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Possible clients please read this review.
By , for WP 3.6

If you are thinking about using AdRotate Pro please read on.

Before hiring the developer to install and configure AdRotate Pro on my WP website, I read all of the 5-star and all of the 1-star reviews. Anyone with a decent amount of reason should be able to tell the 1-star reviews are not very thorough and did not give the developer any time to attempt to solve their issues. It was after coming to that conclusion that I decided to contact the Dev with my own questions for a very specific customization of the plugin, as all of the 5-star reviews were very thorough and I felt confident in the product and capabilities of the designer.

First, I was sent a replay in the same day, and this was on a Sunday (though maybe Monday in some countries). He addressed each of my concerns in a very well articulated reply. There seemed to be a solution for each very special aspect that I needed to run highly targeted and highly selective ad campaigns for a high-volume website. If any features weren't already part of the AdRotate Pro package he was willing to perform whatever customizations he did deem necessary.

After an attempt to make the purchase (and just let me say, please purchase this software if you are not yourself an experienced WP developer - the support you get is worth every penny) and having some issues with credit card processing internationally, the developer happily and efficiently replied to each of my emails guiding me through a proper way to purchase the plugin and a "Large" level installation package.

Within a few hours I was contacted with a ticket support site where I could supply my site information and describe my desired functionality (it may have been even quicker, I didn't check till the following day). After reconfirming all of the features I wanted to tap into, it was again only another matter of hours before the plugin was set up and fully operational on my website with all of those special requests addressed. Any additional concerns I had as far as use of the plugin were responded to nearly instantly each time I would update the ticket, making very efficient use of my time.

I am how happily running multiple dynamic ad blocks on my site with intricate targeting methods that are increasing my bargaining power with potential advertisers.

After such amazing work, and again after all of the great feedback from the reviews on WordPress.org, I is even more clear (and grossly unfortunate since it has driven the rating down on this app unjustifiably) that the 1-star reviewers were acting before seeking any assistance, and without fully attempting to understand how powerful and flexible this plugin is.

I am a 100% WordPress novice. I have hired developers every step of the way to build my site from the ground up. If the plugins were not well supported and easy to learn I would be at a loss. I received advice and feedback from the AdRotate Pro team that was simple for me to understand and I am now configuring ads, groups, and the like with maximum efficiency.

DO NOT pay heed to the 1-star reviewers. It is unfortunate they have the power to drive the rating of this plugin down much the way Amazon.com trolling is being used to defame quality products. I will be more than happy to vouch personally for not only the quality of AdRotate Pro, but also the skill and professionalism of the developer himself.

Colin Poole
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free itself is good
By , for WP 3.6

wonderful plugin.. and is fast too.

Fantastic Plug-In!
By , for WP 3.6

I am not proficient at coding and if it isn't as simple as inserting shortcodes, you can pretty much count me out. I began using this plug-in to "monetize" a blog, and found it extremely easy to understand how it was structured.

You create Ads. You create Groups. Ads can be added to a Group. You can insert individual Ads or Groups into , a Post or Page, and select where to place them: (Before content, after content or both) using a simple user interface. Or you can elect to insert short codes in the location you want an Ad (or Group) to be placed. You can also insert php right into your theme. If I can do this anyone can, and once you get the hang of what's going on, it's surprising how powerful this plug-in is. Even the data collection/statistics generated in the free version is commendable. Limited perhaps, but enough to get the vast majority of what you need to illustrate when talking with advertisers.

I have since moved to the "Pro" version, but I could probably have gotten by with this plug-in right out of the box.

My experience with Arnan (the developer) has been nothing but positive. Indeed, the level of customer service he provided to me as a non-paying user of his product is one of the reasons I chose to upgrade and "commit" to AdRotate.

I did run into a problem when trying to utilize AdRotate on a bbPress powered Forum. bbPress classifies Topics and even the Forums themselves (I believe anyway) as a "post type". So they do not show up in the AdRotate interface. To get them to show required some php work and a template specifically for this purpose, which is beyond my capabilities. So again I turned to Arnan.

Arnan has since assisted me in implementing AdRotate into the bbPress forums, and it has proven to be just as seamless an addition to the functionality of this plug-in.

So for me, this is a no-brainer, and I'd jump right back into this pool if I was starting all over again. I just haven't experienced any of the negative comments/aspects that a few have expressed in the lower scoring reviews. And that applies to the plug-in as well as the developer.

If you are looking to place image advertising on your site, I highly recommend this plug-in.

Not what I was looking for.
By , for WP 3.5.1

It's just not what I was looking for.

Use it, love it, recommend it.
By ,

I use this on at least a dozen sites, and even if the pro version didn't have extra features, I'd still be willing to pay for it considering how much time and effort it saves me.

Good Stuff
By , for WP 3.5.2

I'm a newbie to WP and this plugin was easy to figure out.

Works like a charm
By , for WP 3.5.2

Took me a while to work out the way to use it.

Finally realized not to use group settings in Banner > Add New, but instead use Groups manager, then use the code provided in that page instead.

PS: Sorry for other review, Thanks for the help and persistence.

Works great on my site
By ,

Thanks for great plugin that works well on my own site: [Link removed]

Thanks a lot.

Best Ad Management Plug-in
By , for WP 3.5.1

After testing several ad management plug-ins, we came across this one and breathed a sigh of relief! None of the others provided the customization and tools we needed. We thought we were going to have to hire someone to code a plug-in from scratch.

There's a bit of a learning curve but once you've figured out how to use this, it's very easy and fast. We'll be upgrading to the pro version, this week.

The support is very good, too! We had a question about the plug-in and had an email answer within just a few hours. That's not typical when doing business between someone in the US and the Netherlands.

All-in-all, an outstanding piece of work. We highly recommend this plug-in and those who developed it.

Very good plugin for ads
By , for WP 3.5.1

Very good plugin for adverts. Now I am using this for every site.

First time is looks too big and so much options and slightly confusing.. But it is better option if you want to add custom ads. Also good option for publisher ads.

I recommend author add sorting to table and if possible they should be categoried. When there are so much ads difficult to manage

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