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bizXpress Business-Building Plugin For WordPress

Build a successful online business with WordPress.


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Borderline Scammy...
By ,

I say this is borderline scammy because, as others have stated, it serves no real function as a plugin. It just places links within your dashboard that take you away from your site to use the tools at SiteSell. Apparently for just a very limited time after which you lose most functionality and must make a purchase.

Having been a SiteSell customer some years ago, I was hoping that they had updated the one or two decent SEO tools they had and brought those functions into your WP site, like any other true plugin does.

RE: the business-building service product of this "plugin"

As a past SiteSell user some things I recall; Ken Evoy, the founder and author of the Action Guide used in this business building product, espoused for YEARS that WordPress was a horrible product (.com and .org) and anyone using it was destined to fail. Not sure how he reconciles that with this now.

The company still actively markets the same tools to a different customer base, that includes hosting for double the price of this. And I believe....with that SBI! branded product, you pay $300 per site / per year.

When you compare this to that, those folks must be scratching their heads, and feeling a little punked. Unless SiteSell has modified the SBI plan to give those folks additional value, or at least stopped double+ charging customers who have more than one site hosted on their servers.

The other thing....and I'm going off memory...but that Action Guide, which is the core of this service, turned out to be a bust after the Panda/Penguin roll outs. So as of my last recollection, this company was not creating successful businesses with their method. The bottom pretty much fell out for them when Google changed the rules.

If you want to access the Wordtracker tool for $149 a year then go for it. It's cheaper than paying Wordtracker directly for a year, but I would be careful of anything else this company is offering.

It doesn't seem they've really changed the stuff that wasn't working. It looks like they just rebranded so they could access WP users.

I am a stickler for keeping my plugins down to a minimum and this thing is already gone. It adds no valuable function to my site.

Great Service, But Not Worthy To Be Called A Plug-In
By , for WP 3.8

I LOVE LOVE LOVE SiteSell's SBI! service, and I've used it on and off over the past 10 years, both for personal pet projects and client websites.

But as a WordPress plugin, this one gets a single vote (or zero, if that were possible). I'm even surprised that this was allowed into the official plugin repository!

Don't get me wrong: I know there's tremendous value in the keyword analysis tool, online business building guides, and access to the members-only forum that the free bizxpress lite product offers.

But SiteSell really needs to learn how to be a good corporate citizen an open source community like WordPress.

I'm finding it rather useful
By , for WP 3.7.1

I am new to WordPress and was delighted to find lots of help for the planning stages in this offering. The Brainstorming tool did only allow 5 searches in the trial version, but I saw the potential so upgraded to the full version so as to be able to do more research with the tool.

The articles included with the tool are interesting and certainly offer help and advice that I have found useful.

It also suggests other plugins that should prove helpful as I learn how to build my site. I can't I've it 5 stars at this point as I still have a long way to go in getting my site up and running, but being able to search for keywords first seems a great way to get started.

Basically a Membership Site
By , for WP 3.7

This plugin gives temporary access to a membership site I wasn't really interested in joining.

I thought it would give me some monetization tools to use in my website builder but it doesn't seem to.

I think they should reword it so you know it's a membership site.

Missing link in building an online business
By , for WP 3.8

The one thing I often see missing when people try to make money online is that they start from 'the idea', thinking it's the best thing since sliced bread, and simply start from there... Without any market research.

Serious businesses make a business plan beforehand, and abandon any idea where the market doesn't show up.

Yet online, the start point seems to be to choose a domain, get a hosting plan, build a site, throw up some content and a sales page, and wait for the money to roll in.

That's not how it works.

With BizXpress you can do extensive market research, get guidance from articles, and help from other online business owners. It's the missing link between a website and a web business... And I for one am very happy to see this expand into the WP community. Much of this has been developed through >12y and I can attest to its effectiveness.

By ,

While there might be some value in educational materials and keyword tool, this CANNOT be called WordPress plugin. Here is why:

1. When you install it all it does it gives you username and password and a bunch of external links. This means all functionality is offsite. You can actually use this for any site, it doesn't have to be WordPress, you just need to know URL address to their online dashboard.

Why to use up your resources to install something that doesn't do anything anyway?

2. The trial itself is limited. You can read instruction manual only till stage 3. You don't get complete version for 14 days.

3. You can read their forums but you can't ask any questions or post replies. Quite useless.

If their keyword numbers work that would be awesome, however their choice of marketing strategy makes me suspicious. It looks like author simply used this as a way to market to WordPress community. Calling this a plugin is very close to deception. You have a great product? Great! But you should market it properly and call things what they are.

Some value but not as a plugin
By , for WP 3.7.1

I think the one star reviews here are a bit harsh, as there is some value to be had here. I would give it two and half stars if you could do halves.

But since they offer equivalent browser access rather than plugin access, I don't really see the point of cluttering my wp install up with an extra plugin when I have to go straight there via the web anyway.

A bit odd this one. I might come back and see where it's going in a month or two.

By , for WP 3.8

How is this a plugin?!
The developer needs to read up on WordPress exactly what a plugin is.

Developer thinks: Create "Plugin" = Permission to Blatantly upsell you other services.

Plugin should also offer some core value (for example: at least perform a certain function on your website) & not have to go off site, and then anyway leave you high and dry after a certain period of time.

This is not so much a Plugin more an attempt to sell their other products.

Who are these people giving 5 stars? Friends of the developer perhaps...

Lots of useful stuff
By , for WP 3.8

Easy to add and TONS of helpful stuff to help you through the process.

Lots of external links
By , for WP 3.8.1

Most of the resources this plugin provides are via links that take you away from your site to Sitesell, and you have to tab back to get to your Site. Needs development to integrate resources with your wordpress site.

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