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The most powerful, flexible and feature-rich bookings plugin available for WordPress. Appointments does it all.

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So far so good!
By , for WP 4.4.2

It's a robust booking plug-in. I'm contemplating buying the pro version, but I don't like the subscription model. I don't see anywhere that I can buy it as a stand alone plugin.

Also, just a suggestion: It would be great if the we had the option to compose the confirmation emails in html. That way we could customize it a bit more. I would like to add an "add to calendar" button in the email.

By , for WP 4.4

"Send confirmation and reminder emails to increase customer attendance rates"
It is Does NOT work for default free version.

Impossible to connect to Google Calendar even with WPMUDEV admin direct support
By , for WP 4.4


The WPMUDEV Appointments plugin has a LOT of promise.

I carefully set it up using a checklist with each specific element identified (following the plugin's setup directions).

The setup failed to connect to the Google calendar.

So I tried it using a different, new (empty) Google Calendar with a different email address.

After failing and banging my head against things I gave up and contacted WPMUDEV Support and created a ticket--I'm a member there.

After being handheld through the setup again--and still failing, I gave the WPMUDEV Support rep admin access to my site to set it up.


First, it's INCREDIBLY COMPLEX to connect the plugin to Google Calendar.

Nxt, at the time I did this the Google Calendar (API?) interface no longer matched the plugin setup instructions. Even with this I was able to try this, try that and find the places I was supposed to use to set this up.

Finally, after days and days of trying to get this to work, one hour here a couple of hours there, I stopped. The plugin doesn't work out of the box every time (for everyone).

I went to TimeTrade and had this working with my Google Calendar in about 30 minutes.

However, I strongly dislike the fugly TimeTrade (1995) UI/UX - it's horrible and cannot be tuned to match my site.

But back to this plugin.

This is one of those places where the massive WPMUDEV Support desk is needed. Setting this up is not for the technically challenged.


By , for WP 4.3.1

Hello,i am interesting about if is possible to use plugin on multiple store end for multiple worker(hairdresser,nails),calendar for every employer end if is possible to have flex schedule.

p.s sorry about my Eng :)

Makes Dashboard Receive 500 Internal Error
By , for WP 4.3.1

I run a multisite platform and one of my customers is wanting a scheduling platform for her catering business. Unfortunately I can't afford the subscription from WPMU DEV and opted for this version. After installing this plugin I received a 500 Internal Error when attempting to log into the Dashboard to configure the plugin. Very disappointing for a company that thrives on multisite instances. I would like to use your plugin but would you please look into why it is not compatible with my multisite instance.

Does some really illogical things - not a great fit for taking appointments
By , for WP 4.3.1

It had so much promise but it just seems to lack the basic needs of an appointments system. I paid for the upgrade and tried using the fully functional version but it offered little extra in terms of functionality.

Just little things like - as an admin, logging into the backend - there is no global view - therefore, I can't have visibility over the calendars when a customer calls and requests an appointment change - It turns into a blind booking.

Also, the widget provides good functionality - but the widget can only be used as a widget! There is no short code to emulate the widget inside a page???

Also, for the novice, the documentation is terrible - You actually need to insert 3-4 shortcodes to get the calendar to work... And, trying to add service providers was difficult and confusing... It turns out, you can't add a service provider without them being an existing wordpress user... When you add a service provider, the page just refreshes and nothing happens - so you're oblivious as to why nothing is working... it just appears to be broken...

Well done and easy to use
By , for WP 4.2.4

Overall this plugin works really well, is quite feature rich and especially the Google Calendar integration is a nice and useful touch. Support team seems friendly and answers questions quite rapidly.

A couple of features do have a steep learning curve and it takes a little practice to make it all work, but once it does I've had no stability issues even though some people have had that experience.

For the price it's a absolute bargain. Currently the full version is $19 at their website which is less than other booking modules costs each month. And some of them aren't even of this quality.

High recommendations!

Planning on using Google? Look elsewhere!
By , for WP 4.2.3

I discovered the Google sign-in feature was not working correctly and requested help. I was instead told that this function is INTENTIONALLY broken and that I can "use a css code" to hide this feature. Since when do plugin creators incorporate front-end website features and then intentionally break them only for us to find them by user-complaint or after spending hours trying to find out what we did wrong to misconfigure the plugin? I'm really disappointed to see this kind of practice coming from such a well-respected developer and I really hope I have a reason in the future to update this review to a better rating. Shame.

Possibly great, but beware 2 service max!
By , for WP 4.1.1

Good app if you want to be able to have more control over every little detail, just too much for my needs.

While I would have been happy to use the lite version for my client (1 service provider with any services) I didn't read the reviews here and found out luckily after only about 30 min wasted that the "lite version" only allows 2 services. Only mention is when you try to add a 3rd service you get this prompt at top:

"You have reached the limit for the free version. Upgrade to Appointments+ for unlimited services"

I am glad that there is a "lite version" of this plugin, I have seen it recommended many times as a great plugin but I wanted to test it out before dishing out membership to WPMU Dev just for this plugin. Worth it only if you have 2 or less services or want to dish out the money, otherwise other plugins that are free out there.

awkward plugin, simply not stable and wasting time
By ,

I purchased the plugin in hoping to fit my client's need, however, when I tried to install it in another site, everything in the setting seem frozen, I can only work on General tab, not any others, for example, I can't add new service nor server providers because it simply does not respond to my click.

wasting me lots of time, don't try it, and their support is awkward, nowhere to post any question unless you pay membership, what a fxxk rule

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