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Excellent Ad Plugin with Excellent Customer Support
By , for WP 4.1.1

I'm using Adrotate for about 3 years now, on different websites. I started with the free version, then bought Adrotate licenses for my customer websites.

Adrotate has everything I need to manage ads, it is easy to use and has many customizations. I like the placements by groups and block of ads.

Every time I needed technical support, the plugin author was quick to respond & helpful. Thank you, Arnan!

Five stars from me!


By ,

Thanks guys for offering such a great plugin! I've been looking for a plugin that works just as this one dose for a long time now. I will be upgrading to the pro version when my site takes off, thanks again and keep up the good work.

Excellent plugin BUT... not too accurate!
By ,

Recently I installed in one of my sites (recetassalvadorenas.com), and I just noticed that, in the site with much more traffic is showing a lot of "Shown" but absolutely none "Click". Of course I enable the option to count the clicks but still doesn't work properly. I know there are lots of clicks in one specific banner but my reports says "0". So, it's not too accurate!

Works well
By , for WP 4.1

Pros:Plugin works well for almost everything I need it for and considering I'm still on the free version, I'm very glad I didn't have to try out a bunch of other cheesy plugins first. The share of voice is great.
Upgrading to the paid version to increase granular controls and gain access to support.

Cons:Broke when I upgraded WordPress to 4.1. Fix was up within a week. Then again, I realize a lot of plugins had issues. Not sure if dynamic ever got fixed, but it didn't work 6 months ago when I was trying to use it. Plugin is very much an issue of self-teaching (needs more documentation)

Overall, I like how this works and will be getting the paid version.

Very nice functionality, needs tweaks
By , for WP 4.2

I like the functionality of AdRotate. It allows for adding of single or groups of advertisements in many locations with fairly little effort.

There are also some good videos from AdRotate and others that were very helpful and kept me using this plugin so don't forget to check out the videos by searching in google for AdRotate videos.

Big step up from other free ad managers
By , for WP 4.1.1

I've been using for about 6 months and it seems to be working great for me. I've substantially increased my ad revenue due to being able to use the adgroups in ways that allow me to target advertising to different sections of my site.

Easy to Install, easy to use
By , for WP 4.1

I had no problem installing the free version and upgrading to the Pro version was easy. So far I've created banners and running them in a sidebar as well as content. They work very well but interestingly, a couple banners aren't showing when the rest are. I will have to ask about that but overall I'm very impressed with this plugin and do not understand all the issues others seem to have had. Thanks for making my life easier!

Too heavy on the server, and possibly unethical ad impressions
By , for WP 4.0.1

There are ethical questions that arise in this plugin. If you use dynamic ads (rotating every few seconds) they record impressions on every view as they rotate. So, when people are just sitting at a window looking at your website, the impression counter is continuing to climb ...and climb. If someone leaves your page up, and walks away from their running computer, the impression count is astronomical (and unethical, as well as against many ad-server agreements like Google Adsense). Also, for every page view, there is a hit on the server as well, so conceivably you could have thousands of hits to the server coming through just from a few dozen people leaving your page up on their unattended computers.

Does not work as advertised
By , for WP 4.0.1

This faulty plugin does not work as advertised, the setup is easy but the actual performance is unreliable and severely limited. I tried the paid version, too, but it has all of the same flaws as the free plugin.

Error, no group ID set! Check your syntax!
By , for WP 4.0.1

And no solution found. You waste my time.

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