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BuddyPress Docs

Adds collaborative Docs to BuddyPress.

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Very Good Plugin
By ,

The plugin is very good but does not support comments in documents. This is a very important feature that should not be missed

Great plugin for a few days
By , for WP 4.3.1

This plugin worked great for a few days but now, when you click to Add a Doc from the BuddyPress menu, a page displays "Sorry, no content matched your criteria." and there is no place for a subscriber to share docs.

Great idea - but code needs a bit of rethinking
By , for WP 4.4.2

Feature requests - possibly for a premium version
1) 'Upload doc (possibly .docx?)' without having to create the document on the website first. Could be useful if a group mod wants to upload a document to a group.

2) Include a widget or a shortcode to allow more flexibility in where the creation of document can take place. Also make sure the widget / shortcode is very simple. Only the most basics are needed - i.e. Heading and Text Editor and no more. In the shortcode or widget settings you should be able to define document access. A second shortcode could be for 'attachments' and a third for 'tags' a fourth for 'parent'.

3) Allow synchronization if the BuddyPress has a Dropbox account e.g.

I believe these 3 things would make this plugin even greater and more useful.

Update (12/2/2016):
After doing more testing I found that:

* auto-save is not working correctly with BuddyBoss Social Learner theme.
* major drain on server resources - discussed in support forums.
* inconsistent update of docs. Sometimes shared docs are not saved correctly.
* also agree with previous reviewer. Inline commenting system would be a good addition.

I have since found a possible alternative plugin which I am currently looking into.

This is good
By ,

I've been using this plugin on an Intranet-type website for about a month now. It works like a charm with great BP integration. If I could suggest a few things to make a good plugin great, it would be:

  • a tree view;
    more display and sorting options on the Docs archive page; and
    a Doc preview function.
  • However, for a free plugin, this is good and very useful.

    Great but a tree with child docs will be excellent
    By , for WP 4.1.1

    Great but a view tree with child docs will be excellent

    Super mais des améliorations peuvent être encore faite, comme créer une vue de l'arborescence des documents enfants serait un grand plus pour le classement des documents

    Does not work with current version of wp
    By , for WP 4.1

    Does not work with current version of wp

    a Must have!
    By , for WP 4.0

    BuddyPress Docs is a great plugin to organize the collaboration around the document.

    I really like the way users can view the history of the document.

    Awesome work!

    By , for WP 4.0

    Great plugin.
    But how do I hide these documents from the public or no group members?

    Brilliant functionality needs better install instructions
    By , for WP 3.8.1

    I am using BuddyPress to provide a collaboration environment for a project team.

    Groups are key to this and to collaborate effectively they need the ability to create and share documents.

    This plugin provides this.

    My only gripe (and hence 4 stars) is the inadequacy of the installations instructions which cost me 4 hours faffing about.


    BuddyPress Docs
    By , for WP 3.7

    A quick but brief history of myself, a couple years ago I was so blessed with my second son being born, at age 51 I was ever so proud. Not even 2 weeks afterward he needed emergency heart surgery to rebuild his heart because he was born with CHD. You can follow his story at http://josephstory.org and 6 weeks later on our way back I became ill. Now I am fighting Kidney Disease stage 2 and numerous other things to battle and at least I am on long term disability making about 1000 a month to survive with a family of 4. My battle to stay alive is a long one and each small battle I win is in the right direction to fight this war. Nevertheless, the last surgery I had is a lifelong change and a new lifestyle. I created an online support group because there is none here--there are facebook pages and while they are neat, their really not so functional. Anyway, with the Help of this Plugin BuddyPress Docs, I was able to create a support group site that should make our group proud but most of all enjoyable to use and share information. Thank you for an awesome plugin.

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