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  • Hmm, that’s a shame!

    So, there’s NO way for them to be able to ONLY have access to their sub-site via the Snippets?

    And, reguarding your question.

    That’d be great!

    I actually stumbled upon kind of similar needed functionality awhile ago when I was trying to network activate
    snippets only to find out that when I try to edit them from the sub-site, it forces me to go to the
    Network Admin.

    AKA, sub-site administrators would be unable to edit their snippet to their liking.

    For example, redirecting the default Login, Forgot Password, and Registration pages to custom ones.

    However, your sugguestion would still be great because it’s a similar conclusion I came to.

    I was also thinking that it’d be pretty cool if users could create Snippets without being able to activate them
    and send them to the Super Admin for approval.

    And, if approved… they’re posted across the Network similarly to the Super Admin being able to post snippets
    across the network.


    “Snippets added on each individual site will only run when that particular site is accessed, but it’s not difficult to make use of the unrestricted access to run PHP code to gain access to the rest of the network and run malicious code.”

    There’s no system you could put in place to limit them from being able to do that?

    I want it to work with popups as well! That’s the only reason I need it.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)