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  • Hmm. Didn’t work for me. Got 0 byte files when I updated the plugin and uploaded through the regular media uploader. And all images thumbnails also wound up busted, but that may be a different issue.



    I’m noticing this as well. We store our blog in a repository. Every time we do a site update, the site gets completely reinstalled from the repository (not merged). And every time, the configuration is wiped out.

    I had a look and noticed that in /wp-content/cache/ there’s a config directory, with a master.php file.

    My local dev environment hasn’t allowed me to overwrite my W3 settings (a permissions error that I was ignoring assuming that the settings were stored in the database and it wouldn’t matter), but this would explain that issue, as well as why we lose our settings.

    @scorpiono and @poopertropper — have a look in that directory, make a copy, make changes, and see if the new version diffs from the old. If so, then that’s your answer.

    It occurred to me that it may help to just see the final function fixed.

    here it is.

    function windows_azure_storage_wp_calculate_image_srcset( $sources, $size_array, $image_src, $image_meta, $attachment_id ) {
    	$media_info = get_post_meta( $attachment_id, 'windows_azure_storage_info', true );
    	// If a CNAME is configured, make sure only 'http' is used for the protocol.
    	$azure_cname       = WindowsAzureStorageUtil::getCNAME();
    	$esc_url_protocols = ! empty ( $azure_cname ) ? array( 'https', 'http', '//' ) : null;
    	if ( ! empty( $media_info ) ) {
    		$base_url = trailingslashit( WindowsAzureStorageUtil::get_storage_url_base( false ) .
    		                             $media_info['container'] );
    		foreach ( $sources as &$source ) {
    			$img_filename = substr( $source['url'], strrpos( $source['url'], '/' ) + 1 );
    			if ( substr( $media_info['blob'], strrpos( $media_info['blob'], '/' ) ) === $img_filename ) {
    				$source['url'] = esc_url( $base_url . $media_info['blob'], $esc_url_protocols );
    			} else {
    				foreach ( $media_info['thumbnails'] as $thumbnail ) {
    					if ( substr( $thumbnail, strrpos( $thumbnail, '/' ) ) === $img_filename ) {
    						$source['url'] = esc_url( $base_url . $thumbnail, $esc_url_protocols );
    	return $sources;

    OK, I figured out the issue occurring for me, probably for jdixon04 as well:

    In the windows-azure-storage.php file, scroll down to approx line 721, or search for:
    function windows_azure_storage_wp_calculate_image_srcset

    Look for the if statements comparing whether a substr of the $media_info[‘blob’] equals the filename.

    If you were to echo out that substr, e.g.
    echo substr( $media_info['blob'], strrpos( $media_info['blob'], '/' ) + 1 )

    You might find that the first letter of your image name is missing.

    Remove the +1 from the inside of the substr function IN THE IF STATEMENT (NOT OF THE $img_filename variable declaration!!!), at approx line 735 so that it then looks like this:
    if ( substr( $media_info['blob'], strrpos( $media_info['blob'], '/' ) ) === $img_filename ) {

    and approx line 739 so that it then looks like this:
    if ( substr( $thumbnail, strrpos( $thumbnail, '/' ) ) === $img_filename ) {

    And your issue will get fixed.

    I’m with jdixon04 — this fix nor the one in the latest release works.

    I’m going to spend some time messing with it right now, and see if I can work out a new fix, then post it back here. However, if someone has gotten this working and can save me the time, I’d appreciate it if you’d post it!

    This fixed for me as well. Please do update the plugin!

    OK, just tried it out, totally worked for me.

    Hey there,

    I’m looking at this page:

    Haven’t fully tried it out yet, but you’ve been waiting 5 months. 😛 I’ll let you know how it goes.

    OK, I just deactivated all plugins and tried again.

    Bulk watermark worked for about 3 sets of 3 images (I was testing as I activated each plugin).

    However, after somewhere around 9-12 watermarked images, it quit working. I tried deactivating everything again, and it still continues to not work, WITH NO PLUGINS BUT EASY WATERMARK ACTIVATED.

    So… this is really weird. It’s like a process is getting hung up, or memory is getting filled and not released, or something like that. Need to figure out which log file will tell me something, anyone have any input on which log file I should check? I’ve had a look at about 5, from apache logs to other error logs, but I don’t see anything that seems to relate to this.

    That’s actually a pretty cool request. Right now I think it’s pretty easy to jump right into the maintenance mode from the Settings menu where it is, but… even a link to that from the dashboard would be pretty cool.

    The plugin works just fine for me, and I’m in WP 4.0. If you’re behind a firewall or router, you’re going to need the IP address that the router has been assigned from your ISP, NOT the IP assigned to your networked computer by the router. You can usually tell this if you’re trying to use a 192.168.x.x ip address—that’s typically what a local router will assign local machines on the local network.

    At the top of the product-archive_sale.php page, right after the opening <?php code, you need to add the template name stuff, e.g.:

    * Template Name: Sale Products
    * Description: The Template for displaying product archives, including the main shop page which is a post type archive.

    Save and upload. The in your sale page, select the Sale Products template in the right column drop down for templates.

    I just did a quick test and the comment box shows up for me, on brand new posts, and old ones as well.

    So, there’s a few possible problems going on here:

    1. Comments may be disabled in new posts. To check this, go to Settings > Discussions. Make sure “Users must be registered to comment” is unchecked, and the checkboxes in the “Before a comment appears” are unchecked.
    2. Comments on your new post may be unchecked for some reason. In your post, scroll down to the bottom and make sure under “Discussion” the Allow Comments is checked. (If you don’t see that “Discussion” panel, you need to enable it. To do this:
      1. Click Screen Options in the upper right of the screen
      2. Click “Discussion” to enable it
    3. Your theme doesn’t support it. This would suck. In order to find that out… um… I don’t know how you’d do that, besides posting a link to your site and a link to the theme and hopefully someone who knows it or has the time to check could have a look.

    Oops. I should have searched for different words. Hey folks, I added a [resolved] comment in a different thread on how to do this, and submitted the change into the github project. If an update doesn’t appear soon enough for you, here’s the code to change in the plugin:

    plugin.php line 482 has the function get_width()

    Replace the entire function from bracket to bracket with this:

    function get_width() {
        $stored = str_replace('"', '', trim($this->setting('width', 600)));
        if (strpos($stored, '%') !== false) {
          return $stored;
        } else {
          return (int) $stored;

    Then in the admin area, set the width to 100%

    See it here:

    An update to this: the plugin author got right back to me (YAY for plugin maintenance!!) with even better code. Here’s what he sent, replace the get_width() function with this:

    function get_width() {
        $stored = str_replace('"', '', trim($this->setting('width', 600)));
        if (strpos($stored, '%') !== false) {
          return $stored;
        } else {
          return (int) $stored;

    OR, I have a feeling this is going to get updated pretty soon, so you could wait. I had production code that had to go live last night, so if you’re in that kind of boat, feel free to apply.

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