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  • V 1.4.3 WORKING !!

    No more issues with permalink. Italian translation working fine.

    One last admin-menu voice left untraslated: “Review Authors”. All other admin voices translate into Italian.

    Thanks a lot. I’ll be inserting it in my client’s blog and post you the link as soon as it’s running!

    Thanks a lot Chris! I’ve sent you the translation files (hope I got the address correct, shold though!).

    Hopefully, the Italian files could be inserted in the new edition of the Plugin — I’ve renamed them “” and “book-review-library-it_IT.pot” and the Italian edition of Word Press automatically picks them ignoring the standard English files. So Word Press in other languages should ignore the Italian files and go for the standard lang files (or their localized language, if found).

    As for the Ratings, I was just experimenting on localhost, no real expectations. I was wondering what it could be used for along with the 5 Star ratings. I think is better that you removed it, it might generate confusion (especially the “temptation” to fiddle with it 😉


    After installing my translation file in my localhost test WordPress (I’ve just addedd the .mo and .pot file in the lang folder of the plugin, adding “-it_IT” at the end of the filenames, and it reckognized them automatically, ignoring the English files), I’ve encountered some menu voices which don’t translate:

    In the WP Admin sidebar “Book Reviews” of the plugin, the first three menu voices (Book Reviews/Add New/Review Authors) remain in English even though all items in the pot file were translated!

    As for the rest, it’s all in Italian now.

    One question: I’ve notice that you can add a New Rating but then you can’t delete it. I was just testing with it, unsure about what to expect (is it for adding stars, or even different type of ratings?) — then realized I can’t delete from the Admin side.

    Hi Chris,

    I’ve finished the translation in Italian (using Poedit).
    How should I send you the files?

    Thanks a lot Chris! I hope it’s something easy to solve.
    Bare in mind I’m using the Italian translation of WordPress — shouldn’t really be an issue, but you never know.
    Best regards,

    Thanks for your prompt reply!

    Exactly, as you said: the URL in the link is “?review-author=trix” and when I click on it it gets converted to “/review-author/trix/”.

    The final doc-URL being:


    Where I get the error message that the page doesn’t exist.

    I’ve tried switching themes, changing permalink settings and saving them again, but still: it only works when permalinks are set to default.

    I have also disabled all other plugins.

    The point is that when I set permalinks to default it works fine. All other permalinks settings end up pointing to non-existing page when I click on reviewer, author, series, ecc.

    Could it be something to do with other WP settings? or the fact that the localhost URL is long? I can’t really experiment with it on my client’s website online because the website is fully running and I can’t mess about with it.

    I’m determined to try to overcome this issue and then use the plugin. I’ll also translate it into Italian (I am Italian and so is the website I want to install it onto).

    Thanks a lot for your support!

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)