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awesome Plugin
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Great plugin

By , for WP 4.2.2

Great plugin ! It helped in the organization of the forum on my own blog. Thank you :)

great Plugin
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A customer of us wants it - and he likes it. he said we did a great job, but we didn't - we only installed this plugin ;-)

Would not use BBPress unless I was a developer
By , for WP 4.2.1

BBPress does not integrate as stated. I tried it for the first time with the twenty fifteen theme, which is said to integrate seamlessly. News flash: lots of seams. Either BBPress is not compatible with the themes stated. Or the twenty fifteen theme does not work as stated. Something is broken.

It is not unreasonable to expect a thing to work as described. BBPress is great for people who have time to play and tinker and love to fix things that don't work. Or maybe it's just that the themes are not yet compatible. Either way, very misleading information. And all paid WordPress support has to say about it is, "I'll be glad to connect you with our design team". Haha! Not.

Great plugin to create a forum in few hours
By , for WP 4.2.1

bbPress still a great plugin to create forums, powerfull, flexible and easy to setup.

Совет вам разрабы. \ Advice to you is developed.
By , for WP 4.0

Сделайте так,чтобы форма поиска по форуму была на каждой странице форума. А то она только в корне форума, для вас это не имеет значения?
и второе:
По хлебным крошкам в теме вордпресс (они всё-покажут) улучшите показ адресов. Например, находясь в "профиль пользователя" показывает "главная" в крошках, а при наведении указателя на "темы" в хлебных крошках ссылается на site.ru/forum-threads/ минуя ярлык "форумы" при включенном чек-боксе "префикс форума" в адресной строке в этот момент site.ru/forums/threads/.../
Во всех других местах хлебные крошки отображают нормально. Хлебные крошки из "wordpress seo by yoast".
п.с.: ладно уже с вёрсткой, ну вы хоть настройку цветов добавьте в админку, хотя бы чтоб hex вводить например, а лучше ajax реализуйте.
Проще движок форума другой в папку положить, а так страшно мелко и древне((

Make the search form on the forum was on every page of the forum. And it is only in the root of the forum, for you it does not matter?
and second:
For bread crumbs in wordpress theme (they are all the show) improve the show addresses. For example, while in the "profile" shows "home" in the breadcrumbs, and when the mouse pointer on the "themes" in the breadcrumbs refers to site.ru/forum-threads/ bypassing the label "forums" when the check-box "prefix forum" in the address bar at this point site.ru/forums/threads/.../
In all other places breadcrumbs display normally. Bread crumbs from "wordpress seo by yoast".
ps .: okay since the imposition, well you though setting colors add to the admin panel, at least to enter the hex for example, and better implement ajax.
Simply another forum engine put in a folder, and so terribly small and ancient ((

If you have other choices, don't use this one
By , for WP 4.1.2

I usd to have my forum in another non-wordpress related platform, all was well. However, since using WordPress for my site, which is very good, I have to migrate to a WordPress supported forum and the only option at that time was bbPress ( it was about a year ago ). Some other that promised integration are not exactly doing the job and a lot of the more modern platforms simply could not import the existing forums. We have been struggling with the extremely limited capabilities of bbPress and rigidity of its structure. Worse is that some of the topics in the forum fail to be linked in its own bbpress search results. It also conflicts with other plugins easily. Styling this plugin well is extremely not easy. You'd notice that all bbPress forums look almost the same as its own, with only minor touches.

Participation dropped dramatically since the migration.

We absolutely hate this plugin. It feels like a technology from a decade ago and is absolutely out of touch. Stay away from it if you want to really grow your community, and especially if you are beginning.

Great forum
By , for WP 4.1

Great forum with a lot of plugins.

Does Not Uninstall Cleanly, Seems Intentionally Difficult to Remove User Roles
By , for WP 4.1.1

I like to give plugin authors the benefit of the doubt and a chance to give some input before I leave a bad review, but I cannot do that this time. Installing BBpress messed up the layout of our site, but I understand that how the installation goes down will be different for every site. I don't fault them for this at all. It just basically didn't work out for us so we uninstalled it.

What I DO fault BBpress for and do hold them accountable to is leaving lingering user roles after you uninstall them. Some of these roles you can easily remove in the admin sidebar, but other ones like "keymaster" have NO checkbox and you cannot easily remove them.

OK, first, when you uninstall something it should not leave trace elements lying around. That is just lazy. Second, if you cannot bother to remove everything after someone uninstalls your plugin, you should at least make it easy for the user to clean up the mess themselves. Making certain user roles unselectable is the exact opposite of this. For the record, I have never had this issue of a plugin leaving lingering traces of itself in the backend ever (having dealt with well over 100 plugins).

I did some research into the topic and found this forum post where on of the plugin authors say:

The reason [the 'feature' of uninstalling all user roles] doesn’t exist is because the audience for this is relatively small compared to users asking for other things. Right now, I see 3 people that need this. That’s not saying it’s trivial, but it’s non-urgent.

Mind you, as of posting this, that was 1 year and 7 months ago. That is to say that in over a year and half of having this problem put in front of their faces that they have done nothing to resolve it. And if you search "how to uninstall bbpress roles" you will find many other posts from frustrated users around the internet that complain of the same exact thing.

Having a clean uninstall is not supposed to be requested FEATURE of your plugin, but a REQUIREMENT. It is irresponsible to leave lingering traces of your plugin around for users to clean up themselves after uninstall, and downright insulting to make these lingering elements difficult to remove after doing so. What's more is that knowing for this flaw in your software for well over a year and half and not resolving it basically shows me as a user that you somehow want to give the middle finger to anyone who dares uninstall BBpress.

Thankfully, someone made a plugin called Delete bbpress roles that lets you install, active, deactive and uninstall it and takes the bbpress roles away along with it. I did this entire process flawlessly within 2 minutes. It is hard for me to believe that a single developer can make such a simple plugin so easily (this is that person's only plugin) while a robust team like BBpress that has multiple developers with multiple plugins cannot make a few simple lines of code to do a clean uninstall--lines of code which should have been there before the plugin was even open to the public.

This is why I have written this review before making a ticket. I also refuse to make an account on your site to ask this as I will most likely just be shuffled around just to have nothing happen like "only 3 users" who notified you of this issue a year and 7 months ago.

Makes it easy to integrate a forum in WP
By , for WP 4.1.1

Forums are simple to create with this plugin. It nicely takes the look&feel of your wp website

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