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WP Backup

Simple automated backups of your WordPress powered website with restore functionality and dropbox integration.

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3.7 out of 5 stars
Don't use above 4.3.3
By , for WP 4.3.3

This plugin worked great until I tried to test a WP downgrade. The reason for this test was to see what would happen if a plugin was incompatible with the newest version of WordPress, could I use a back up plugin to downgrade back to a stable version? Unfortunately the most recent version of WP, 5, removes manual backup functionality of this plugin. Further, I was unable to restore my WP 4.3.3 version with the backup files. I had to manually downgrade WP to get WP Backup working properly again.

Also, Dropbox linked up easy enough, but never saved any backups there.

For these reasons I can only give the plugin a 3 star.

Stable on WP 4.3.3.

<EDIT> Ooops, I didn't do the stars right. And editing the post I can't change my rating - that's useful WordPress.org!<EDIT>

Working ... that s good enough, but ..
By ,

Some require more up-to date PHP software or crashing the site. This one works ... No experience wit restoration.
Cons: you need to deactivate it, when uploading an image
It also crashes when email notif. is set up, so email notification disabled

Wonderfull plugin withouth update
By ,


I would review your plugin on my site tecnomani.com but there are no update for several months.
Did you adbandon this project?
Thank you and best regards


Be careful!
By , for WP 4.3.1

Trusted this plugin because of how many downloads it had. Everything worked fine until I tried to restore a backup I made a couple days ago. After I did the restore I got a message saying it could not locate some tables in the directory and my site completely broke. Luckily the company that I hosted with had a backup that was pretty recent so I restored the site and everything was ok, but it was very scary. I'm not sure why it didn't work, it may have not been capable with my version of wordpress. Needless to say I no longer trust this plugin.

WP Backup Saved My Bacon... Thank you!!
By , for WP 4.3

Wednesday morning, 9/2/2015, I awoke to find the content was missing from my site, LearnMMD.com. The theme was still online, but no pages and no blog posts... and no images in the Library. Four years of work, 355 posts and thousands of images were gone! ... a couple of hours on the phone with my host, GoDaddy, found that my database had crashed and had broken tables.

I have the WP Backup plugin set to backup my database every Friday... and I was able to RESTORE from the previous Friday, 8/28/2015. ...

SUCCESS... with only one post lost, posted 8/31, after the backup was run.

WP Backup saved my bacon!

Follow-up: ... Working with GoDaddy, we found that GoDaddy had a more recent backup dated 8/30/2015... and they did RESTORE their version so that my loss was even less.

Reggie Dentmore, LearnMMD.com

Einfach übersichtlich funktioniell
By ,

Habe dieses Plugin auf fast allen WordPress Instanzen im Einsatz. Es ist sehr schnell und einfach zu verstehen. Also in weniger als einer Minute eingerichtet.
Es erstellt Backups von der kompletten instanz oder nur Dateien oder Datenbank nach definierten Zeitplänen. Es kann festgelegt werden, wieviele Versionen im behalten werden sollen.
Mittlerweile ist auch eine Restoreoption mit eingebaut.

Einziger Nachteil: Bei manchen Instanzen werden die älteren Backups nicht gelöscht. Also von Zeit zu Zeit muss ich hier manchmal nacharbeiten.

Ich meine aber, dass dies seit den letzten Updates besser geweorden ist.

Good for Dashboard Restores
By , for WP 4.2.2

WP Backup worked great when Restoring from withing the Dashboard.
But trying a new site restore was a bit complicated.

With the added Free addition of Backup to Dropbox is another Plus :)

Keep up the great work!

By ,

With my Firefox the are bugs.

Initial thoughts
By ,

Looks like BackupWordPress before all the changes, but doesn't allow you to choose what time you want it to do it's scheduled backups. Add that and this thing is great.

simple, easy to use but has bugs
By , for WP 4.1

Clean design, does the basic job okay, but the bugs really got to me:

  • The defined constant for schedule time doens't seem to work, or the documentation is poorly written - either way, TERRIBLE user experience
  • Sometimes the Javascript edit button won't popup... I use Firefox 35 on OSX
  • The JS file appears to have a link to an old name of the plugin which I had to change manually in the code
  • All default schedule types get created when I create a new one.
  • I didn't receive email for only one of my backups, but there's no error message telling me why.

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