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Advertising Manager

Easily place and rotate ads on inside your blog posts, templates, or sidebar widgets. Simple to use, powerful features. Used by thousands of blogs.

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2.9 out of 5 stars
Uses TOO MUCH Memory
By , for WP 4.4.2

I was hitting my PHP memory allocation (which granted isn't that high) from my host and having tons of issues with my blog loading properly. Turns out that this plugin alone was using 30% of the allocation and drastically slows the load time of my blog. Will be removing and looking for another solution.

It used to work, but doesn't any more
By ,

I hate to leave a 1-star review, but I have been completely stymied trying to contribute to the forum. I have found a thread there about how a Word Press update basically fried the plug-in. I may have even found instructions on what to do about it, but if so I couldn't make them work. After fooling around for a couple of months, I still cannot get ads to display on my sites at all. A once good plugin has now become worthless. I would welcome some help from the developer and will gladly write a better review once I can get ads to display again.

Horrible support
By , for WP 4.2.2

This plugin breaks the visual editor for me and others. This issue has been known and reported by several people in the support section going back at least 4 months. The plugin author has done nothing about it, even after he's been offered help by another programmer who pointed out a possible fix and offered to implement the fix if given access to the source code. That does it for me. I will uninstall this plugin and not look back. If the code is written so horribly that it breaks core functionality like the WordPress editor and then nothing is done about it, I do not want to deal with it in the future.

Brakes critical system components
By , for WP 4.2.1

When the plugin is activated and I go to a post or page to edit it's content I get this error in the console
"Failed to load: http://fih.dev/wp-content/plugins/advertising-manager/scripts/advman-editor.js"
This error renders the content form for the post/page inaccessible. There is no visual editor, the content area is empty and can't be edited and the visual editor is missing.

Don't Install!! This plugin broke my site!
By , for WP 4.1

My ads wouldn't all show up, then when I tried to delete ads, it wouldn't let me delete anything. Then it messed up my home page. It's best to just input your code into your widgets...this plugin isn't worth it.

By , for WP 4.1

Work fine, until now. Im Happy that this plugin exists, I used 1 year before, but now if your back and give support, I`m sure will remain the best Advertisment Plugin

I recomand to all , very easy to use, and friendly interface

Works very nice!
By , for WP 3.9.1

Works very nice and i'm really satisfied from using this plugin - 5 stars!

Hard to beat this plugin if you use multiple ad providers
By , for WP 3.9.1

Even tiny blogs with little traffic use Google Adsense, and there are a million plugins out there for that. But once you start catching the attention of advertisers in your own blog, Google Adsense is the lowest-paying solution out there. So you need to either hack your templates and place the code for other advertisers there, or, with luck, get a text widget to handle all those ad providers. What if an advertiser is an individual or company and just wants to run a simple ad for a few months — on just a single page, or category, or just on your posts tagged #fun?

Years ago, like @spynebreaker, I found Advertising Manager. It already figured out automatically the formats for a dozen of different advertisers, and incorporate them under a common interface. Google Adsense, of course, was one of them, but it wasn't the only one. And of course it also supports non-standard ads — just plain HTML or Javascript, just one image linking to an URL, etc. You can mix everything from multiple advertising sources together — and then place the ads wherever you wish on a widget. Or, if you prefer, inside a blog post or a page with the appropriate shortcode. And if you have your own template, you can even call the ad directly from the template.

Advertising Manager is specially good for handling tiny details. Although widgets these days can be shown only under special conditions — say, only on the front page, or on any page except a category page — Advertising Manager gives far more control over where ads get shown. You can run a campaign just for one author on three categories, and a different campaign for a different author, only when that author tags the posts with #something. The flexibility is tremendous. Then you can also decide how often ads are shown, group ads together, and all those nifty features you expect from a complex advertising manager — but everything is simple enough to do.

What ultimately won me over was the ability to put some extra HTML before and after each ad. I needed that to place two skyscraper ads side by side, from two different advertising sources. Obviously you can accomplish the same using some extra plugins which give better control over how widgets appear on sidebars, or hack your template to do the same. Advertising Manager gives the same flexibility without the need of doing anything beyond adding a few lines of HTML to each ad — on the backoffice, not on the template.

I would have rated it with 4 stars because for some years the plugin lacked any support, but, as @spynebreaker said, there was nothing else available. I was almost tempted to install [ link redacted, please do not post links in reviews ] and get the appropriate WordPress plugin to display OpenX ads, but it was really too much trouble — I don't generate that much income on my main blog to need to deal with an external ad managing platform. Since the author came back, and is showing tremendously fast support on a long-standing bug which was finally fixed, I feel that this plugin deserves all 5 stars.

It still has room for improvement — it would be nice to get a few more statistics, for example — but if you have a blog with several different sources of advertising, and need a common interface to handle them all (instead of juggling among a handful of plugins), this is the right choice for you.

By , for WP 3.9.1

I remember finding this plugin years ago, easily. I started using it, it was simple, direct, worked perfectly.

Years passed by, and the plugin stopped being updated. I looked for other options. None of them worked for me.

It has been years, and I still used the old version. I am pretty happy that it was updated! Long live this plugin!

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