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  • Hi Esmi,

    thank you very much for the answer you give me. Unfortunately nether me or my friend have a back up of the database. Therefore, we sort out with a new fresh installation of word press (with automated backup each 2 weeks) because the domain and the space in the server remain there. In other words, I have to design again the entire blog. I don’t want accuse anybody but I am afraid that my friend did something for mistake and He didn’t tell me. I had this suspicious from the beginning but without proofs I can’t say nothing and now as I am, I can’t afford my own domain and a host on another server.

    However, thanks again for your time and I wish you the best.

    Thank you very much for the suggestions Steve Stern and I am really sorry to post my question in the wrong forum Ipstenu.

    I wish you both a lovely day


    So, I will move my topic for the IMNEWS theme developers and change the size of the logo image to not loose the graphic quality with CSS. Ok, then!

    Thank you very much for the help guys. I will follow the instructions. I wish you the best!

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)