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  • i do love jetpack and I would never give it up, I just don’t use it for tracking. There are days it reports some links and other days thtose same links are not reported. For example I get a fair amount of hits from cooperative, some days jetpack will report them, and other days the hits coming from that site are not reported.

    I do still use jetpack for the social integrations, the wordpress like button, the auto sharing features – just not the tracking features.

    I would be happy to add the ability to remove it, but there’s already a plugin that will do that for you.

    As I tried to explain in my first post – your plugin doesn’t remove anything – which makes it different from alternative plugins. I am suggesting instead of removing it a check box option in the admin area “would you like to move the wp-emoji script to the footer”.

    it would be against standards

    Oh you shouldn’t quote standards to me πŸ™‚ You are incredibly wrong and quoting the wrong parts.

    style is absolutely allowed outside the head so long as it has a scoped attribute. Now technically putting it in the footer would still not be a valid scope – but it can in fact be used outside of head. None the less – point taken.

    Still I would like this plugin to move the wp-emoji script to the footer, instead of removing it. πŸ™‚

    But can I ask why? It’s there to improve the performance of your site.

    Can you explain to me HOW it could POSSIBLY improve performance?

    This could NEVER improve performance. In fact it will almost ALWAYS have the opposite effect. The first time someone visits a url – yes the prefetch will cause the page to be slightly faster – but every page after that first one – will load slower. Why? Because by prefetching the script completely ignores built in browser caching and prefetches the URL despite the fact its already stored by the browser.

    If you doubt this – open your wordpress site in Chrome. Then visit chrome://net-internals/#dns

    See all those DNS entries that relate to wordpress? Yeah by prefetching – you ignore them completely and force the browser to go our onto the internet to get information it already stores in cache.

    It relates to custom Excerpts. Had to modify the theme a bit, but if anyone else ever has this problem its because their theme generates custom excepts instead of replying on the defaults – and that screws up the plugin. Easy enough to fix. Please mark as solved πŸ˜‰

    functions file. I modified absolutely nothing. This was installed via the wordpress plugin installer. I added the code to the functions and tested it. Worked fine on posts, not on front page

    I am going to be using this plugin to determine what plugins we will next develop in our own open source project and I have to agree with the author of this post, and I am surprised it hasn’t been requested more.

    A proper sorting algorithm should take the number of positives, subtract the number of negatives, and then sort all posts based on the final number.

    Thats what I would like to do. So allow me to share some examples:

    5 positives / 0 negatives = (5 – 0) = 5
    3 positives / 2 negatives = (3 – 2) = 1
    3 positives / 3 negatives = (3 – 3) = 0
    2 positives / 4 negatives = (2 – 4) = -2

    And these short be how they are sorted.

    Looking at the code (I am NOT good with wordpress at ALL) I am thinking something like…

    function thumbs_rating_sortable_columns( $columns )
      $columns['thumbs_rating_up_count_orig'] = 'thumbs_rating_up_count';
      $columns['thumbs_rating_down_count_orig'] = 'thumbs_rating_down_count';
      $columns['thumbs_rating_up_count'] = ($columns['thumbs_rating_up_count_orig'] - $columns['thumbs_rating_down_count_orig']);
      $columns['thumbs_rating_down_count'] = ($columns['thumbs_rating_up_count_orig'] - $columns['thumbs_rating_down_count_orig']);
      return $columns;

    I “believe” this should allow sorting from greatest to least at all times. Does this look correct?

    I am having this EXACT same problem only my site is public (though just being setup). It is not missing any css files (or it wouldn’t load perfectly on the posts themselves). Chrome is showing absolutely nothing but 200’s on all network request types.

    Its as if something is not properly being fired from the index page, as there is no styling, no html, nothing, just the post – followed with numbers.

    The exact source:

    <div class="entry-summary">
    	<!-- Ico nic One home page thumbnail with custom excerpt -->
    		<div class="excerpt-thumb">
    	<p>Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start writing! 1 0</p>

    My url:

    The theme I am using (as its likely related to a theme issue though this is a VERY popular theme).

    Theme Url:


    Thank you so all I have to do is add something like update core and it will stop tracking the administrator of the site in question correct?

    I will mark the ticket resolved when it is resolved. I don’t always have time to check the status in a timely manner.

    As I said in the first message, there is no content in the field, as nothing will save to the field.

    Anything I type into the “blacklist by capability” field returns the following message “There was an error updating the following options: Invalid capability. Please check this page for more information.”

    I have tried: Administrator, Editor, Author, Contributor, Subscriber, and Super Admin I have tried pasting them from the roles and capabilities page, I have typed them manually, I have used all lowercase, all upper and just first letter caps.

    Basically…. nothing saves to the field.

    solved via email

    resolved thanks

    The problem I was having related to laptaps which use both touch screen and mouse under windows 8.

    The mouse would not work on devices that had both enabled.

    To fix this problem I just renamed the jquery.flexslider.min.js to jquery.flexslider.min.js.1 and then renamed jquery.flexslider.js to jquery.flexslider.min.js

    If others have this problem (or want to make their site more user friendly for touch screen laptop users) this is the fix.

    I found this on the github for flexslider. I recommend not using the .min versions.

    This worked amazing, and glad I could get you a hat tip for the idea πŸ˜‰

    scratch this its a hosting issue

    Awesome πŸ™‚ I am installing now

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