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  • That did the trick, thanks!

    Plugin Author John Hawkins


    That’s likely going to be the quickest/easiest way.

    Plugin Author John Hawkins


    Hi Mick, sorry for the delay.

    To be perfectly honest, I haven’t worked with WPSC in quite a while (a couple years). I don’t have a good idea what it would take to be able to do what you’re looking to do, but I can tell you, it’s not built to do it out of the box and would likely require some custom code, which isn’t something I can commit to doing.

    Plugin Author John Hawkins


    Hi there! Sorry you’re having trouble. I haven’t worked on the plugin for quite a while, so I’m not sure what could be going on. I will take a look and see what could be causing the issue. Unfortunately, that may not be until this weekend, but I wanted you to know I saw your post.

    Let me start with my local setup process:
    1. Setup a generic WP install on domain.local
    2. FTP down the wp-contents folder
    3. Migrate DB Pro the live site down to local

    At the time of my setting all this up, my user account on the live site was not connected to through Jetpack.

    I’d like more details about this, because again, if the local dev site isn’t actually connected to (which it *can’t* if it’s only local and not accessible to the outside world), then this shouldn’t have happened.

    The site has multiple authors/admins. After my setup process above, I saw Photon was active on my local so all my images were broke. So, I added JETPACK_DEV_DEBUG to wp-config. This brought back the images, but broke some custom code on the site causing this error message:
    Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Call to undefined function stats_get_csv()

    The following day, I heard from one of the other authors on the site that Jetpack was no longer connected, and, when he logged in to, the site was no longer listed.

    Which functionality is this? Turning on Dev mode has, in effect, the same as running a site locally: you can’t connect it to in either case. Can you explain what functionality you mean?

    This would be the fatal error explained above.

    Here’s another question for you: When you clone from live to dev or vice-versa, are you disconnecting Jetpack on the live site first? Especially if you are not running dev mode, you should do that to ensure that there isn’t any problems with the live site when cloning from dev to live.

    My user account at the time of cloning was not connected. I have since connected my account on the live site.

    When I’m on my local with JETPACK_DEV_DEBUG set to FALSE and JETPACK_STAGING_MODE set to true, I am able to access the Jetpack dashboard and I have the ability to turn on/off Photon (i.e. Speed up images and photos). I’ve been hesitant to try it, but, I’m thinking what I need to do is:
    – Turn off Photon on local
    – Clear cache on live site
    – Visit live site and see where images are being pulled from
    – Log in to live site and see if there are jetpack connection issues
    – Confirm with other admin that he can still see site listed on account

    Worst case scenario, I have to go through the process of reconnecting my account and reactivating Photon.


    Hi Richard. The site is on a local install (on my laptop) and uses the format of domain.local

    Just tried staging mode, and ask you suggested, it didn’t work either.

    If neither of those are going to work, maybe the question I need to ask is this…

    The live site uses Photon CDN. So when being run on my local site, the image calls using the format of:…

    If I turn off Photon on my local install of Jetpack, is that going to affect how the live site handles images?

    Really appreciate your help, thanks!

    Plugin Author John Hawkins


    wow, that was a dumb mistake on my part. I left some debug code in there which was causing both issues.

    Fixed and pushed as version 2.0.1

    Plugin Author John Hawkins


    Bah! I fixed both of those things during development and must have broke them again before releasing.

    I’ll push out an update to fix both of those shortly.

    Thanks for the note.

    Plugin Author John Hawkins


    So glad it worked out for you, Sean! And thank you for the kind words. Really appreciate it.

    Also, thanks for letting me know you needed to deactivate/reactive the plugin. Hope that doesn’t trip up too many people.

    Plugin Author John Hawkins


    I just released version 2.0 of the plugin, and the grid view is working with WP 4.6.

    FYI, there are a few big changes that took place under the hood. It required that I make some changes to the way data was being stored. But it should really improve the performance of the plugin, so that’s a good thing.

    There is a data migration routine that SHOULD happen when you upgrade the plugin. But, if you upgrade and the grid view still isn’t working, please deactivate and then reactivate the plugin. That will definitely kick off the migration routine.

    Thank you for your patience. And, if you run into any issues, please let me know!

    Plugin Author John Hawkins


    Yep. I know about the issue and I’ll be working on it shortly. I should have a solution ready to push out in the next couple days. I appreciate your patience!

    Plugin Author John Hawkins


    Hey Sean,

    Thanks for the note. Your timing is pretty great, actually. On Friday, I started a pretty big overhaul of the WP Simple Calendar plugin since it hasn’t been touched in quite a while. I’ve set up a repo on Github for the plugin and have already done a bunch of work, but the grid view is still being worked on.

    I hope to have an update to the plugin ready for release real soon!

    Hey Ryan,

    So, weird thing… A couple days went past and I ended up deactivating Jetpack entirely and then reactivating it. I can’t say for sure that’s what triggered it. Maybe it was related to some caching, too. I’m not sure. But, I was able to get past the issue above. Thanks for taking a look!

    John Hawkins


    Hi five, @brocheafoin! That worked like a charm!

    Hi Mika,

    I, too, wanted to change the format to match the rest of my site’s date output. I made the following change to use get_option( ‘date_format’) and it does the trick nicely:

    $registerdate = '<span>'. date_i18n( get_option( 'date_format' ), $registered ) .'</span>' ;

    note: I haven’t tested this on Multisite.

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