icons will be printed in the order listed.
 *       If omitted, or set to 'all', all icons will be printed in
 *       the order set in 'Easy Social Icon'->'Sort Icons'.
 *    class -
 *       An optional class name to be added to the '<ul>' tag in
 *       addition to the class 'cnss-social-icon' which is always
 *       added.
 *       Default is none.
function cg_social_icons_fn( $atts ) {

   global $wpdb,$baseURL;

	$attrs = shortcode_atts( array(
	   'width'        => get_option('cnss-width'),
	   'height'       => get_option('cnss-height'),
	   'margin'       => get_option('cnss-margin'),
	   'rows'         => get_option('cnss-row-count'),
	   'vertical'     => 'default',
	   'text_align'   => get_option('cnss-text-align'),
	   'labels'       => 'no',
	   'icons'        => 'all',
	   'class'        => '',
	extract( $attrs );
	if ( $vertical == 'default' ) {
	   $vorh = get_option('cnss-vertical-horizontal');
	} else {
	   $vorh = ($vertical == 'yes') ? 'vertical' : 'horizontal';

	// Convert icons list to csv for use in sql IN clause, if necessary

	if ( $icons == 'all' ) {
	   $post_title_sql = ' 1 = 1 ';
	} else {
	   $icon_names = explode( ',', strtolower($icons) );
	   $icon_names = array_map( 'trim', $icon_names );
	   $icon_list = '"' . implode( '","', $icon_names) . '"';
	   $post_title_sql = ' LOWER(title) IN (' . $icon_list . ') ';

	$table_name = $wpdb->prefix . "cn_social_icon";
	$image_file_path = $baseURL;
	$sql = "SELECT * FROM ".$table_name." WHERE $post_title_sql AND image_url<>'' AND url<>'' ORDER BY sortorder";
	$video_info = $wpdb->get_results($sql);
	$icon_count = count($video_info);

	// Sort in order of icons parameter, if needed
	$out = '';
	if ( $video_info ) {
		if ( $icons != 'all' ) {
         usort($video_info, function($a, $b) use ($icon_names) {
            return array_search(strtolower($a->title), $icon_names) - array_search(strtolower($b->title), $icon_names); }

      $_collectionSize = count($video_info);
      $_rowCount = $rows ? $rows : 1;
      $_columnCount = ceil($_collectionSize/$_rowCount);
      $li_margin = round($margin/2);

      echo '<ul class="cnss-social-icon ' . $class . '" style="text-align:'.$text_align.';">';
      foreach($video_info as $icon) {

		   if(strpos($icon->image_url,'/')===false) {
		      $image_url = $image_file_path.'/'.$icon->image_url;
		   } else {
		      $image_url = $icon->image_url;

		   ?><li class="<?php echo format_title($icon->title); ?>" style=" <?php echo $vorh=='horizontal'?'display:inline-block;':''; ?>">
		      <a <?php echo ($icon->target==1)?'target="_blank"':'' ?> title="<?php echo $icon->title ?>" href="<?php echo $icon->url ?>"><img src="<?php echo $image_url?>" border="0" width="<?php echo $width ?>" height="<?php echo $height ?>" alt="<?php echo $icon->title ?>" style=" <?php echo 'margin:'.$li_margin.'px;'; ?>" />
		         <?php echo ($labels == 'yes') ? $icon->title : '';?>
	   echo '</ul>';
	   $out = ob_get_contents();
	return $out;
add_shortcode( 'cg-social-icons', 'cg_social_icons_fn' );
very easy and specific, uptu mark
By , for WP 4.3

awesum job done

Good plugin but uses inline CSS
By , for WP 4.3

Dear Developer,

Good job! This plugin is excelente.
Please, dont use Inline CSS.
Change it please. Thx.

I wish I'd found this plugin sooner
By ,

This is a GREAT little plugin. It works right out of the box, and I love the ability to use whatever social media icon I want.

And for anyone who have given this plugin a low rating because it doesn't come with icons: WAAAAA! This is a cool feature, not a bug.

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