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  • Hello Jamel,

    I’m also having an issue where words run together. Check out this page on “Day 2”.

    In some instances, the words to the left and right are running together i.e. “inspired design of the Bahai Gardens on” is coming out “inspired design of theBahai Gardenson”.

    And I can’t just add a generic style, because if there is a comma, then then it will add a space between the tooltip and the comma, like this ,.

    Any ideas on what to do? I think maybe the strong tags are messing something up, but it doesn’t do it for every strong tag. For example, it’s not messing up for the keyword Caesarea on that linked page, only for the ones below.

    Hi Mika,

    Thanks for your reply. It looks like that DEFINE variable in my wp-config was already there, though I don’t remember putting it there.

    If I tell cloudflare to ignore my CSS file, then the varnish purge feature of your plugin seems to do the trick now. But when I have cloudflare enabled for my CSS file, and try to purge both cloudflare and varnish, it still shows the old file. Very puzzling.

    That “curl(7) couldn’t connect to host” message started showing up after Dreamhost Techs inserted my IP/websitename into my etc/hosts file. I asked them to do this, as someone had recommended it, and I was hoping it would cause my server to cut Cloudflare out of the equation. Not sure if I should have them remove it or not now that at the very least I can get the file to purge when CF isn’t caching it.

    @blindpet Thanks! It’s odd that the form didn’t go through. I attempted to contact you on your website as well. you can also try to email creations@websymphonies

    Well, somehow it’s working now. Some combination of what I tried seems to have worked.

    I added a special exception in cloudflare for a second time for that CSS file, and I had Dreamhost add my server’s IP and my website’s domain name to the etc/hosts file (though this didn’t fix the issue yesterday, so I doubt this worked).

    But now when I clear the varnish cache after updating my CSS file it seems to be working. The updated CSS file is displaying.

    Though when I try to do a wp cache flush command as per Dreamhost instructions, it’s now saying curl: (7) couldn’t connect to host. I’m assuming this has something to do with my etc/hosts file modifications.

    But at least it’s working now.

    And when you view the source of the file from your domain it is unaltered?

    The actual CSS file itself, on the server, has been modified via FTP. When I clear the varnish and clear cloudflare cache, the CSS file still shows up as an older version.

    I’m clearing my browser cache each time and also trying incognito windows.

    Where is the minification cache? How do I clear that?

    I would definitely purge the specific file manually in CloudFlare.

    Unfortunately, I’ve tried manually purging the file as well via CloudFlare’s interface, and this CSS file still shows up without my modifications.

    I have no other workaround other than to disable cloudflare entirely when I want to make changes to the website.

    Well, what’s strange is that I’ve added a cloudflare exception for my CSS file. So cloudflare isn’t supposed to be caching that file at all right now. But when I try to view the file via a browser, it’s not the same file that shows up in via FTP (the real file). Obviously it’s still cached somewhere, even if the varnish cache says Error 200 (which should be successful).

    @blindpet You mean use the actual IP address within the plugin?

    Event when I strictly use my IP address via SSH:

    curl -X PURGE "\.css"

    It shows as Error 200 purged, but with cloudflare on, the file is still old in the browser.

    Is that what you mean? Do you have a beta plugin that resolves this issue?

    I’m having a similar issue here with CloudFlare and DreamPress. I’m trying to clear one CSS file out of the varnish cache, and it refuses to show me an updated version in my browser with cloudflare on.

    If I use the command:
    curl -X PURGE "http://my.dreampress.ip/wp-content/path/to/my/css\.css" -H "host:"

    it does return an Error 200 purged. But this command only successfully clears my target css file when I’m not routing my services through CloudFlare. As soon as I turn CloudFlare back on (by clicking the “arrow through the cloud” symbol on the dashboard), then this file still shows up as the wrong, cached file.

    Same thing happens with your plugin. It works just fine with cloudflare off, but with cloudflare on, the files don’t actually refresh in the varnish cache.

    I’ve working with Dreamhost support to update my ACL lists, but I’m not hopeful (as these examples are generally specified toward NGINX and not Apache). Would love to hear if you have anything else to try.

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    Turns out this is a part of Dreamhost’s mod_security, and while it does help protect your server against hacking, it seems to interfere with consistent uploading of posts with pictures in them via livewriter.

    You have 3 options, just keep posting until it works (sometimes over 10 times), just use the default wordpress editor, which to its credit, has gotten much better over the years, or switch hosts.

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    Looks like this is a dreamhost security measure with ModSecurity. Having them look into it.

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    Upon inspecting the access log, here is what I see:

    [Fri Sep 19 05:37:45 2014] [error] [client] ModSecurity: Access denied with code 418 (phase 2). Pattern match “/admin/sqlpatch.php/password_forgotten.php” at REQUEST_URI. [file “/dh/apache2/template/etc/mod_sec2/99_dreamhost_rules.conf”] [line “38”] [id “1990005”] [hostname “”] [uri “/2010/01/admin/sqlpatch.php/password_forgotten.php”] [unique_id “VBwjmUBaJ-cAAEWHU0kAAAAz”]

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    So I set the memory to 2048M, and we are still getting inconsistent results. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. Setting the memory to 4096 made the website crash, so I don’t think this is a memory issue.

    Any other suggestions? Sometimes the exports work in full, and other times they don’t export the full thing. (format doesn’t seem to matter, csv, excel, internet query, etc.)

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    That seemed to work. Thank you. I’ll let you know if I have any more difficulties.

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    Good idea. That did work. I’ve combined that trick with passing the URL queries into the expanded form on a subsequent page and it’s working well. Thanks.

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