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  • Thanks brendantay86 – turn off ‘load js deferred’ worked for me too

    Same here for paid banner ads – not working properly or not seen at all – first update that’s ever caused me an issue to be fair – hopefully a fix on the way

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    Well having downloaded a few plugins for Gutenberg – some have a timeline block, to use for a set of dates in a history for example – they have animated bars which run down the ‘times’ which look great

    What would be amazing would be a variation on this where a news brand could operate a live blog – for example some breaking news incidents are worth running a ‘live updates’ post for.

    It just needs time and date and a ‘paragraph’ for each step of update, allow embeds – and preferably a reversible switch ( start at current entry or first entry )

    24liveblog is the best way at the moment to operate these, it’s paid and expensive – I wonder if it could simply be translated to a Gutenberg solution as time moves on

    Thanks for asking!

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    Can you help at all? Would love to progress but need to sort the ‘two player’ issue out


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    UPDATE – I now know what causes the two players – but need help to fix

    I use TagDiv Newspaper theme, the theme uses ‘Cloud Templates’ – this allows you to design post templates using a builder – when one of the cloud templates is being used – two players are shown

    By accident, I published a post using default post type ( not a cloud template ) – and the one player shows as it should.

    I’m not sure what to put in the post type box to fix this – are they comma separated?

    In Yoast for example they are designated – Cloud Templates (tdb_templates) – I’ve tried to enter this but doesn’t seem to fix



    I have the same on all posts – Facebook states: The ‘og:image’ property should be explicitly provided, even if a value can be inferred from other tags.

    Even adding the image in Yoast share settings – to the Facebook part doesn’t fix

    FB debugger and object debugger do not clear the issue – when sharing only title and excerpt show – no featured image shows

    Just a note – on my installation
    the update stripped the Facebook OG app ID
    fromYoast Social settings – assume when I
    add it open graph images will be there again in FB

    Same here like many others…

    Done 10,290 ( in 20 minutes very quick )
    Todo 4


    Hi Renzo

    Did you ever make this work with Newspaper theme?

    Many thanks


    Yes that’s right – publish as normal – then go to Facebook – Publishing Tools – and edit the code – it’s something you get better at with practise – use the Examples that Facebook provide to copy blocks of code

    Do you mean related articles underneath your main Facebook Instant Article on Facebook?

    You edit this code block – <footer> in your html edit on Facebook –

    <ul class=”op-related-articles”>

    • <!– Credits for your article –>
      <aside>The footer section can be used for acknowledgements, author bios, related articles, or any other supplemental information.</aside>

      <!– Copyright details for your article –>
      <small>© Facebook</small>


      All I do is copy paste this bit….wrapped in <footer></footer> AND edit those urls to your own site article urls – you can add another line too to make three related – just copy paste a

    • etc
      <ul class=”op-related-articles”>
    • Works really well

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    Ok sorry to post again but may help others

    These errors are not stopping anything from working:

    I have been accepted – made a post in my FB library ‘Live’ – from RSS

    Then copied the link into my Facebook Page publish (like I always would have done)

    On a mobile device logged into a different Facebook account – the article shows as an instant article – so clearly this warning isn’t a deal breaker and asks no difference anyway

    – What I didn’t realise is that changing a library IA to `live’ only makes it ‘publishable’ as an IA on your page – you just have to copy your URL (from your website version of the article) and a mobile FB visitor sees it as an IA in their news feed – same as Google AMP

    Hope this helps


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    Problem still exists – all other things sorted – but every post contains this warning – on 2.9 WP 4.5

    Although the article isn’t showing on my Facebook Page yet despite this – am I right in saying you just go to the ‘library’ of articles and click ‘publish’ (this is what the FB docs say) – you then get the ‘Live’ flag – the article should be pushed to your chosen Facebook Page then?

    Thanks again



    I’m running now and have been able to select the Facebook Page on 2.9 – I can’t explain how it’s started working –

    I’m sure this is irrelevant (I’m not a skilled dev) but i toggled off Yoast Analytics in the plugin settings (3rd party integrations)- saved – then toggled it back on – saved – and suddenly it worked – allowed me to select page – error gone

    – html missing error remains though but that may be not a problem

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 67 total)