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  • Hi @webworks

    We have emailed you re the work required.

    If the email doesn’t get through let me know by pinging me a message.


    Seriously – Don’t just mark this as resolved all the time – its not resolved. Actually engage with your users

    Forum: Fixing WordPress
    In reply to: Errors

    did you run an update just before this happened? Sometimes if a WordPress update is interrupted you get this type of error.

    wp_kses_normalize_entities() is a part of the main WP code base so should be present.

    Are you able to upload a zipped version of WordPress onto your server then upzip it and install it at the file level?
    The file missing is wp-includes/kses.php

    Also your functions.php looks broken. Do you have a backup? Restore your functions.php

    Look I don’t appreciate things being marked resolved when they aren’t.

    WordPress is breaking security in its updates.



    Thanks for the response but I disagree.

    The wordpress security pages themselves state that extra code should be removed for security and also state, explicitly mentioning 2020 , that it can be removed for security purposes.

    A theme is not core wordpress. There is a requirement for a theme to be present but not the 2020 theme.

    Further more even if 2020 was required it does not require 2019.

    This update breaks WP security recommendations and good security practice.

    It’s also another example of the creeping loss of control users are experiencing with WP.

    Which user name
    Did they complain? If they did please provide the name so I can apologize.

    Why wasn’t I notified? Why is it that stuff just goes quietly missing? Why cant I see the previous versions to compare my mistakes and learn from them?

    >It seems to me that you’re going out of your way to invent problems here. I’m not saying it’s perfect, but I am saying that it’s better.

    and you wonder why people are unahappy with WordPress’ reposnses? I try a straight comparison between Classic and Gutenberg, run into a bunch of issue snad it is MY fault? IM inventing issues?

    dude have you read the issues people are facing .. oh wait you have … you are in some of those discussions. Are they inventing issues? Is it possible Gutenberg is 100% perfect and all the people with issues are screwed up histrionics with delusions and psychosis?

    I’m not the only one with the same issues.
    I took time to provide a video screen capture of the issues and not just whinge in general – but provide information the devs can act on. Now it seems I’m making stuff up. Wow – I’ll get Peter Jackson to hire me on as his CGI expert in his next block buster.

    I cant paste tables and have them work, the pasting of the text went awfully (demonstrated in the video) there are functions missing and it is a slow PITN to use – taking twice as long to edit basic text. I didn’t make that up and neither do the dozens of others who have struggled with Gutenberg.

    >But mainly, looking at your video, I’m not understanding why you put a list and extra paragraphs all into a single block. Yes, okay, you pasted it in, but why did you paste it in? Why not type it in directly? The editor is an *editor*. You can type into it.

    It’s simple. Gutenberg is a block editor not a word processor or text editor. It is inefficient to type into as it keeps requiring lots of clicks and menus to add a new paragraph. The old editor, all a new paragraph took was to hit the enter key. Gutenberg is significantly slower to use than the classic editor. Check out the comparison videos – they show the same process in the classic editor and the new editor – there is a significant increase in time required to do simple jobs in Gutenberg over the classic editor.

    Also why would I retype stuff I have already got in electronic format? That’s inefficient and adds errors.

    As for errors on my side. It is interesting that the same computer on the same site, with the same plugins (other than classic editor turned off) has heaps of problems in Gutenberg but as soon as I revert to the classic editor (using the classic plugin) works perfectly. That makes the issues Gutenbergs – not mine as all other variables are the same.

    >Actually, pasting works great. And no, you don’t need to clear those Word entities, the new editor converts them correctly for the most part.

    No it doesn’t. There are a number of open issues where Word pasting breaks formatting as Gutenberg does not handle importing from Word like the old editor did and importing tables has a serious bug where empty cells get removed from the tables imported.

    Word paste:

    In fact YOU STATED there are issues here: but now are saying there are now not issues?

    Hey, Where is my post in this thread?
    I wrote that ottos logic is incorrect as

    1 – Others choose to use other visual editors to GAIN enhanced functionality but now many of those are broken in gutenberg
    2 – The number of downloads of classic press is a move away from Gutenberg, showing dissatisfaction, rather than a move towards something different.

    As such the millions of downloads of classic editor shows a strong dislike to Gutenberg. Comparing it to other visual editor downloads is a bad comparison as they are not the same thing.

    As such the downloads of Classic Editor show a strong feeling against Gutenberg.

    Are we getting censored for having a calm and reasonable discussion now?

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    Surely WordPress should try to support the HTML specification not try to force a degraded specification.

    As per suggestions made in other posts on the forum, I copied my text into a text editor to clear any html / word entities (as Gutenberg doesn’t handle those properly now) and pasted it into the editor.

    Are you telling me I cant paste text into the Gutenberg editor?

    Also the suggestion to sort out the issues – when the bar fails to show or clicking and adding italics fails, what am I meant to sort out? I’m doing what I am meant to do – it is a fault in the Gutenberg editor – thus the post looking to report the issues. You keep asking people to clearly demonstrate issues they are having. I did. There is an issue with the bar not showing and also issues with italics after removing a URL bar. Demonstrated clearly and with video evidence.

    How would you expect me to try to sort out the issues where the editor doesn’t respond to italics being clicked or the bar keeps going missing?

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    @otto42 >Pretty meaningless. Elementor and various other page builder plugins have millions of active installs as well. There is a fair amount of overlap between these two things, actually.

    Faulty logic. The other plug ins were a choice to use a mature functioning product (which Gutenberg isn’t).

    The million plus downloads of classic editor plugin is a vote against gutenberg. it is a vote to escape and leave gutenberg. That makes it a significant indicator of dissatisfaction.

    Also many of those using other visual plugins are now up poo creek with Gutenberg as it breaks some of them. WP-Bakery is a great example – it breaks under Gutenberg.

    Yes – I know some will say the devs should re-write it but that would be an arrogant answer – to mess up someone elses work then get them to be responsible for the changes inflicted on them.

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    > But the user can’t tell how much the theme is doing and how much the author did in the demo data.

    Fair point.

    @otto42 – haven’t seen any replies to this where there are a number of issues in the editor highlighted, including bars missing and faulty selection issues. Is it likely to be addressed or left as not important like other issues?

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