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  • It works. A big thank you for this!

    I’ve been messing around trying to do it with a translation file, which worked but is not really the right way to do it 😀 Luckily just searched again and caught this post.

    Folks, remember that if you’ve already made a form, the result messages won’t change there, because they have already been saved. Only when you start a new form. (It only took me a couple days to figure out why my messages weren’t changing — hopefully you are smarter than me!)

    Big thank you for this solution. Most photographers i know get a rather rabid look on their face, and traces of steam about the ears, when they see captions overlaying their photos 🙂 — it was a show-stopper for a web page rollout for the photographer i work for. I was about to wrestle with more css complication than i really needed to, and luckily did a web search first and found this.

    It also worked for me to leave the default proportional setting in the main settings, and just change the “Slideshow’s height” in the individual slideshow’s settings. This was good for us, as we have other slideshows on the site that do not want captions at all.

    Wasn’t going to put page link, so as not to be one of those advertising kind of people, but then i saw the notice about including link “so others can see the problem”, and hey, maybe would be useful to see a solution as well!

    thanks again!

    I am having same problem.
    WordPress 3.1.3
    NextGen Gallery 1.8.1
    I thought maybe it was problem with NextGen upgrade and went back
    to 1.8.0. It didn’t get error on first upload after that, then it went back to being bad boy again. Also it seems kind of random — sometimes after the error, the images are listed and show placeholders in page, but don’t display, need a “recover” and they show up. Other times, nothing at all.

    Am also getting out-of-memory error when trying to add a folder of images on the server.

    Everything was working beautifully yesterday.

    Any clues or urls would be great. I have searched google, nextgen forums and wordpress and not finding anything so far. Have enabled error display and log to catch everything i can.

    Don’t even know if it is trying to write to the standard server /tmp folder or some NextGen-specific folder.

    thank you!

    I found it here:

    Under the header “Adding The Contextual Help Function”:
    As of WordPress 3.0, contextual help menus require three parameters to be passed to it. …

    Hope this … uh … helps! 🙂

Viewing 4 replies - 31 through 34 (of 34 total)