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Business Directory Plugin

Build local directories, business provider listings, Yellow-Pages directories, Yelp-like review sections and much more!

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Thumbs down. Not so free!
By ,

Charging for features that are most commonly used, like PayPal, is a sure fire way to go from free to paid instantly.

Crappy plugin, crappy support, and crappy look
By , for WP 4.2.2

After wasting months and hundreds of dollars trying to get this plugin working how I wanted and, in reality, how it should work, I got fed up and decided to look at other plugins again.

On the WPBD support forum, their attitude is "It doesn't do that, and if you want it to, you need to pay us a crap load of money." I haven't found a single feature this crappy plugin has that Sabai doesn't.

Ignore this plugin and search the others for one that fits your needs. Don't fall for the free plugin with $199 premium modules like I did.

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marche pas correctement
By , for WP 4.0

texte tout décalé pour un plugin et option payante !
pas terrible

By ,

I am trying to remove the requirement for registration. I want anyone to add their listing. But it still makes them register.

Cumbersome and Not User Friendly
By , for WP 3.8

Installed the plugin, that went fine. Set up the directory page, easy with automated page generator. Tried to customize directory home page look and feel - near impossible.
The description is very enticing, except you cannot use all of what is promised without spending money. You also cannot change or customize directory home page without changing HTML code. The support channel blamed "Themes behaving badly" or "not well written themes" for the lack of customization ability, although I indicated that I am using a premium Genesis Framework Child theme. Next another premium theme provider was punted as the preferred themes for the plugin.
Subsequently uninstalled it. Won't be using it anymore.

No Seo support
By ,

Even if is advertised as SEO friendly, this plugin is not compatible with SEO plugins available on WordPress.

I hate this plugin and so do all other plugins.
By , for WP 3.6.1

Briefly: This will probably work well for you if you have a default wordpress site with no additional plugins running. As basic of a site as possible really.
For the rest of us however:
I have run into bug after bug after bug with this thing. Not kidding I'd get one issue fixed and 3 more would sprout up.
Map wont display because I have a google map on a seperate section of the site.
Ratings wont work because I am using a spam blocking plugin???? etc etc.

It was also the building of this plugin was really not done well at all. For example, form fields when displayed are no given unique class names automatically such as "#search-field 01, #search-field 02, #search-field 03" but instead are all just globally assigned "form-label". If you are hoping to do any real form of CSS design customization this plugin is a complete mess.

Every time I have ever had an issue and i post on the forums the answer I get from the developer is:
"Post Screenshots please" (Im not going to take a screenshot and upload it just to show you a screenshot of my map not appearing. How would that even be helpful?)
"Disable all plugins" (This one drove me up the wall. It appears as though not only do I hate this plugin but other plugins hate it as well and they treat him like crap. Nothing work in conjunction with this stupid thing.)

Im seriously over it. Next time a client asks me for a business directory I'm going to tell them to look elsewhere. Wow.

calling this a dog's dinner is an insult to pet food manufacturers
By , for WP 3.6

I will simply copy and paste my comment from their support board - because having looked at the source code, copying and pasting is something they're happy to inflict on you.

This was after 3 weeks of trying to get the thing to work, trying to work around the fact that documented template over-rides don't work, and when implemented simply cause WordPress to crash.

It turns out ...[category listing]... is not the only template that doesn't allow over-riding. I spent about three weeks trying to get the Business Directory to work the way I had specified to my client that it would work. Here's a brief outline:

Main page:

contains a search form which searches all fields without having to specify the field, but user CAN specify which category / categories of business they wish to search. Your module doesn't support this and doesn't seem able to do so, which is a pity as it means I can't use it.

contains a compact list of businesses showing only a few fields - either a search result or (default) just one of the categories. Your module doesn't support this and doesn't seem able to do so, which is a pity as it means I can't use it.

clicking a listing opens it in a modal box - your module can do this (as long as I add in the suitable JQuery) however since the two items above are deal breakers, I didn't get this far. Modal box also contains a Google Map (pity - I'd have bought the module) and region search (for which I'd have bought the module) and a zip / postal code search (for which I'd have bought the module).

However since those other items are deal breakers the modules I might have bought are academic.

Template files that don't always work ...[is not the only problem].

A plugin where the template calls a method which is basically a wrapper method for another method which is basically a wrapper method for another method which is basically a wrapper method for another method which is basically calling something straight out of your API which can't be over-ridden and forces the user to have their installation work your way, is frankly a pain in the neck. I had to over-ride so many of your methods I may as well have written the thing from scratch. You make so many database and file calls it slows a decent system to a crawl. You have a folder called "views" which contains a controller which accesses a database (so that'd be the model?). Is that a deliberate anti-pattern?

I realise it's your module, you do it how you like. I realise that conventions in programming are just that - conventions, you don't HAVE to stick to them. But I really think a little bit of DRY would go an awful long way in what should be an incredibly simple plugin to build. So I can only think you made it so hard to work with to force people either to buy modules or hire you to do custom coding.

The problem is - I would NEVER pay for code that is this badly designed. I realise some of this is down to the awful code design of WordPress (not graphic design - it looks lovely - I'm not saying it doesn't - but under the hood WordPress isn't well built). But some of it is down to additional layers of complexity you've added which have made life a hideous mess for me for the last three weeks and probably lost me a major client. So, not only would I never pay for code like this, I now can't pay for it. Or my rent. Thanks guys.


I'll find a different plugin...

No Features as Advertised
By , for WP 3.5.1

The features that are advertised as being NEW! are not and have not been available for the several months I've had the plugin. At this point I need to decide to wait (not an option for my client) or eat the money I've already paid for extras and find a plugin that does what I need such as Featured Levels, Zip Code search.
It also needs serious customization to increase the number of listings on each page. If you have very many, the user must continually click Next with no indication of how many more listings there may be. AND the format of the listings is not customizable without going into the plugin code.
Real disappointment for me.

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