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  • Hi, thanks for the response.
    Unfortunately I am not finding a way to not copy the line numbers.
    Good to know that I can find the css in a file.



    I am just a user like you but saw your question so I thought I would answer it πŸ™‚

    If this answers your question please mark this as Resolved – just trying to help Tom the dev out….

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    Bedankt πŸ™‚



    Doesnt the dev address these critical issues?

    Unfortunately I haven’t found a solution to this πŸ™



    Thanks for explaining things more – I didn’t realize how complex it gets, eg when changing to another page for the front page.

    Marking as resolved.


    Thank you very much for taking the time and effort to reply so extensively.

    I realize in retrospect how much I covered and hence how much time you needed to respond, sorry about that.

    I think I will respond to each of the sections you addressed above, one section at a time, and wait a few days if you would like to respond.

    Your first section:

    Comments 1,2,3,6,7)

    I can totally understand that this issue is a complex one for SEO plugin developers.
    And I don’t pretend to understand the details of the complexity – that is above my head πŸ™‚

    What I did learn (and I am sure there is more complexity) is the need for having front page settings in the plugin settings if the front page is a recent posts page, because then there is no actual post or page for the front page, and so there cannot be any SEO settings in the editor.
    And that if one does have a page for the front page, then it will have settings for SEO like all other pages/posts, but the front page SEO settings will also be in the plugin settings.

    Now, I still have to iron all this out, while not abandoning expected behavior, and without sending out a destructive update. This is a most challenging task, (as is evident from 39 updates fixing homepage-related bugs), and if you have any ideas that could help us with this, that’d be very much appreciated!

    After I made my original post for this issue, I took a look at how other SEO plugins handle it:

    All in One has a setting on the Plugin setting to disable SEO for the front page:
    If you select Disable, you cannot enter any front page SEO settings in the plugin settings, you must do it in the editor of the page that is the front page.

    Yoast SEO handles it by, in the plugin settings screen, only having a link to go to the front page to edit it directly and enter SEO settings in the editor screen.
    I imagine that Yoast does something like:

    if front page post type == “page”
    then do not show front page SEO settings in the plugin settings and instead show a link to edit the front page

    So those two approaches I would like to suggest for your consideration if you would like some ideas.

    I really like Yoast’s approach because a user does not have to understand why you would want to disable settings in the plugin settings screen, which All in One SEO expects users to know. Ie Yoast takes care of this without a user having to know any of the ideas that you and I are discussing in this issue. It is fool proof and avoids a user being confused like I was.

    After thinking about it for a week or so, with all due respect, I do continue to think that the current method of having SEO settings in both the page editor and plugin settings is very confusing.

    You do explain that the SEO settings in the plugin settings screen override the ones in the page editor, but I don’t see any point in having any SEO settings in the page editor if they are over-ridden by the plugin settings.

    Also I still find this confusing:

    IF there are no additional settings in the plugin settings screen for the front page, ie just default values are used, and you then enter some settings in the page editor, do the default values in the plugin settings screen STILL over-ride the page editor settings?

    If you use default settings in the plugin settings page, you are not really entering any settings there, and so if a user is not entering settings there, it is possible to think that since there are no manually entered settings in plugin settings, then they will not / cannot over-ride manually entered settings in the page editor.

    Veel dank en fijne dag…


    I have been doing some testing and this is what I found:

    For one site I was using Easy Updates Manager plugin and it has a setting:
    Core notification e-mails
    which you can toggle Enable or Disable.

    With this toggle at Enable I was getting the following emails usually twice a day:

    Please update your site at to WordPress 5.1.

    Updating is easy and only takes a few moments:

    If you experience any issues or need support, the volunteers in the support forums may be able to help.

    Support Forums

    Keeping your site updated is important for security. It also makes the internet a safer place for you and your readers.

    The WordPress Team

    I then Deactivated this plugin and started using yours and I have not received any emails for a week now.

    I made the assumption that by default, WP core sends out the above email.
    And that if you have Easy Updates Manager plugin and you have Enabled Core notification e-mails, then it is allowing WP to do its thing, and not interfering.

    But I think this assumption is incorrect.

    I think what is happening is this:

    By default, WP does not send out this email
    If you Enable notification emails in Easy Updates Manager plugin then it activates WP to send out Core notification e-mails
    If you Disable notification emails in Easy Updates Manager plugin then it allows WP to do its “normal” thing which is not to send out Core notification e-mails

    So I don’t think that your plugin needs to disable the default WP core behavior which is NOT to send this email.

    Sorry about this incorrect assumption on my part, and wasting your time.

    Marking Resolved

    I will do some testing and let you know in a few days πŸ™‚

    Great, thanks.

    My post at:

    also points out where in WP core the email is generated from, if that helps with replication…

    That unfortunately does not work……

    Other help much appreciated…….

    Thank you for incorporating this πŸ™‚

    Thank you for incorporating the new version in the log, this is already very helpful πŸ™‚

    Marking as Resolved.

    Thank you for incorporating this on the Status tab πŸ™‚

    Thank you for incorporating this πŸ™‚

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