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Ok sorry to post again but may help others

These errors are not stopping anything from working:

I have been accepted – made a post in my FB library ‘Live’ – from RSS

Then copied the link into my Facebook Page publish (like I always would have done)

On a mobile device logged into a different Facebook account – the article shows as an instant article – so clearly this warning isn’t a deal breaker and asks no difference anyway

– What I didn’t realise is that changing a library IA to `live’ only makes it ‘publishable’ as an IA on your page – you just have to copy your URL (from your website version of the article) and a mobile FB visitor sees it as an IA in their news feed – same as Google AMP

Hope this helps


Problem still exists – all other things sorted – but every post contains this warning – on 2.9 WP 4.5

Although the article isn’t showing on my Facebook Page yet despite this – am I right in saying you just go to the ‘library’ of articles and click ‘publish’ (this is what the FB docs say) – you then get the ‘Live’ flag – the article should be pushed to your chosen Facebook Page then?

Thanks again



I’m running now and have been able to select the Facebook Page on 2.9 – I can’t explain how it’s started working –

I’m sure this is irrelevant (I’m not a skilled dev) but i toggled off Yoast Analytics in the plugin settings (3rd party integrations)- saved – then toggled it back on – saved – and suddenly it worked – allowed me to select page – error gone

– html missing error remains though but that may be not a problem


I’m through submission and accepted now – so when publishing article in Facebook – Facebook says ‘Live’ – then obviously the article doesn’t appear on my page because of the ‘Can’t connect to Page’ error

So as gooma2 says all is well except this last issue


Hi Tobaco

Yes WordPress shows as an app, am Page Admin too

The strange thing is that my ‘submitted articles’ have gone through to FB via RSS – there’s a style problem, and so the second submission is currently under review – also as a logged in FB Page admin, examples of the real FB Instant Articles are appearing on my Facebook Page (not for non-admins) – so one would assume it ‘knows’ my page – yes I think in the past I had selected the page, it’s just that now it doens’t either show the page in Plugin settings, or let me check with the Login to FB button.

The point on trying to resolve the URL to FB I understand – but it doesn’t go any further than back to the Plugin settings again you see.

Off topic, but will the plugin help with style options or will a user in future need to add markup within the FB IA edit function?

Thanks for help

Jarrett – I’m up the M1 in Nottingham with

I always use this change I found on a forum – works for me – fadeOut is 300 I think – I edit to 0 – There’s also a fadeIn which I also change to 0



In “XadrotateNibraryXjquery.adrotate.dyngroup.js”
Original Code:
Line 54: $cont.find(“.c-” + index).fadeOut(300);
Adjusted Code:
Line 54: $cont.find(“.c-” + index).fadeOut(O);

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 64 total)