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CalPress Calendar

A calendar plugin that makes publishing, managing, and sharing events easy - A beautiful calendar that your users will love! - CalPress Calendar

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Me gustaria todo
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Best Calendar event!

Plugin should be removed from WordPress.org access
By ,

I spent money on the Pro version. Was promising in beginning but no support, no contact, no update capability, not even a peep of life for months and months. Caused financial loss and embarrassment to entire community. Security issues threaten to block domain from public. Look elsewhere. You can believe the free version won't be any better.

Can not get any tech support
By , for WP 4.1

Plugin stopped working. Been sending tix for a month. No one answers any cries for help. Going to Better Business Bureau.

I am very disappointed.

Neglect, poor support
By , for WP 4.0

1. support has not been answered in 3 months, has not been updated in 6.
2. people are complaining about the Pro version and site not working right so you know the free one is REALLY neglected.
3. it installs in 4.0 and you can make things but when you assign it to a page it just redirects to home page and not the page assigned.

Never going pro in a burning house, someone's dropped the ball on this.

Doesn't show starting hour in calendar etc....
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Doesn't show starting hour in calendar etc....

I personally love the Ajax Event Calendar but as far i can see this
plugin is not maintained anymore by its author...

In search of a real sports calendar...

Bugs, problems, awful support ... don't buy it !!!
By , for WP 3.8.3

I first tested free CalPress but most features are not supported on this version so thought to trust Aspire2 and buy the Developer's version CalPressPro last April 2014 for $79.00 .

From the first beginning I had to contact support for things that I saw on demo videos of the product but didn't seem to work on the commercial release I received from them that was version 1.6.004 .

First incredible answers were telling that some features shown as working on video demos on their web site were in fact not supported like for example lightbox integration even if in fact works ... once in awhile. In 3 months and many tickets opened I received new version 1.7 that solved for example Google maps problem (maps not correctly shown) but created other new problems as if button "calendar" used as filter for categories not working anymore or recurring dates not shown anymore by default and not for choice of user. No comments of course from support for old tickets opened and seemlessly lost ... :-(

As I read from others here on this review forum problems seem to be common. Even classic answer "we are looking into it right away" takes time to arrive. Got problems even for something simple as a request of a bill that should be automatically sent with all data required in a bill, data regularly given during payment. Finally today I just asked last time for product working or immediate refund in "real time". It's a pitty cause product could be nice if only followed in a more professional way. Can't imagine what could happen with WordPress compatibility in future with these timings. Will get back to this review with infos about answers from support.

Works good for me!
By , for WP 3.9

Seems to work fine except some new php errors I started getting with a server upgrade to php 5.4.29.

No Mobile Compatibility
By , for WP 3.8.1

Get with the times. This plug in is not usable with a mobile device without major work. Also, whoever wrote the style sheet uses !important every 3rd line it seems, making styling for this mess a royal pain in the neck.

Full of bugs; atrocious support
By , for WP 3.8.1

I purchased the Developer's version last year, and I've contacted support since OCTOBER of 2013 about how the recurring events was broken. I have an event that occurs on the 1st Friday of every month and ends at 12:30am on Saturday and another that occurs on the 3rd Friday of every month and ends at 12:30am on Saturday. Both those events, since October, have been okay for the first instance, but repeat on the 1st and 3rd THURSDAYS instead. Gave them my backend login and FTP, and I would have to HOUND THEM for updates every few weeks - they would not take initiative to check on something until I asked, and then they would respond within the hour, as if they had simply "forgotten" about open tickets.

Twice after I'd hounded them, they sent me "updates" to the plugin and asked me to check. Are they incapable of opening up a browser on their own to check if the fixes worked? Twice these did nothing. This last time, they claimed to have "fixed" it again by changing the timezone of both my plugin and on WordPress to London - which caused all my events to now show as starting at 3:30am and 4:30am! Of course, they again asked me to check to see if it was fixed rather than loading up the page and seeing all my messed up events in the middle of a registration drive.

Freaking brilliant, this lot. Over and over again I've said, if you can't fix things in a timely manner (and 5 months for the same bug is not timely) that the previous calendar plugin I'd used (All-in-One Event Calendar) could do without issue, then they should refund me. Nope, they just keep beating around the bush. I'm done with this. I'm going to see if I can get my credit card company is willing to reverse the wasted $79 I paid for this POS.

Almost works
By , for WP 3.8

icloud calendar feed yeilds a time difference.
For instance, my event at 10am, shows at 2am on the calpress calendar, and I have it set for Central Time, just as my icloud and wordpress show.
Perhaps I have to trick it by setting calpress to a different time zone, but I don't want to. It works fine with Localendar and AMR ical, so why not with this?
Also, I hate that there is ZERO support from developers on their free version. Really guys, you can't run any business these days, especially a software development company, and not support your work. It helps you, FOR FREE, to make a better product. It's like having thousands of beta testers for free. Support calpress free and fix the time delay on icloud feeds, and you might just have the best wordpress calendar out there.

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