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Capability Manager Enhanced

A simple way to manage WordPress roles and capabilities.

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4.8 out of 5 stars
By , for WP 4.5.2

Works exactly as expected, thank you guys!

By ,


Support is apparently missing in action.
By , for WP 4.3.1

UPDATE- I did get a response today, based upon that I have now raised my rating to 3 stars. I cannot give more than that as I have not yet actually used the product for my needs. Without this question being answered there is simply too much risk vs reward for me. When and if I do I use this product I will re-evaluate the given rating.

I installed the plugin and had a fairly simple question for the support folks of this product before I make ANY changes with it...The product sounds great- and probably can do the job I would have liked to use it for...HOWEVER...all attempts to get any answer from support ...or even a response at all failed - a complete failure to communicate at all.

Since this product "claims" to be able to do some pretty serious things concerning role capabilities, one would think there would be support for such a product. Without support, folks could really do some serious damage to their site if used improperly (If it even works). That being the case- I'm left with no choice but not use it.

Good -- when it works.
By , for WP 4.3

I downloaded this to decrease the time it would take to manage my users. However, the errors and issues that keep coming up is not worth the overall time.

Had issues with admins not being able to access stories, not being able to edit a user's status.

Sure, either changing a person's status or de-activating the plug-in would allow me to get things done, but that is more time consuming. Decided to remove the plug-in, since it is causing more issues than problems it was solving.

David - AirlineReporter

Very nice plugin!
By ,

I loved it!

Works flawlessly
By ,

What else can I say.

Hands Down the Best of it's Kind!
By , for WP 4.2.2

While testing, I always take notes so that I can reference back. Here are my notes:

1. Capability Manager Enhanced - By Jordi Canals, Kevin Behrens (4.9 - stars)
• There is one page of settings which are EXTREMELY easy to understand and use.
• You can quickly create, delete, or clone any current role and name it whatever you want!
• Gut feeling: Besides the UI, this is a 10!

2. WPFront User Role Editor - (4.8 - stars)
• Creates a new custom post type called Roles.
• First Notification: "Menu walker class is overriden by a theme/plugin. Current value = UM_Menu_Item_Custom_Fields_Walker. Navigation menu permissions may still work. More information." Not cool.
• This plugin is very advanced and creates numerous tabs with separate sub tabs.
• Gut feeling: Possibly the most powerful but most difficult to use plugin out of the bunch.

3. Advanced Access Manager - by WP AAM (3.7 stars)
• The UI of the plugin is terrible.
• The lists for each item are roughly 10 deep and you have to click thru pagination to get to the different lists. Not cool.
• Gut feeling: Not what I'm looking for.

4. User Role Editor - by Vladimir Garagulya (4.7 stars)
• The plugin too complex with settings under both Users and Settings.
• The UI is poorly designed.
• Nothing I have seen even comes close to Capability Manager Enhanced. Members by Justin Tadlock is close, but that plugin is bloatware compared to Capability Manager Enhanced.
• Gut feeling: Not a chance (07-15-15).

By ,

Works like charm.

By ,

Does what it says and does it very well. Rock solid plugin with neat features to manage roles with a nice user friendly interface. Thanks!

By , for WP 4.1.1

Very good!

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