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Breezing Forms

Form builder for beginners and experts. Create contact forms or any kind of form you can think of. Powerful and flexible, yet easy to use.

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3.8 out of 5 stars
No support and misleading advertising - a time and money hog
By , for WP 4.5.1

- Good for those who have tons of time, no money, and want to play.
- Its like assembly language that is hard to debug and build functionality.

- Support team no more replies to requests.
- Not for WordPress site.
- False advertising of available features.
- Bugs bugs and bugs.
- Most features need tweaking and coding.
- Requires expert level programming skills.
- Requires a programmer one month to make it work.
- Not for professional sites.

I'd never recommend this to anyone. Save your time and spend money on established products who might charge more but stand behind advertised features.

Breezing Forms does not have a refund policy and they never return money. They also don't provide any support. Very unprofessional and unethical.

The worst SUPPORT I've ever experienced !!!
By , for WP 4.4

No need to search, on wordpress in any case, this plugin is FULL of bugs ! Very long to learn, it's after you 'll spend days creating the form of your dreams that you will realize that nothing works as expected.

The icing on the cake, BREEZIING FORM is, by far, the worst support I 've experienced. WEEKS to solve a problem. They just don't answer!

And I've used a paid version, not a demo... It's a shame!

When I asked for a refund, my account was simply disabled because they says that I don't paid for support... cause you have to pay for the plugin AND also for the support!!!!

The company stinks!!!

By , for WP 4.3

After sampling some of the other form plugins out there, Breezing Form's interface is painfully cludgey, outdated and unintuitive. Desperately needs user experience improvements.

great forms!
By , for WP 4.3

I am able to create all sorts of forms for my blog now. Before I had to use several different plugins. Thank god these days are over and I can just use breezing forms.

Great product
By , for WP 4.2.4

I have used various forms for my website but the form plugin that most occupied me is Breezingforms plugin. The ease of use and ability to adapt the form to my own needs is perfect, and there is also an excellent customer support that is solivng your most demanding needs to customize your form or fix errors in a very short time.

Online Documentation is well written so inexperienced people will quick learn how to use this product.

A good product for most purposes
By ,

The BreezingForms plugin is a good value and a good place to start, especially if you are a beginner and don't need to implement anything fancy. If you have a little web development background and need to have some non-standard behavior features then I believe this plugin will also meet your needs as there are features that allow you to program some simple JS. For all that I would give 5 stars.

If there are any problems, however, it would be in the area of documentation and on-line help (not personal help - I'll get to that). Many times I needed to look up how something worked or what something meant and the on-line web help was really tedious to navigate. They have lots of short articles and some examples but they are not presented in an efficient way. For instance, they have a whole section of 46 "Examples and Scripts" - great! except they are all spread across 10 pages - ugh! it would be nice to see a full listing of all of them on one page, especially if you don't know what secret keyword label to search for. I also think the articles are written somewhat terse with a lot of jargon and assumptions that the users are knowledgeable. It's always better to write help articles assuming your users know very little (I'd rather help many and inconvenience a few smart people along the way!) If programmers are writing the help articles I would suggest they hire a writer/documentarian. So, bottom line is I think there is a lot of information there, it's just not presented in a user-friendly way. My opinion.

As for personal on-line help, I have the non-subscription purchase ($19 USD) so any questions I posted in the forums were not guaranteed to be answered in a timely fashion, or at all I think. I accept that since that is what I paid for (or didn't pay for!), so that's OK. But in fact all 3 questions I had were responded to asking for more info or with a suggestion. One was resolved (a JS programming question), one led me to further investigate so I was able to figure the answer on my own, and the third is still open (this one seems to be a real bug, hopefully they can get to the bottom of it). Anyway, since all 3 questions were all at least responded to I have to assume that full-subscription customers probably get good service.

Would I get this plugin again? Absolutely. 4 stars, again not 5 because of the on-line documentation situation. But, keep up the good work!

Crosstec/Breezing Forms -Poor customer support - no refunds.
By , for WP 4.2.2

If you are looking for a forms plugin - look elsewhere. There is no support for the WordPress version and they will NOT refund your money. Either this is a sham company or their support team are imbeciles. I was under a time restraint to have a form working that could pass purchases to PayPal. There is little to no documentation on how to code the math functions, no support in the forums and when you give up and want your money back they will not answer. Save yourself the grief and go with something like WP Forms Pro. Same price and better support.

THEE Best!!
By , for WP 4.1


I am having all sorts of problems with doing what should be a simple task but it is all due to my lack of understanding/knowledge of Javascript and PHP. I have a programming background and have evaluated MANY software packages throughout my 30+ yrs in IT and Breezing Forms is by FAR the best value for money out there!!! (just need to learn!!). I can see no limits to it's capabilities - they are only limited by mine. One thing that is lacking is documentation for WP but if I get the chance (unlikely), I will post some video tutorials and if you search the net you WILL find the answer. SUPPORT? - Since purchasing the PRO version a few days ago, the support has been nothing short of AMAZING!!
I am in no way associated with or have any connection to Breezing Forms or the people involved. This is a genuine product review and you can check out my form created with this plugin at: http://www.poncesuiteshotel.com/forms_preview/ (correct at time of posting - still (2 days at posting time) under development)

Only Allow 5 FIELDS in FREE Version.
By , for WP 3.9.1

This Plugin is Good, But What ANNOYS me is this plugin allow only 5 fields in a form in free version.

At least Mention it in the Descriptipn/documentation.

Awesome form builder!
By , for WP 4.2.4

awesome form builder, great support, nice price!

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