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  • @takidk I’m glad to see that everything is back to normal!

    Gutenberg was merged into WordPress from 5.0 release as I’ve mentioned on my last reply 🙂 ( ref: ) and it is the new default editor so in essense you won’t need the plugin as well if you’re using WordPress 5.0+ .

    The plugin is used for further development of Gutenberg and you can use it to see the “latest” changes & features that are added and aren’t still merged into core.

    Hi @takidk ,

    It seems that you’re using an older version of the Gutenberg plugin. The class-wp-rest-blocks-controller.php existed up to it’s 4.9.0 version and after that it was removed since WordPress uses Gutenberg as it’s built-in editor after WordPress 5.0.

    This is why you see that conflict & error. To resolve it you can either remove the Gutenberg plugin by deleting the plugins/gutenberg folder via FTP or your servers File Manager or by renaming it’s folder to something like _gutenberg so WordPress can
    automatically disable it ( do keep a backup of the site first if you’re not really comfortable on changing files manually just in case of anything going wrong 🙂 ).

    The plugin itself is still used for further development of the editor and you can still use it if you like to have the latest updates until they are merged into WordPress. So after removing or disabling the existing plugin you can either safely re-install or update it as well.

    I hope this helps!

    Glad to hear that!

    We’ll make sure to implement the fix in the upcoming releases as well.


    Hi @pauron !

    Are you familiar with editing code either through FTP or via your servers Admin Panel ( cPanel/Pleks ) to see if we can make this work for you?

    If yes, make sure to keep a backup first ( preferably of your whole website just to be sure ). Although this code is for retrieving and showing the appointments, let’s be on the safe side before making any changes no matter how small.

    Could you please edit the file


    and on Line 692 you’ll see

    $slots = appointments_get_weekly_schedule_slots( $date, $args['service_id'], $args['worker_id'], $args['location_id'] );

    Replace that with:

    $worker_id = $appointments->get_worker_id();
    $slots = appointments_get_weekly_schedule_slots( $date, $args['service_id'], $worker_id, $args['location_id'] );

    Save the file and refresh your page to see if it worked.

    Keep me informed!



    I do see your point but let’s say for the sake of argument that:

    Case 1: the logged in user doesn’t actually have access to ‘all’ of his data so this might count as an extra measure and prevent a false login on getting all the data. The ‘fraud’ loged in user might see part of the data ( whatever the Admin has decided to be on a profile page lets say ) but there’s no ‘export’ of everything ( far fetched I know but happens 🙂 ). By giving him an automated option then you’re freelly handing everything over. Plus some might want 2-3 steps for verification before a download ( even if logged in ).

    Case 2: let’s take under consideration that not all servers are equal so an automated process might be a bit clunky on a server that doesn’t have resources to handle multiple exports etc and even end up making more bad than good at the end. This was actually 1 of the case it was decided to not be automated.

    It is still a valid point though and it seems that an automated way could be helpful on some situations as well. But it should have an ‘on/off’ switch in my opinion so both ways ( automated or not ) can be decided by any given Admin ( even though I’m in favor of the manual only hehe ).

    Hello, I’m guessing you’re using the WP Mail SMTP ( by wpforms ) plugin, if that’s correct maybe you should redirect your question over at the plugins support forums at . I’m sure you’ll probably find an answer faster there or the authors could help you just in case there’s an issue with the plugin that they might not be aware of.

    Hi there, maybe you’d want to redirect your question to the support forums of the plugin at . I’m pretty sure you’ll find the most optimal answer directly from the authors or users in the specific forum instead.

    If you don’t have access to the admin dashboard ( or wp-cli even as you mention ) the only way I could think of is by viewing the wp-includes\version.php file through your cli.

    You’ll find amongst the first lines your current version, example: $wp_version = '4.9.4';

    The answer pretty much depends on if there’s already a video and you just want to change the source of it or create your own <video> from scratch etc. You could also go through js/jquery or php if you’re making it fully custom.

    For example if you want to create your own an easy ( and readable ) way to do it with php is by:

    $day = date( 'w' );
    if ( '1' === $day ) {
    	echo 'monday';

    Where Sunday = 0, Monday = 1 so on so forth, and you simply echo your video url or code etc ( you decide that ).

    You’re not giving much details to be honest to help further :]. If there’s a page with a video already on it and you want to change it’s source a link would help a lot to see how the theme is set up etc to give you a possible solution.

    Forum: Fixing WordPress
    In reply to: hide page titles

    You could try something like this:
 .page-header .hestia-title {
      display: none;
    body.home .page-header .hestia-title {
      display: block;

    this will tell all .page to hide the title but will keep the .home from still showing it.

    Hello, you could check the list on . I haven’t personally tried any non 1-1 chat but there are plugins in the list with different options and things that only you know if they’ll exactly work for what you want :).

    If the only <iframe> or embed in general you’re doing is from spotify you could easily target all of the iframes with this css:

    iframe {
      width: 100%;

    You can add this in the Customize -> Additional CSS.

    If not tell us so we can scribble a different way maybe to only target spotify embeds :] and help out

    OK! That last reply shared the light with thisandthat.wordpress !

    You are actually confusing the .COM with the .ORG as a means of reference you can read more on

    So your first site the ‘free’ should’ve been on the .com. Do not confuse this ( wordpress.ORG ) website + forums with the .com one. I’m not sure if they use the same admin panel as WordPress etc but at some point maybe they did :].

    There is no other way though you either go to .com and have the new dashboard or actually get a server and set it up on your own as you said if you want the black dashoboard etc..

    What you are probably looking for is this -> : Free plan :).

    Let’s take a step back here.

    Apparently at some point you had a website using WordPress. You either Downloaded it from here and installed it on your own, or your old Web Hosting company installed it for you or some other option.

    You then decided to go to Squarespace. That means your ‘old site’ so WordPress is probably either gone and deleted by your hosting company or your tech, or left on your previous Hosting Company etc etc. That is something that we can’t know as it was yours and yours alone.

    Now you just want to get back to WordPress? Sure thing 2 options:

    1] You go to download it on your own to set it up on the server / hosting provider that you want.

    2] Get a Hosting plan somewhere and maybe the have an Auto Installer or they can do it for you ( all major hosting companies have auto installers btw ).

    We don’t do hosting here, we do support and develop WordPress as a software so you can download it and do whatever you like with it ^_^ .

    This website and your profile here have nothing to do with what you ‘had’ or want to have as a ‘personal website’.

    Your profile here is only to use these forums to get support.

    My point of going the CORS .htaccess way ( that you have to talk with your IT as it seems ) is that you are still having 2 active domains, not 1 ( @bemdesign that’s what I thought at the start but unfortunately both are still active ).

    So even if you change all the urls from vanillastarjeans to vstarjeans you will be having the same issue but the other way around. So basically 4 ways of fixing this to include everything from easiest to hardest:

    1] Setup font-awesome from it’s CDN instead of loading it locally from your site.

    2] Discard one of the 2 domains ( by doing a 301 perm redirect to the one you want to use, for example vanillastarjeans redirects to vstarjeans – as for SEO purposes it should have been like that in my opinion ) – that’s up to the company and marketeers and everybody else, but it is a viable option.

    3] Get your IT to properly set up CORS if he understands what it is and the implications involved.

    4] Get your IT to set up a variable domain by getting the URL through PHP with example: $_SERVER['HTTP_HOST'] and make it as a var for loading your extra dependencies.

    Being a graphic designer and since there is an IT as you said in the company you work for, inform him to make all the changes needed. Points 2 – 4 are not for someone that doesn’t know his way around server files – settings & WordPress specific set ups. I’m trying to save you the trouble of breaking something, not trying to discourage you.

    If you still want to continue on your own.

    1] That is usually located in your themes files ( wp-content\themename\ ) functions.php or in header.php ( depends on the theme you are using though ).

    2] Is a server-side setup that depends on what admin panel you have Cpanel/Plesk.

    3] CORS change ( .htaccess ) is located on the same folder that your WordPress is installed.

    4] You have to know at least basic PHP to do this and it would still depend on how the dependency files are loaded.

    Since you’re in this position I have to strongly and repeatedly inform you of ‘backups, backups & backups’ before you try anything on your own 😀

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