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Disqus Comment System

The Disqus comment system replaces your WordPress comment system with your comments hosted and powered by Disqus.

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WAS great but it's 2015 now.
By ,

This plugin needs a bug and optimization fix for 2015! I had to move to fb comments because this makes everything to slow.

nice, but not good if you're serious about your website
By , for WP 3.9.1

1. social login icons have disappeared from the newest version...Why does this matter? If people see those icons they are 20 times more likely to post a comment...It's easy, simple, clean, and more trustworthy from your users point of view.

2. social login is now a FARCE...you still have to register for a Disqus account...disgusting...A big impediment to users commenting.

3. if you change your comment plugin later, your comments are GONE...that's a whole lot of faith.

4. last, and probably worst, it added 30 http requests and seriously slows down your website...this is one of the cornerstones of good seo/adwords/etc.; a fast loading website...And this plugin kills it...

They could clean all of these things up easily. If they do, I'll give it another try, because it does look nice.

TEFL Online by California Teachers College

Loads slooooooooooow
By , for WP 3.9.1

I went back to WordPress comments because I got tired of almost always having to wait for Disqus to load. I notice this on other blogs that use Disqus. It is no fun looking at the "D" with the spinny thing in it when the native comment system loads fast and works great.

I like that Disqus improves connectivity between blog sites, but am not willing to pay the speed penalty to get it.

ul lists conflict
By , for WP 3.8.3

the plugin seems to be in conflict with the ul lists on my site, where i'm listing all the posts inside a while loop.
I've noticed that Disqus adds automatically javascript content inside the

    between 2 of the
  • items.
    javascript content that is inserted:
    " <script type="text/javascript" style="">
    // <![CDATA[
    var disqus_shortname = 'my site name';
    (function () {
    var nodes = document.getElementsByTagName('span'); " etc.
GPL plugin for a non-GPL cloud based takeover.
By ,

I like Disqus as a commenter, and so decide to give them a try on my website. And I like the idea of an improved comment system on my website. But unfortunately, Disqus doesn't provide an improved comment system on my website.

Disqus provides a comment system for their website for visitors of my website. And since I am building my own website, it doesn't make sense to stop building my website, cut it in half, and give the other half to Disqus.

In fact, I find it fairly dishonest to advertise a GPL plugins capabilities when those capabilities aren't met with the plugins code, but through signing up for another service. Especially when the service is designed to load another brand and logos near the page footers, display external advertisements, and load three third-party links into the main web site.

One of the third-party links isn't even a Disqus link, but a link to a market spyware system named scorecardresearch which takes over the web browser of visitors. The third-party site appears to sell this information to their undisclosed clients, which for all anyone knows may be direct competitors. So from one GPL plugin, you give away a large portion of your website to Disqus, and enable some other business to spy on your visitors.

Having been presented with numerous information attacks based on trackers over the past few years, I'm going to have to say, thanks but no thanks.

Spam control, can't use Askimet etc.
By , for WP 3.6.1

I was excited about Disqus, it seemed to work fine with the latest WordPress version, and my custom Themes even, in spite of the warning at install plugins page, that it wasn't tested with my WP version and hadn't been updated for 9 months.
I would give Disqus 5 stars IF I could actually use it.

I installed it, and I had read on another forum, before installing Disqus, that you could use Askimet with it by enabling Askimet in your settings inside the Disqus admin panel in settings.
Well I looked all day,for hours,till I gave up, through the settings where the wpwiki said it was, ( a site I found after I Googled a long time, only one that said you Could use Askimet with Dusqus) But finally gave up.
I searched on Disqus for Askimet, "Returned no results".

I get lots of spam comments daily, and sometimes thousands of spam comments each day on my oldest website, so I had to remove Disqus because it would take a team of people working 12 hour days to moderate spam.
I was hoping that Disqus would be a great idea for social involvement, too bad I can't use Askimet with Dusqus.
I had askimet turned off a while back and I got over 5500 spams in my database in just a few days, and I Had to do a reinstall to get my Mysql database cleaned out, Bummer.
And on top of that, I almost got blacklisted with Google because of some of the urls in there, BAD sites were showing up even porn on Google when I'd type my site in! So I HAVE to have Askimet on my sites.

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