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  • Thanks jmlapam 🙂

    I can confirm that setting WP_DEBUG to false got me rid of the Notices.

    If I can help you with extra debugging, don’t hesitate to drop me a line here 🙂

    Thanks for the fast reply, I’ve been afk for three days. Sorry 🙂

    When using the WordPress dashboard, a notice is always shown 2 times (same message, twice):

    Notice: Undefined index: twitterCardMetabox in /home/deploy/domain.tld/www/public_html/wp-content/plugins/jm-twitter-cards/inc/admin/meta-box.php on line 75

    When trying to upload an image to use within a post, you receive an error Problem uploading file. Try again later. The image is actually being saved and will appear in the library, but you just can’t edit the alt text/title while this plugin is active, nor search for it in the media library to insert it in the post.

    When usin the user interface (front-end, your blog as a regular visitor), if you load a post that has no featured-image (thus, no twitter image to use with the card) you see another Notice:

    Notice: Undefined index: twitterUsernameKey in /home/deploy/domain.tld/www/public_html/wp-content/plugins/jm-twitter-cards/inc/admin/options.php on line 98

    This is a single site install running latest versions of both WP and this plugin.

    Thanks for the reply, I did the test in my blog and found that whenever I used Gust, then Standard editor, then Gust again, the changes made in the standard editor appeared in my Gust screen, so somehow the plugin manages to read the updated version, but it will be more interesting if we can hook into the update post process and re-bake the _md when necessary, to keep it up-to-date with post_content 🙂

    Thanks for your plugin, I really love the idea of running this on my blog itself, and not just in a test site ;D


    excuse me for commenting on this issue, that was already marked as resolved.

    I have doubts about the way the plugin saves the post content.

    You notice above that a meta value _md is created for a post. My question is: If I edit a post in gust, this meta field is added to the post and then the post content is “baked” and stored in html form? What happens if I later use the standard WP dashboard to edit the html, is the _md field updated and maintained up-to-date with the new post_content value?

    As much as I love the gust editor, I need to know that compatibility (backwards, as you explain in this thread, but also forwards, as gust needs to co-exist with the standard editor) is assured.

    Hi Carles,

    I’m using Firefox under Ubuntu. I’m in a hurry but as soon as I have an opportunity I will check the console. Hope to do it in a couple of hours or so 🙂

    Thanks for your reply 🙂

    Thanks vaakash, it worked like a charm. For some reason I needed to manually move the floating bar to the left (it placed itself when it was freshly installed and none of the buttons were disabled, etc.), but I got it working with your tip 🙂

    Wow, Thanks Ulrich! :-))

    OK, I just found the answer through the plugin wiki.

    I’ll post here, so if someone ever arrives here looking for this same answer:

    [eventlist limit=5]
    (this changes the event list to 5, instead of 4. Other values are possible, sure :D)

    Thanks Ipstenu! This really looks like a solution 🙂



    Basicly, it is still here because it is *still* working. No matter what the page says: I’m using this plugin in my 3.2.1 multi-domain configuration.

    And no other plugins does what this one does, and as easy as it does. So it would be a terrible loss if we clean up the database this bad 🙂


Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)