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  • Hi @richtabor, nice to hear from you.

    This is mysterious – so I must have used a separate Lightbox-plugin, and that worked fine with Block Gallery- for I never noticed it wasn’t part of the plugin 🙂

    It was not Jetpack, probably WP Featherlight or Simple Lightbox.

    The captions-option was, as I remember, in WP5 in the right-hand column – so among the options for the block. That was the only place where I could turn captions of or off.

    And then, as I describe, they turned up everywhere, or nowhere.

    How one switch can govern both the plugin for the gallery and the (obviously distinct) separate plugin for the lightbox is beyond me.

    Maybe I am confused in some way?

    I really liked Block Gallery but because of the caption issue I retraced my steps and used the Classic Editor with another gallery. With this gallery too I noticed that when you use the Block Editor, that affects the way captions are handled (the mouse-over doesn’t work).

    In general galleries often do not handle captions in the best and most flexible way. The one I use now shows the information in the title field, also when I’d prefer not to show it -as for groups of images without real titles, where you now get to see “20180611-345273.ORF” and the like. But I cannot seem to switch it off for a particular gallery. Also, I like to be able to show title, or description, or both, (or none). Many of my images (I make lots of photographs for artists of their work) have some info in the title field and some in the description. Now I often have to copy half of the information by hand into the other field.

    In short: I haven’t found my ideal gallery yet…

    I meanhile discovered that the message about FooBox appears every time you update your gallery. So you have to make the connection anew every time and then it appears to be working. At least that’s what I think. And I don’t think that’s how it should be. So I hope someone can tell us more.

    Still…it would be nice if I understood what’s going on.

    FooBox does not show up in the options in FooGallery, so it seems save to assume it is not being used. Also, I kept getting messages that FooGallery was not using FooBox and I should click to update the FooGallery to use FooBox -which I did 15 times and then I still got the message again.

    From all this I concluded that the lightbox that miraculously started working last night must be Responsive Lightbox by dfactory. Having two active lightbox plugins to me seemed a bit risky, so I deactivated FooBox.

    But then the site went back to a lightboxless state. After reactivating FooBox and clearing caches etc etc the lightbox is back.

    Yet I keep getting the message that FooBox is not connected to my FooGallery (and I click again) and FooBox is still not among the options I can choose in FooGallery. I have, in fact, selected the dFactory plugin.

    This is illogical and I guess there is some conflict at play. Can anyone explain?

    Okay, great, wonderful, perfect: in the time I spent documenting my fruitless efforts it all miraculously resolved itself. Don’t ask me how or why.

    GRRRR – this is life – you find you’ve wasted hours struggling with a problem that isn’t there.

    Yes I did clear caches and history – several times.

    But I can sleep now.

    YESSS! It works!

    I did this earlier but then I lost the top-button-link. So I must have deleted a little too much, or not enough, or the float-business did interfere somehow.

    Looks ever so much better now, with the float and the clean widgets. Thanks a million, also for your perseverance.

    I’ll mark this as resolved, and with such a satisfying conclusion of the day will sleep an even more peaceful sleep 🙂

    Thank you for the correction for the float! I did have some code for z-index but at the level of the ul – which is why there was no background. Much improved now!

    [I always have difficulty understanding at what level to specify things. I am trying now to work more consistently from the general to the specific but get lost occasionally.]

    The menu thing keeps puzzling me. I have no social menu selected, I don’t need one. There’s only one menu and that’s the only one selected under ‘appearance’.

    I’ve replaced my code for ‘display none’ with yours -after all there is no problem at wider screens when the full menu is at the top -then there is no menu at the bottom anyway. Now the mobile menu button works fine but the menu is still visible on top of the bottom-widgets.

    And, btw, it looks like the menu at the top did before your float-correction. So I’ve commented out my own misplaced effort at making the menu float, just in case there was some mysterious connection – but no luck.

    I’ve also tried creating a custom footer.php without reference to the menu, just tried it again -but then I lose access to the menu through the button.

    I don’t understand how these two are connected. I mean it should be possible to keep the link from the button and not have the menu appear in the footer, they’re two separate things.

    I don’t need the menu at the bottom. Just the button-link-menu at the top is fine.

    [By the way, my child-theme is accidentally called 2015 but in fact it is a cild of WP twentysixteen. I gave it the wrong name and then later when I tried correcting it the whole site went awry so I ‘m kinda stuck with it – stupid but no big deal]

    The menus work fine on other pages on the site, with the same page template, so it must be the widgets that cause the problem. I could get rid of them and try to do things in a different way.

    Thanks for the quick response, childthemestyles, sorry to be slow in responding, I wasn’t paying attention.

    The solution you propose hides the footer menu always, as you say. Which is okay but not strictly necessary. I’ve used more specifically:

    @media only screen and (max-device-width: 768px) {
    .site-footer.main-navigation {
    	display: none

    Then the menu disappears alright. But the problem, as I mentioned above, is that then the mobile MENU button goes dead as well. So you don’t get to see a popup menu either, in fact you get no menu at all at small screen sizes when this button provides access.

    On other pages of the site, where I have regular WP widgets, the problem does not occur, I’ve noticed. So I could simply ditch the Site Origin Pagebuilder widgets. A bit of a problem for what I need to do -the site is not finished yet- but a possible choice.

    NB I’ve searched Site Origin forums but did not see this problem mentioned there either.

    It would be best if I could force the footer menu downwards. But I don’t understand where it comes from and why, if it is part of the footer, it appears above the footer.

    I may want to use the mobile menu button plus the footer menu also on a landing page. If I can figure out how it works, I can use it any which way I want.

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