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  • Ygesit


    for example, not all plugin text is translate in local language and my english is not good.
    I believe the structure of the settings should be improved:
    a. beginner level (reduce visibility to just a little clicks of contents. As a check-list: user’s choice, choice of items in the side menu and consequently activate or deactivate the selected items to increase the settings);
    b. advanced level (the current version, to set every detail).

    It’ very powerful your plugin and i believe that you can to sell it. 😉

    Best regards

    Hi Nadia,
    if you won’t delete this post, make it!
    I will try this plug-in on other demo web site.

    Thx a lot Nadia


    Hi Nadia,
    i don’t know if your plug-in have determinated a problem at my Media Library.
    I have try to delete the message.

    Your plug-in create a under-folder called ‘kalins-pdf’? And move all my media files in to new folder?

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)