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DesktopServer for WordPress

DesktopServer for WordPress

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Divi Theme & WooCommerce Store Export Easy Launch
By ,

I created a WordPress site with WooCommerce for my client who writes a history curriculum for homeschool educators. We had over 80 products in the store. It was created as a staging site with a different domain name as their store was already live. I was able to finish the new site, import it to my mac desktop with Desktop Server, export and scrub to change the URL's to the original name with minimal stress. The team was there to help me. There were a few updates that I had to make to the products but it was not the painful process I had anticipated! I am now creating all my new WordPress projects on my desktop before launching them live. This is an invaluable plugin!!!

The Server Press team have been nothing but helpful resulting in one HAPPY DeskTop server user!!!

Thank you for your outstanding tech support!

Fast efficient deployment from dev to staging or live
By , for WP 4.2.2

This plugin allows me to push my Desktop Server installation to staging or live. It works every time and takes around 3 minutes to set in motion. After that the time taken is dependent on the size of the site and the speed of your upload. Brilliant plugin and Desktop Server itself is now an integral part of my workflow.

This.... is amazing.
By , for WP 4.2.2

It works for *most* of the server environments I deal with. A few VPN scenarios don't support it, but I suspect in those cases the servers are configured incorrectly anyway.
We have another deploy method set up using Bamboo but this is WAAAAAY more efficient. And easier. And faster.

Highly recommended. 10/10, would deploy again.

Brilliant thinking and implementation on this item - Embrace it!
By , for WP 4.1.2

I've downloaded a lot of plugins and have therefore experienced the whole spectrum of "it really works and the developers are committed" vs at the other end "Nice try - I'll look you up a couple of versions from now"

DesktopServer is just BRILLIANT. This plugin (on your site) and the app (on your local server) pair up to make moving, copying, importing, exporting, duplicating your wordpress site simple.

This is software developing at it's best - taking complex, difficult, tedious, tasks that are riddled with potentially disastrous "gotchas" and making it easy, fast and safe.

Big kudos for support - I put in a call to resolve an issue and got a call back within an hour from the support rep - and eventually needed the developer to be conferenced in. They were serious about making sure I was up and running. The problem turned out to be a Chrome browser and a cookie.

There are 2 things to know about DesktopServer going in: A). Your site and database must be working. B). The more plugins you have loaded and active, the more this (or any similar app) will have to churn to finish it's task.

Nice work guys!

Best dev & deploy tool I've used
By , for WP 4.1.1

Wow. Awesome! I used the free version of Desktopserver on my Windows 7 dev system for a few days to try it out. Liked the way it worked. Came time to deploy my dev environment to staging and thought I'd go for the full, paid version. Amazing. Exports directly from my local dev environment to the staging server (equipped with this plugin). Quicker and easier than Duplicator and much cleaner than my previous manual copy method. I won't go back.

Total time saver
By ,

This changed the way I set up local dev environments. Easy to use and saves me a ton of time.

Desktop Server Support is Excellent
By ,

I am greatly impressed with the support the Desktop Server staff provides.
They follow up quickly, and willing to help when the problem is a bit outside of their tools and plugin.

Desktop Server creates a simulated server environment on your computer.
I use Duplicator to create archive zip packages of live sites, which Desktop server will import and I can work on an offline copy of the site.

This plugin simplifies the reversal process and allows you to replace your live copy with the one in your desktop environment.

This works as a back up with the added advantage that you can see that your back up copy is actually functional.

I use Vaultpress and Woocommerce, and you would expect reasonable level of support. Neither does a very good job compared to Desktop Server staff.
I am dropping VaultPress due to the lack of support. The other problem with Vaultpress is that the back up file is good only within the Vaultpress system, it does not work as a 'normal' archive.

The 100 bucks for Desktop Server is well worth the cost. I highly recommend their product.

By , for WP 3.8

I can't recommend this more highly. Totally worth the money - makes it super easy for me to develop my WP Sites offline, and then migrate them live. For goodness sake, you literally just make offline site, buy a domain, download WP to that domain, download the DesktopServer plugin to that domain, and then hit "transfer" and your site is up and running on your new domain. I love this thing - has made my life dramatically easier.

Simple, as WordPress
By , for WP 3.7.1

DesktopServer for local development and live deployment is the easiest and simplest solution for WordPress development workflow.

Great Tool - Saves loads of time
By , for WP 3.7

DesktopServer for local development/install as well as the WP plugin, DesktopServer for WordPress are great tools. So much easier than MAMP for local development and huge time saving tools for deployment and more.

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