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  • I have the same issue with it installing itself I am reporting this to WordPress





    phew it does work… (we must have cut and paste incorrectly) no more cookies served on the front end ๐Ÿ™‚

    Hello again Michael,

    This bug is being addressesed on github now and a temporary fix has been offered.
    thanks again for instigating the action with the developers.

    We still have this cookie being served on our home page to users and extending our fully load time by 2 seconds +

    On trying the fix it broke our site.

    I should hope we have done something incorrectly. Would it be possible to give us a simple dummies guide how to apply this fix?

    Kind Regards,

    Thankyou Michael for taking the time to research this.
    I will keep an eye on Github to see the outcome.
    A Gold star to you for your professionalism.
    Kind Regards

    Hello Michael and thankyou for your reply.

    On reading the topic noted above you will find a list of unhappy customers who have discovered that tracking cookies are being placed on their users. there is no explanation what you do with said cookie information to pass on as demanded by GDPR therefore we and by inference Woocommerce are in breech of EU law.

    In my instance yes wp-admin/admin-ajax.php is triggered and the cookie is placed on a user: such as : set-cookie tk_ai=woo%3AC0HyZdXdkK6x3W8vq6vRlnw1; path=/

    I suggest anyone else reading this goes to gtmetrix or webpagetest, take a look at their waterfall (you can’t miss it look for the big bar slowing things down). yoursite/wp-admin/admin-ajax.php click on this and let us know if it is the same for you please?

    As to Github, its beyond my pay grade, but there are others on the previous topic who have developed a work around etc. Maybe pop in there Michael, go to the 2nd page and reply to Kero….. I am sure he would be delighted ๐Ÿ™‚
    Thanks for your attention, I look forward to hearing what others experiences are and hopefully together getting this fixed.

    Ah thanks so much!!

    Yes thanks I did notice in the documentation it said something about limited to 10% of volume using โ€œSeparate Charges and Transfersโ€ so it is concerning if WCMp confirms they use this method… I am yet to be able to verify this same as you.

    I looked at WC Vendor and their Stripe payment gateway is totally different and done correctly – see this link
    and extract of interest below re their Stripe Gateway
    Q: I read in another support post that this plugin only makes instant payments? Is that correct? ie, no scheduling? Any intention to allow this flexibility. Stripe charges additional fees to connected users for instant payments.
    A: Correct! Instant only. However, there is no additional fees. If the product is $100, and you pay the vendor 90% commission, admin gets $10 and $0 fees, vendor gets $90 and pays the 2.9% or whatever it is thatโ€™s all. Nothing more. Itโ€™s the best deal in Vegas, baby!

    Wow thanks for taking the time to share & detail your findings and issues too.
    Will be interesting to investigate WC Vendor Pro and determine if their solution is better.

    Hi, thanks for sharing your experience. Yes it has taken me a while to configure the payments and understand how it’s designed to work vs. how I thought it would work. With no documentation as such to refer to it was trial and error too. I have it working in test mode fine now yet to test in live mode.
    The main limitations are not necessarily because of this plugin / WCmp but due to Stripe Connect processes.
    For instance one cannot have the Stripe account set to automatic payout schedule but must be set to manual payout. Otherwise there will not be enough funds in the account to pay the Vendor as it takes about 3-4 days from when the order payments are received to become “available balance” from which you can then pay to the Vendor’s Connect account. So I had to set the automatic commission disbursement to happen after 4 days only. Thereafter it takes another 4 working days for that transfer to become “available balance” and paid out to the Vendor’s bank account.
    So unless you have a large starting balance (credit) in your Stripe account (which is difficult to achieve when first launching the site and listing big ticket items) there is a long delay between taking payment for an order and settling this into the Vendor’s bank account.
    I am going to have to investigate and see if the Paypal solution is better though I would have preferred to not have to use that option.
    I will also have to test the Manual commission request method maybe that is a better process.

    Thank you

    Additional info – using WP 4.9.1

    It says in FAQs it only works with WordPress 4.8 is that still the case?



    Hello, thanks for your reply. The ideal solution for me is to allow the Vendor /or the Admin to restrict/limit shipping options by product.

    For example Local Pick up only for Product X (too big to ship) and Free shipping only for Product Y from same Vendor.

    Also incorporate for other scenarios – Free shipping only to Zone 1 (Local) OR Flat rate for Zone 1 (Local) plus Flat rate shipping to Zone 2 and 3 etc. This will vary for each Vendor depending on their own shop location of course.

    Yes the chargeable flat rate shipping can already be done and Vendor can set their own rates – BUT how can I disable local pickup option when it’s not applicable OR only have local pickup option for particular products?
    And how can have FREE local shipping for only certain Vendors and their select products enabled based on customer’s location vs Vendor’s location? As far as I can see there is no “zero” rate option.

    I found this plugin but it doesn’t work with multi-vendor so it’s no good but the concept is close to what I would like to achieve.

    It seems that Dokan’s Multivendor have these by default and very easy to configure.

    I would be very happy to find an enhanced shipping plugin but doesn’t seem one is available for WCMp which is a shame as all the other features are really good and I this is the first obstacle I have faced. But without the right shipping solution that is easy for the Vendor to manage I’m not going to get far.

    Thanks for your time and hope you can point me in the right direction. I have submitted a customisation request through your website but have not had any response as yet so will wait and see if they can help.




    Hello, I too have found this problem with shipping and would like to know if there is a solution as I have not been able to find one. It would also be useful to be able to enable the Vendor to disable the admin created shipping options or even better add their own shipping rates per product (or rather which should be the shipping class) I suppose.

    I seem to have the same issue there is an IP in the banned list which I can’t identify as googlebot mobile – if I disable the banned list google can fetch and render fine… is there a way to whitelist all googlebots?

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