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Better Anchor Links

Creates anchor links to heading tags in the content and displays automatically at the top of the content, or allows for custom placement with tags.

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Thank god
By ,

I used to spend close to half an hour to place anchor links in my lengthy blogger posts. But now, it only takes a minute to install this awesome plugin on wordpress. Thank you so much developer.
Not to forget, the plugin works amazing. I hope I could change the text size of the links

    Light weight, easy to use.
    By ,

    If you website contain articles that are over 1000 words, a simple on-page index at the top of the articles can drive visitors to read. Then, you should use it for building yours automatically. Thanks for help.

    Sehr geiles WordPress Plugin!
    By ,

    Danke für dieses großartige Plugin, es spart einem echt viel Zeit! Ich habe es in mehreren meiner Blogs im Einsatz und möchte es nicht mehr missen. Endlich kein setzen von Ankerlinks per Hand mehr. Ich habe das Plugin unter anderem in diesem Blogartikel über WordPress Anfängerfehler verwendet.

    works great!
    By , for WP 4.1

    Nice options, works great!
    with a little css it can be customised to suit taste...

    WordPress deletes the anchors
    By , for WP 4.0

    This plugin might haveworked great with earlier versions of WP, but currently WP will delete the anchors (id="") every time I toggle visual/text editor or even if I leave the page and come back to edit. I ended up using a plugin that uses shortcodes since WP leaves those alone.

    Thanks anyways to the developer for the effort! It's probably not the developer's fault it doesn't work - it's WordPress' fault for being too aggressive with attempts to "clean up" the code.

    Worked as stated but for beginners...
    By , for WP 3.8

    For beginners, I used this guy. to teach me how to use it as there are not specific enough instructions on the plugin page. View his "Creating a Table of Contents" section.


    By ,

    Great plugin. The best of the genre. I match it with jQuery Smooth Scroll for the only thing that it lacks.

    Just what I needed
    By , for WP 3.7

    Powerful plugin but easy to configure. It's accomplished just what I neede, especially with the available tag for placing in template files.

    Simple solution wanted and found!
    By , for WP 3.6.1

    I wanted the flexibility to add jump links to sections of my postings on a case-by-case basis. This plugin does that as well as supports auto generation based on header tags to make it that much simpler!

    I look forward to continuing the use of BAL!

    Breaks html
    By , for WP 3.6

    Hi Luděk,

    I'm sorry to complain since I know you've spent a lot of time and effort working on this.

    The problem with this plugin, like so many other plugins, is that it messes up the html and thus breaks validation. HTML output after plugin-activation:

    <p>...Paragraph text...<br />
    <a name="rubrik"></a><br />
    <p>...Paragraph text...<br />
    <a name="rubrik-2"></a><br />
    <h3>Rubrik 2</h3>
    <p>...Paragraph text...</p>

    Two open paragraphs and a bunch of nasty <br /> tags that adds unwanted whitespace.

    Hope you can look into this and fix so that the html validates. It'd also be good if you had a class for the anchor so that you can target the link with css:

    <a class="mwm-anchor" name="rubrik"></a>

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