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  • Hi, like everyone else I have to first say thank you so much for this wonderful theme!

    And, yes, the Category & Tag displays are messed up in that they return infinite scrolls of the entire site.

    Thank you!

    I can do all the “Save Draft” I want and it works just fine. But every single time I save I get this error now and Chrome just hangs in an infinte load. When you open a new tab and go back to the site, the piece has posted just fine.

    WordPress 3.7.1

    Hi Scruffy1. Not really. Back then I thought Woo Menus were pretty cool. Funny thing is they always seem to work sort of, but sooner or later I’d find the wrong menu in the wrong place and it was a navigational problem. So I finally turned to the time-honored axiom, K.I.S.S. and decided that the custom menus, and ultimately all of WooDojo wasn’t really necessary and caused too many conflicts.

    By “too many,” I don’t mean “a lot,” I just mean that it was never quite seamless, even though we’re only running about 8 plugins. (maybe 8 is a lot, IDK, but I’m sure some peeps must run a lot more)

    I totally love WordPress, but I am finding it a bit more “fragile” than I expected. Just to get a theme to work totally glitch free can be a challenge. Then, of course, other times lots of “crazy” elements seem to work just fine. I guess my philosophy now is to work to make whatever is essential to your Design / Aesthetic / Communication vision, work, and to not fuss with anything less than essential since it’ll be problems sooner or later.

    Is it working for you? Or problems?

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)