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  • Still the same. I am attempting to import a csv file but the behaviour described above is still there.
    Did you import a csv file successfully (I assume you used the login we gave you previously)?

    No-one got any idea?

    I have the same issue using WordPress 4.61. I am currently migrating to a Windows 2012 server and IIS 8.5. I think that WP targets IIS7 specifically on permalinks, but has not yet caught up?

    There are several outstanding requests for assistance on this matter which tends to suggest that a solution is not available yet.

    In my previous installation (on IIS7), the PATHINFO model is not available on the permalinks page (no index.php option), so no problems with that. On the new IIS8 installation however, ALL options other than the ‘plain’ option include index.php as part of the url string.

    I have tried writing the rewrite rule directly to the web.config and also tried inserting it from IIS. Neither works. If I choose a custom /%postname%/ method, I get the 404 error you describe.

    I may have to stay with Windows 2008/IIS7.5 if I can’t find a resolution.

    Hope this elicits some brainwave 🙂


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    Jose , Thanks for the reply. WangGuard used to check for so loggers at signup, but now I find dozens of unchecked registrations which still get identified during from jobs. Just not earlier.

    I’m having the exact same problem on a live stream from a self-hosted SHOUTcast server.

    File plays in embedded and standalone WMP, but the “can’t locate audio” appears after installing the plugin on a link to a url that previously played in WMP, but now renders as a mp3-jplayer single player.

    Is it the live format that is the problem?

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)