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  • But how come I see a background picture in all the examples of the Revolve theme?

    Hello, I’m still desperately waiting for some help here.

    I am absolutely new to making a website, but so far it seemed to go ok. THis afternoon I installed the Challonge plugin and it seemed to work, although I had a lot of old, unfinished tournaments open. I closed them to show only the tournaments that matter.

    But unfortunately, it doesn/t show any tournament anymore.
    I have a valid API-key,
    I have the widget in the right sitebar
    I left the sub domain empty
    I clicked Underway for the status filter
    (if I click something else, it does show tournaments, but not the once I would like to show)
    I set max tournaments listed to 6

    What does work is add [challonge] to a page. The only problem I am having there is that on phone you can’t see the whole bracket, you can’t slide down or to the right. Is that a setting?

    PLease help this novice 🙁

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)