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Blue Hat CDN

Super-Charge your website using Blue Hat Turbo plugin for FREE! Supports Amazon CloudFront, Rackspace CloudFiles, and Blue Hat CDN!

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QUIT trying to make everyone else advertise for you!

Where Did My Sites Go?!
By ,

I've struggled since the very beginning with BlueHat CDN. I was an early adopter and a paying player when I suddenly could not add any new sites to the CDN, then months later sites using the CDN couldn't retrieve content. I finally have up and went back to CloudFlare and or Amazon S3.

Only partly free, pro version needed, being dishonest in description about this
By , for WP 4.0

"Super-Charge your website using Blue Hat Turbo plugin for FREE!" is only part of the story.

You either have to display a link "Optimized By BHN" on your website which this plugin does automatically for you. Or you have to purchase a "pro" version.

If you don't purchase the pro version, you only get part of the advertised features from the plugin description page.

While I think it's reasonable to display this link for getting a free plugin, which keeps your blog fast when getting heavy usage, it's totally unreasonable to not state this fact in the description.

On the definition on "free"
By , for WP 4.0

The marketing of this plugin begins "Instantly speed up your WordPress website using Blue Hat Turbo plugin for FREE!" However, to get this plugin to do anything, as far as I can tell, one needs to add a link to the plugin developer's site or pay to upgrade. I think the marketing of the plugin should make this clear. To me, neither of these options qualifies as free.

No Support for Paid Product
By , for WP 3.9.2

Purchased this some time ago and have yet to get it to do what I paid for it to do. Entered support tickets without getting a response.

Works Perfectly
By , for WP 3.9.1

I'm using the Blue Hat Turbo Pro version, with Rackspace CDN, on several of my wordpress sites. By several, I mean 30+ and counting.

So far, everything works perfectly and the support that I get is awesome. Once I submit a ticket, I usually get a response within 5-10 minutes. At $22 a year, that level of support is rare.

For anyone setting this up for the first or second time, I would recommend to leave these settings unchecked, as they may cause problems:
Optimize HTML
Append Page Stats HTML Comment
Safely Combine Files

I'm also using this plugin with WP Super Cache, which is set to preload. Blue Hat Turbo is awesome by itself, but using both plugins together, makes my site load Extremely Fast.

So far the best
By , for WP 3.9.1

Blue hat CDN is so far the best solution i've found in combination with WP Super Cache and Amazon Cloudfront/S3 for myself.

I've tried several plugins which are almost outdated, dead or do not cooperate with WP Super Cache.

Maybe W3 Total Cache fits for the most people with their CDN support, but their sync tool is the hell. Also their bloated interface is totally confusing and it feels like it is only usable at its best when i pay 99$ per year (never!). CDN sync tool is totally outdated, has tons of bugs and the development is stopped. The most other plugins are not worth to mention.

Blue hat CDN got the best UI experience so far but the best experience for me was the flawless synchronization in the background which i think is the best implementation of this process i've seen so far in any plugin i've tested. To buy the pro version some hours later has just proofed that this works for me.

Combined with WP Super Cache my page is fast as hell and their is still space for improvement. But thats my job as my theme is not optimized ;)

There is only one thing which needs to be added in the upcoming versions. I want to override the Amazon Cloudfront DNS name with my own defined CNAME. But i am sure this will quickly follow. Setting the CDN dns name in WP Super Cache is ignored.

Keep up the great work!

Not user proven, too much hype
By , for WP 3.8.1

I admit it … I fell for all of the hype from Blue Hat CDN. After extensive testing, I found that Blue Hat actually slowed my site by 1.4 seconds. None of Blue Hat's lofty claims seem to be a reality, in my opinion, possibly because the company is very small, its CDN network is tiny, and the service does not measure up to other CDNs.

By the way, if you look at all the 5-star rave reviews, they were all written on the same day, possibly by Blue Hat.

Simple to use
By ,

If you are new to WordPress, soon you will realize that performance on self hosted is always an issue.


works like a charm
By , for WP 3.8.1

Thanks this plugin is wery easy to use and works like a charm :)

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