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AWeber Web Form Plugin

Allows you to install an AWeber web form on your WordPress blog and lets visitors subscribe to your list when commenting or registering on your blog.

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2.3 out of 5 stars
Plugin Sucks
By , for WP 4.5.2

Nothing about this plugin is easy, intuitive or pleasant.

Current client is already an Aweber subscriber, so hoping not to have to rewrite the backend. Probably should have done so. I have WASTED countless hours on this pathetically written plugin.

By , for WP 4.4.1

A major issue for me was that you can only use the widget once, in one area on your website only. Then the widget becomes no longer available to be placed in a second sidebar, footer, etc. This was disappointing.

this is a joke
By , for WP 4.3

The form never appeared in IE and Chrome. Worked just in Opera.

Can't format is as needed. Took me half an hour to find in the Aweber documentation how to make it at least alright.

Doesn't work on responsive design. Sometimes the part of the form is just cut out.

You can use it just once, so if you want to have it eg in a sidebar and footer, you are out of luck.

What a waste of time.

No widget title available.
By , for WP 4.3.1

I find this plugin is absolutely useless. While it does pull in your aWeber lists and forms created within aWeber, it does nothing more than that. It just displays the forms exactly as they look on aWeber, styling and all. The most frustrating part though, and reason for the 1-star review, is that it doesn't give the option of a widget title (I can't add a title/header to my widget from this plug-in), so it doesn't integrate nicely into my theme at all.

doesn't show up
By ,

completely useless

Bricked my blog
By , for WP 4.2.1

The latest update of this plugin bricked my blog.. couldn't even log in to uninstall it. Had to delete the aweber folder manually from my webhost before my blog was recovered but not after an hour of panic and not knowing what to do.

You had been warned.

badly coded - better plugins out there
By ,

buggy and very few features. you're better off to search for a good newsletter / optin plugin that supports Aweber than to use this.

Works in FF and GC, not IE
By , for WP 3.9.1

After a few problems with getting the form to display in any browser, I discovered that I had selected the Aweber list I wanted, but had overlooked selecting the form for that list!

Now displays and works perfectly in Firefox and Google Chrome browsers, but it is not being displayed in Internet Explorer browser v11 running on Win7 64 bit. I have tried this from 3 separate computers all running Win7 64, 2 of the home premium and the other running pro.

I have tried lowering all the security measures on IE to the point that the system keeps generating warnings and still it will not display in IE.

Lots of people use IE, so this is a major hurdle. I have contacted Aweber Labs but have not heard back as yet. If anything positive comes of it I will post that here.

I suspect that people reporting problems with the form not displaying are either overlooking the list and/or form selection in the widget, or are attempting to view it in the IE browser!

UPDATE: heard back from AWeber, said to remove this code from head section:

<meta http-equiv="X-UA-Compatible" content="IE=EmulateIE7" />

Works perfectly in all browsers now, couldn't be more pleased!

I've change my rating to 5 stars... AWeber Labs (NOT AWeber for the plugin) responded quickly and resolved my issue!

Works exactly as advertised its working on my blog
By , for WP 3.9.1

I use Aweber to get customers to sign up for Free Computer Network checkup.
Before I used the html code that Aweber makes available once you create the form.
Now I have updated the form on Aweber, activated the widget on my wordpress site, and you know what it just worked.

Ok I know some reviewers have asked why can't you edit it in wordpress.
You are connecting it to Aweber, so I expect that I need to make changes in Aweber and after all once its done how often will you make changes. So it's not an issue for me.

Thanks Aweber

By ,

Pretty useless as I can't even connect WP and Aweber...disappointed :(

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