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Too Many Loops To Jump Through
By , for WP 4.2.2

AWFUL FOR PRIVATE FORUMS. IT MAY BE OKAY IF YOU WANT A PUBLIC FORUM. This is the dumbest plugin ever... you'll see why...

I set my forum up to be private, also I set it up so that I would have to approve new users before access. I downloaded the plugin and everything seemed fine. I decided to test out the forum before diving deep and adding new categories and topics - I'm so glad I did, because I would have been REALLY upset after the fact. So, I decided to test the forum.... this was the process.

1) Member goes to forum page. There is a message saying that the page is private and there is also a LOGIN button - No registration button... just a login button.

2) Member clicks login button. They're taken to Bublaa's page and is prompted to register as if they are setting up their own forum. No - they are not registering on YOUR site - they are taken to a totally different site (Bublaa). There is NOT a registration form on your site :(

3) Once they've registered they MUST FIGURE OUT that they need to go back to your site's forum page because once they've registered, they will be sitting on a page ON BUBLAA'S SITE with NO INSTRUCTIONS ON WHAT TO DO NEXT. Once they've figured out that they need to go back to your forum page and go there, there is a little message on the page saying that they need to verify their email address.

4) They go to their email, click on the link and is taken BACK to Bublaa's page AGAIN. So for the second time, their sitting on this website that is not your's and don't have access to the forum. They must then figure out again that they need to go back to your site's forum page, where there will be a "request access" link.

5) Once the "request access" link is clicked, a pop up box will open that has one field in which they MUST put something in that field to submit. Why in the hell do they need to put something in the field. The link is for "requesting access". Duh??!!

6) Last they then have to wait for approval.

Whoever created this plugin is either clueless, dumb or both. I'm done.

Looks promising but need screenshots
By ,

I know you have a demo, but there are screenshots featured in your marketing that would be incredibly helpful to see up close and personal (since they don't appear to match the demo).

Elegant, Beautiful and Simple
By ,

I love this forum. It's so elegant, beautiful and simple.

A couple questions...

1) Is it good for SEO. Do the posts show up in Google's search engine?

2) Is there a search field in the forum itself. I want to search for older posts.

I love it, good job
By , for WP 4.0

simply amazing

Review Plugin
By , for WP 3.8.1

As Judge for Bing.com i give the developer my professional review.

A WordPress site owner is most likely attend to install your plugin. After installing and activating your plugin the webmaster in question likely attend un-install your plugin.

Mention in your description that your plugin requires a 3rd party website in order to use the forum.

All plugins that needs to connect external will slow the website in question down.

Two Points.

Stabil, clear, well-structured, efficient
By , for WP 3.6.1

Normally i am to lazy to vote ...

this time an exception ... the developers of this plugin did excellent work ... wish them success with their project!

hARRY (from Germany)

Unattractive for my eyes
By ,

Just watched as my friend tried to use this and for me it seemed to be too confusing.. :-|

Bublaa Rock!
By , for WP 1.2.2

This works great!
Thanks guys! You are doing great things!

Doesn't convince me.
By ,

Doesn't convince me.

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