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  • Hi Guido, I have this problem too. Sometimes when I save a new event and preview I can see it. But most often I get a 404 page. Also…when I save the post, the custom excerpt gets messed up with extra symbols in it. I use elegant themes divi. I wonder if there is a clash there.
    Too bad, I was so looking forward to using your beautiful, simple plugin! Thanks!

    Hi I have a similar problem but not quite the same. The fonts are all ok on the file I upload and download. The weird problem is that some PICTURES go missing in the process! What would cause that? Some pictures disappear and some do not? Is that the same solution? It’s weird because I’ve uploaded and downloaded the exact same file on Gumroad and it’s no problem at all. I’m trying to get hold of the designer with the original files to save to PDF again but might there be another option?

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)