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bizXpress Business-Building Plugin For WordPress

Build a successful online business with WordPress.

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Everything I loved about SBI
By , for WP 3.9.1

It provides everything I loved about SBI in WordPress format. It shortens your learning curve for making your website profitable.

Brainstorm It! is considerably better than most other keyword research tools
By , for WP 3.9.1

Doing keyword research trying to use Google's Adwords tool, or other tools like Wordtracker are not as easy to use, and not as many in-depth guides.

The keyword research tool that BizXpress has is really specifically tailored to people making workhorse-content sites. Although it's totally fine for the 10 pager local business, where it really shines is if you need to build a blueprint for a 500 page website, and everything needs to make topical sense.

It still takes some skill to use well, but the education on how to use it is there and simple enough to understand. It's more building the concepts of business that get in someone's way (ie. not realizing the search intent of keywords and getting too focused on the numbers).

Anyways, really happy with the Brainstorm It! thing, and there were some updates to it this year that helped, such as a grouping feature that sorted out your keywords topically to help you understand which words are more common.

This is awesome
By , for WP 3.9.1

I had a WordPress site, but I didn't know what I was doing. I found the this plugin about learning how to build a "business". Now, this is what I have been looking for.

I've been following the action guide and it is teaching me how to build my site the right way. When I got to step 6, I was impressed. There are soooo many plugins out there. They helped to pick the best of the best; no worries.

The keyword tool was a bit complicated for me. But, still, I was able to find the keywords I needed to use in my posts to help me get the traffic that I never had before. I'm so excited about that! Finally getting visitors to my site!

This is awesome!

A place to start
By ,

A few years ago, life before children, I tried to starting a WP site. It didn't go very well.
I didn't quite "get it" and I struggled. In fact I gave up.

More recently, I have three children, (who also don't come with a manual), and I've tried to start a site again. I found this plugin, and I really like it. It's like someone is opening the door and introducing things to me.

Now maybe its the way the guide is written, (I then found the videos), but I feel like I have someone walking me through the process. I find that great.

I find the American accent different, and cringe at the expression of "niche". But all in all, I have a Website now, which is more than I did without it.

An indispensible online business building tool
By , for WP 3.8.3

The bizXpress plugin is a much-needed tool for serious WordPress users who want to build real, sustainable online businesses. In addition to allowing you to investigate whether a niche idea is likely to be profitable before going to all the work to build a site, it gives you a step-by-step guide that is detailed and comprehensive. Even though I'm an experienced WP user, I learned a lot by going through the guide. (If you're a newbie, then using this plugin and all its resources will give you a big head start right out of the gate.)

I downloaded the plugin because I wanted to enter a new market. Using the brainstorming tool brought back keywords that I wouldn't have thought up on my own. After filtering the results and checking for monetization potential and doing some other research that is recommended in the guide, I started to rethink my niche which ultimately, has taken me in a slightly different direction that has me very excited to create my site and build out my offering.

These are smart tools from a smart company that has been creating tools to help internet entrepreneurs succeed for over a decade.

By ,

Simple and detailed indications for creating a useful, information-filled website.

The keyword suggestion tool is probably one of the best I've seen, but it'd be nice to have more free searches.

Saves me a lot of time
By , for WP 3.8

I know a couple of handful of tools that, combined, do not come close to what this single plugin delivers and provides me with. While the free version enables me to research a handful of topics to see if I'm on the right track, the pro version goes way beyond my expectations. All in all, this plugin saves me countless of hours of work and time, and my time is very valuable.

Paid version is very helpful - love it!
By , for WP 3.8

I have the paid version - gives me access to all of their information resources, access to a great keyword research tool, forums etc.

A great plug-in. For a wordpress newbie, it fills in all the knowledge gaps that are missing, and I don't need to search for it. The info provided seems well-researched and top-notch - I'm impressed!

Kind of feels like I get someone to "hold my hand" through the whole process of setting up my WordPress site, someone to "hold my hand" through narrowing down my niche, someone to "hold my hand" and teach me so many of the things I want, and need, to know! Love it!

As for the free version, I think it's purpose is to give you a taste of the info provided in the free version - if you like what you see, then upgrade - I don't think you'll regret it. If it doesn't seem to be what you need, then don't bother with the upgrade - if you are already wildly successful with WordPress on your own, this isn't for you. But if you are a newbie I think you'll love it (paid version, that is!)

This plugin rocks
By , for WP 3.8

I've been using WordPress for less than a year, but I've blogged on different services for many years, here and there, and never successfully.

What I like about this Bizxpress tool is that it makes it possible to do real SEO for my WordPress sites.

I like the incredible amount of information that you get in the keyword research. The included training takes a long time to get through, but it's so different than most of the other stuff I have bought online that it is worth it to me to go through each step and get this different point of view.

Using this plugin has already changed my WordPress experience (for the better) and I feel I feel like I have more control over my sites.

Missing link in building an online business
By , for WP 3.8

The one thing I often see missing when people try to make money online is that they start from 'the idea', thinking it's the best thing since sliced bread, and simply start from there... Without any market research.

Serious businesses make a business plan beforehand, and abandon any idea where the market doesn't show up.

Yet online, the start point seems to be to choose a domain, get a hosting plan, build a site, throw up some content and a sales page, and wait for the money to roll in.

That's not how it works.

With BizXpress you can do extensive market research, get guidance from articles, and help from other online business owners. It's the missing link between a website and a web business... And I for one am very happy to see this expand into the WP community. Much of this has been developed through >12y and I can attest to its effectiveness.

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